Kizomba Night Fever

Kizomba Night Fever


• Friday 16th October Canceled 

We recently canceled this Event due to a change in our regular event Salsa Thursdays moved to Friday nights at Casa Publica. However we will kick start this event on Friday at Casa Publica with some more Kizomba to start the night. See here >

Kizomba Party

Join us for our monthly pure Kizomba party nights.

Kizomba music consists of; Kizomba, Kompa, Tarrax, Urban Kiz, Semba, French Caribbean Zouk.
DJ's Reuben & Milena & Special guest DJ's on occasions.

- Everyone is welcome to come.


Free Entry



• Is there any Free Lessons?
Not in this event itself, but do join in anyway.  However there is a Free Kizomba class at the beginning of each Kizomba beginner course. We do recommend joining our Kizomba beginner classes during the week at our Studio at Salsa Latina.

• I'm a beginner dancer, should I come?
Absolutely, its the fastest way to learn when mixing social dancing with regular dance classes you'll learn up 10 times faster. It's like practice on steroids!e.

• Can I bring my friends?
Yes everyone is welcome including non-dancers.

• How come its Free?
We do this to support the Kizomba community in Christchurch and New Zealand, our Kizomba Classes offset the cost of running this event. So please support our Kizomba Classes.

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