Ballet Dance Classes Christchurch

• Adult Ballet Dance Classes
• Stretch n Tone Classes

- Classes start from Tuesday 24th March

- Open Adult Ballet (5-week courses)

- Stretch & Tone (Casual, drop-in class)

- All levels, no dance experience required


Current Class Times:

• Adult Ballet:  currently on hold
• Stretch & Tone: - currently on hold


Dance Classes that are running are all listed on the timetable, its updated daily. So to be sure its on this week or next please confirm times by keeping an eye on the timetable, this is also emailed weekly so we recommend joining the Newsletter incase of any changes, cancelations
.... see the class timetable here >

Adult Ballet Course

Open level, this class is run continually in 5-week courses, you can join in weeks 1 or 2 only.  In each course we will cover different exercises using Barre and center work and a new mini routine in either ballet or lyrical style to various modern music.  Suitable for compete beginners or those who have done ballet as a child and wanting to take it up again.  Ballet is great for improving posture, balance, strength, coordination and confidence. Come and experience this fun, friendly, encouraging and non-judging environment. You are never too old to start!


Stretch & Tone Class

Dislike gyms but want to get stronger? Go to the gym but never stretch? Always wanted to do the splits or hold a plank for 5 minutes?

For the first half of class using fun motivating music, I'll show you simple but effective exercises to gain strength and tone up your whole body, even those little muscles we forget about, without the use of weights or equipment.

Stretching is just as important as any other exercise but we often don't do it. So after our strengthening let's relax, refocus our busy mind and using safe techniques I’ll guide your body to becoming more subtle and flexible.

This class is great for all ages, dancers and non-dancers, and for stopping/managing injuries and general mental and physical well-being.


About Devotion Dance

Devotion Dance was founded by dancer and teacher Tania Gordon who had been dancing for almost 30 years in many different dance styles in both New Zealand and Australia.  Having grown up studying ballet Tania has a technical background and many skills she wants to share to help everyone, whether a seasoned dancer or just someone wanting to get fit or try something new. She also strongly believes that dance improves so much more than just your physical health and that everyone can dance. And 2 left feet are no excuse!


Private lessons & Wedding Dances

Available in various styles, particularly for beginner students. Weekend times available and some other flexibility.  Contact Tania directly for more info below.

Contact & Instructor:

details coming


• $5 1st Class to start (no obligation)

• Concession: $60 for 5 classes

• Casual rate: $15 per class
- No Eftpos available - Cash Only



Salsa Latina - 12 Bath Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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This class is an Drop-in class from an independent teacher at Salsa Latina, so full enrolment isn't required, but do 'Join Now' so you can stay informed. Click the Join Now Button below. in case there are any changes, cancellations etc. This is he main way we communicate updates. Also learn about any new classes & deals coming too. You are welcome to simply turn up and join in this class or watch, if you want to be sure its running check the timetable.

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