Ladies Kizomba Performance Course

Ladies Kizomba Styling & Performance Course

​Learn how to dance with style, no partner needed as this is a class for ladies only working on shines/footwork and how to add flavour, technique, body movement and dance with fluidity. This performance based class you will learn a solo routine in Kizomba and aimed at doing performances in a team of ladies. Learn with dance teacher Milena from the Caribbean.

Start Date:

★  Starting : New Date coming in 2022

in the Mean time, learn Kizomba in our regular classes to build your level


Level :

The courses are for women Only. You will need to have completed and graded beginner 101 or already be at Intermediate Kizomba level already at Salsa Latina at the very minimum to join. No partner is needed, as this is solo dancing / footwork only.


Milena will be teaching these classes (as pictured above) learn more about her on her profile here >

Enrolment :

Not required if you are taking classes already, this is designed for dancers who are already learning at Salsa Latina. Get in contact with us if you are not already learning at Salsa Latina.

Salsa Latina Class Prices:

• FREE 1st class; only applies the 1st week of Beginners Course Only.

• No Contracts or joining fees
• No Obligation
• Pay as you go system

• We accept Cash or Paypal & major bank cards (not EFTPOS)


• Casual Rate ...........................................$15 per class


• Blue x5 class Concession card ........... $65 ($13 per class)


• Red x7 class Concession card .............$85 ($12.14 per class)


• Gold x9 class Concession card ...........$105 ($11.66 per class)

Concession card mix.png