Instructional Latin Dance Videos

Learn to Dance Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha Videos

Train from home and learn Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha Cha & Mambo with online video content you can download. Purchase the style you want to focus on and download the videos any time, then you can practice & learn your dancing at home as much as you like. This will help you keep fit mentally & physically while you improve your dance skills. This is a key difference to other online content, because every school has their own teaching methods & syllabuses. The online classes available will line up with our regular syllabus, so it will be easy to join in with our regular classes. Classes for all levels, from  complete beginners right through to Intermediate & above.



- 10 instructional dance lessons in films per style, mostly 1hr each

- Beginner, Improver & Intermediate + Videos 
- Previous Live classes now saved for you to download. 

- Learn each style you want to focus on, inc Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha.

- Shines / Footwork Instructional Class Videos

- Top Tips Videos - Body Movement, Secrets, Spin better etc

- Exclusive & Salsa Latina Syllabus Content

- Learn & Practice Essential Fundamentals

- Learn content that lines up with our regular classes


Instructional Dance Lessons

Videos of dance classes in Footwork, tips & Partner-work that you can try alone or with a partner. 
Extra video library content for all levels including beginners through to Intermediate, any level is welcome to try the Live Classes.

Kizomba Lesson Content

★ 10 Kizomba Footwork & Partner-work classes
★ 10 Kizomba Ladies Styling

Salsa Lesson Content

★ 10 Salsa Footwork & Partner-work classes
★ Salsa Tips & bodymovent Videos

Bachata Lesson Content

★ 10 Bachata Footwork & Partner-work classes
★ Salsa Tips & bodymovent Videos


Cha Cha Open Shines

★ 10 Salsa Footwork & Partner-work classes

★ Salsa Tips & bodymovent Videos


- $40 Kizomba Lesson Content
- $40 Salsa Lesson Content
- $40 Bachata Lesson Content
- $40 Cha Cha Lesson Content
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- You can use your Pay Pal account or Any major bank card if you don't have an account.

- Once you order goes through we will email you the instructions.
- You can also order through our bank account, please use the contact form to enquire.

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