Give the Gift of Dance: eGift Cards

This is a great idea eGift Cards. These Vouchers are great for Christmas or a Birthday Gifts. Once the recipient or giftee receives the eGift Card, they can then use the unique code in our online store to purchase Salsa Latina courses, classes, Concession cards, dance training videos, Music & Merchandise inlcuding t-shirts & dance shoes. See details  below on how to use the eGift Card.  Best of all, this whole system is completely Automated, so if you have a last minute gift to buy someone, you can do this instantly of their Birthday, Christmas or a Celebration. Or send it to yourself and send the code in another format, see FAQ's below for more information.

Salsa Latina eGift Card

eGift Card

$20 - $300
You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalised message to make this gift your own. They received a unique code to buy on our online store or at the studio....

• Can you send it to yourself First?
Yes, You also might decide to send the gift code to yourself as the recipient and print off your own card with the unique code, or copy the code to your giftee &/or send it at a later date.

• Can I gift more than $300? Yes, just add more to the Quantity. However it is easier to enter one voucher when redeeming a code, see more below on this

To Redeem a eGift card: 

Goto our Online Shop add your products you wish to purchase, then in your cart  choose the  'red checkout' option, you will see "redeem gift card" within that payment section. If the products are valued higher than your eGift Car you can top up  a payment with a paypal online transaction.

Terms & Conditions

12 Month Epiry Date & No refunds on gift cards  ....Terms & Conditions here >