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Brazilian Capoeira Classes

Learn the Afro-Brazilian art form of Capoeira  which combines the elements of movement, rhythm, fight, dance and culture. Suitable for males and females of all ages. Everyone is welcome to come and give it a try. You can join at any point, as this is an open level class.

- Drop in class - Join in anytime

- All ages - Everyone Welcome
- Open level - All levels including beginners

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- For Men & Women (no partner required)

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What you will learn

In the Capoeira classes we start new beginners with learning the basic attack and defense movements while building strength and flexibility for working up to more difficult movements.

Although mastering Capoeira requires a lot of dedication and hard work, it is also a sport that is for everyone. For this reason classes are designed so that students can work at their own pace whilst still having fun. In addition to movements students will also be introduced to the music of Capoeira; learn how to play traditional.


Benefits of Capoeira

The most obvious benefit of Capoeira would be to improve an individual’s health and fitness building flexibility, strength and endurance. Capoeira also helps to build self-confidence, develop musicality, challenges limits, brings peace of mind and is an absolutely amazing way to meet people and have fun!


What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fighting, dance, acrobatics and music into a kind of game. Its origins can be found during the slave trade, by the Portuguese, which occurred between the early 16th century and the early 19th century, when millions of black slaves were exported from Africa to Brazil. Due to the inhumane living conditions and the oppression imposed by the slave masters, Capoeira arose as a form of hope for survival and a means for the escaped slaves to protect themselves. A slave caught practising fighting techniques could be potentially punished or executed. As a result the slaves adapted the movements into a form of rhythmic dance and introduced music to prevent raising suspicion.

Today, Capoeira is recognized as both a cultural icon of Brazil and as a martial art, where the elements of Capoeira such as the songs, history and musical instruments go hand in hand with the fighting, dance and acrobatics. Many onlookers will often ask, “Is Capoeira a game, a fight, or a dance?” To which many Capoeiristas will agree that it is all of these and so much more. It is a way of life, a philosophy, and a means to grow as an individual and as a community.



Q: What do I need to wear?

A: Something light and comfortable with a decent amount of stretch – definitely not jeans or skirts (there are cartwheels involved).  Ladies, please no low cut tops.

Q: Do I need to train barefoot?

A: If you have sensitive or soft feet feel free to bring some specialised flat tennis-type shoes as some people find the dance floor a bit harsh on the soles of the feet especially with repetitive movements, however we encourage people to remove their shoes as traditionally Capoeira is practiced without shoes on.

Q: Do I need to bring any equipment or anything special?

A: A water bottle, a small towel if you know you sweat lots, and heaps of enthusiasm :)

Q: Am I able to come along and just watch/observe?

A: Sure, you’re more than welcome to however I always recommend to people that if you are intending on joining the classes - just give it a go!


Our Capoeira group

Ungu Capoeira; Our Capoeira group is called Ungu Capoeira and is led by Professor Perere (Joao Rodrigues Rosa) who is based in Wellington, NZ. Our group focuses on mainly Benguela and Regional styles of Capoeira although Angola is still taught as well.

Contact & Instructor:

Capoeira classes are taught by Nick (Sushi) under the guidance of Professor Pererê.


• FREE 1st Class to start (no obligation)

• Concession: $60 for 7 classes, once per week

• Casual rate: $10 per class
- No Eftpos available



Salsa Latina - 12 Bath Street, Christchurch, New Zealand


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