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Salsa Latina Dance Teacher Profile:


From NZ... Bio coming soon

• Professional Dance Teacher
• School Teacher

• Qualified Salsa & Latin Dance Teacher "Master Level"

• New Zealand & Australian Amateur Champion


Dance Styles:

• Salsa
• Kizomba
• Brazilian Zouk & Neo Zouk

• Merengue

• Bachata


Teaching Experience:

Amy is qualified from the 'Salsa Masters Teacher Training Programme' at Salsa Latina & is a lead Female for Kizomba & Zouk.

• Salsa Latina 2014-present (CHCH)
• more info coming


Dance Training:

Training & Teachers listed below are a mixture of long time training through classes, plus courses, workshops, private lessons, teacher training, syllabus training.. not including online help & training etc.

Dance Instructors learnt from; more coming ...Serena Cuevas (USA), Reda Dance (France), Carlos Redondo (Spain), Edwin Rivera (USA-NY/Puerto Rico), Simone & Serena (Italy),  Adolfo & Carla & His Latin Soul Dancers (USA-NY/Italy),  Troy & Jorjet (USA), Vito & Stephania (Italy), Mouaze & Fanny (France), Jamie Jesus, Lil Liz, Amy, Allan (Aust, LDA), Junior & Emily (USA), Sharon Pakir (Aust), Kevin & Chelsea (Aust),  Jennifer (USA), Pascale (Aust),  Elli & Carlos (Aust), Nestor (Aust), Giancarlo & Marsha (NZ/Aust),  Gredis (Cuba/NZ), Reuben & Marcela (NZ), Becky & Leo (Brazil/NZ)

Competition & Performance Achievements


Sydney Latin Dance Festival 2016

• Salsa Couple performance - Team Sabrosa


South Island Salsa Competition 2015

• 1st Team Salsa Sabrosa - Salsa teams


Sydney Latin Dance Festival 2015

• Salsa Couple performance - Team Sabrosa


South Island Salsa Competition 2014

• 2nd Salsa Sabrosa


New Zealand Latin Dance Championships 2013

• 1st - Salsa Teams - Team Salsa Sabrosa


South Island Salsa Competition 2013

• 1st - Salsa Teams - Team Salsa Sabrosa


New Zealand Championships 2012

• 2nd Salsa Sabrosa Team in Salsa teams


South Island Salsa Competition 2012

• 1st Salsa Sabrosa, Salsa team


South Island Salsa Competition 2011

• 2nd - Salsa Sabrosa  - Salsa teams

• 3rd - Scott & Amy - Freestyle Beginners


Sydney Latin Dance Festival 2010

• NZ representatives for the Sydney Salsa Congress 2010


Other Performance Experience:

• NZ Salsa Congress in various years
• Sydney Salsa Congress 
• Zouk performances with James... details coming

• Christmas Salsa Balls

...and many more

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