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Kizomba Bliss 

Kizomba Workshops & Party  Weekender

with Special guest teacher from Germany. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Ramnish an International Kizomba instructor. Everyone welcome and something for all levels from Beginners to Advanced.

 Friday Night Kizomba Open Class & Party - 14 July 2023
 Saturday 4 Afternoon Kizomba Workshops & Party-  15 July 2023

Friday Night Class & Party

Friday 14 July 2023

Kizomba Open Level Night Class

⟼ Level: Beginners to Intermediate

⟼ Time: Friday 8:00pm (1hr)
⟼ Teachers: Ramnish & Robyn/MIlena

This class is designed for everyone in mind, an open level class to help kick off the party so everyone can join in.

Note: the Open level Kizomba Intro Class & Practica is not Free, see pricing below

30min Kizomba Practica

Free Friday Warmup Party 

All Welcome

⟼ Time: Friday 9:15pm until 12am

Kizomba DJs Raminsh & Reuben playing latest & greatest Kizomba, Zouk, Bachata & Salsa 1:1 ratio. In other words more kizomba during the night than usual. FREE Entry BYO welcome just like our normal Friday Socials

Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Saturday  15 July 2023
WS#1 Kizomba Turns & flow

⟼ Level: Intermediate & Advanced
⟼ Time: Saturday 12:30pm (1hr)
⟼ Teachers: Ramnish & MIlena

15min Break with Practice music

️WS#2 Kizomba Tarraxinha

⟼ Time: Saturday 1:45pm (1hr)
⟼ Level: Intermediate t Upper Intermediate
⟼ Teachers: Ramnish & Amy/Robyn

30min Break with Practice music

️WS#3 Kizomba Fusion Moves & Connection

⟼ Level: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

⟼ Time: Saturday 3:15pm (1hr)

⟼ Teachers: Ramnish & Amy/Robyn

15min Break with Practice music

️WS#4 Kizomba Trickier Footwork

⟼ Level: Advanced

⟼ Time: Saturday 4:30pm (1hr)

⟼ Teachers: Ramnish & MIlena

Kizomba Saturday Party

Kizomba Party 

All Welcome

⟼ Time: Saturday 9:30pm until 12am

Kizomba DJs Raminsh & Reuben playing latest & greatest Kizomba, French Zouk and Kompa.
Party $10 Entry Per person

️ Teachers:

⟼ Ramnish - Germany (as Pictured below)
Milena - Caribbean
Amy or Robyn - NZ
Special guest teacher from Germany. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Ramnish an International instructor who has passed through annually in the past few years. 


️ Levels:

⟼ Beginners: Absolute Beginners through to 8 weeks of dancing, we recommend our beginner course before attending workshops >
⟼ Open Level: designed for mid level beginners, Intermediate & above
⟼ Intermediate: You'll need to know the fundamentals and at least 2 months of Kizomba up your sleeve.

⟼ Upper Intermediate: At least 6 Months to a year of consistent Kizomba classes & social dancing
⟼ Advanced: 1-2 Years constantly learning Kizomba including all styles of Kizomba & Kizomba Fusion.

Package Prices:

Available Any Time

Early Bird Full Pass  = $80

Includes all parties & all workshops on both days

Full Pass  = $110

Includes all parties & all workshops on both days

Available to buy any time including at the event


Individual Prices:

Available Any Time

Saturday Party Pass = $10*

If you are planning on only doing the Saturday Night this Party only option might be suitable or can be mixed with invidual prices at the door as below. This pass Includes the Saturday Night Party.
(Cash, Online Store* or instore Paywave*)


1 Workshop Price: = $25*

Can be paid on the day per workshop per person and apply to the Saturday Workshops.
Tto get a discount consider purchasing a Full Pass instead.


The very first workshop please come extra early, if you bought a full a pass or party pass your name will be on a list. We recommend come 15-20mins prior to the first class.


All online passes may be bought on the online store or at Salsa Latina during class times and may be bought with paywave* with the store. We recommend securing your place in this event with a full pass, make the most of the whole weekend with a discounted price.
You can also avoid transaction fees by paying with cash on the day.

Terms & Condition: 

- No Refunds
- Passes can be transferred or sold to another, but there is a $10 fee. Please let us know if this happens contact us
- Transaction Fees*  apply to all credit card transactions online or paywave (2.7%+30c)
- No Transaction Fees apply to Cash payments
- Further terms & conditions on each product in the store
- Pricing based on per person
- Code of Conduct applies


Salsa Latina:
12 Bath St, Christchurch


Reuben (Salsa Latina) 
ph/txt 021 743 783

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