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LIVE SBK Classes

Live Facebook Dance Online During Lockdown

It's Time to get back into some Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba dancing at home while in Lockdown for your sanity! This will help you keep fit mentally & physically while you improve your dance skills. Our LIVE classes are different to our saved Video instructional courses 
You will be able to interact with us Live as we teach for good feedback and social connections with our other students, see times below.  


- All online classes available will line up with our regular syllabus, so it will be easy to join in with our regular classes once we start back after lockdown, you will find your dancing has improved!

- LIVE dance classes 'Only available during Lockdown Level 3 & Level 4'.

- Once the class has finished airing the video will be remain for 30days, so you can repeat or do the class any time.
- New Packages - We now have Packages of Live Classes -  Pack#1 Pack#2 etc Pack Content listed below
- You don't need to do pack#1 before pack#2 each class is independent but we do recommend you do beginner first.

- Beginners please do our online video courses available through our website to make it easier for yourself, being at the right level will help massively.  But saying that if are not an absolute beginner you are more than welcome to join in regardless.

- Access to the Live online classes as videos will be available for up to 30days after the Live class airs, so you can repeat the class as often as you like or at a more convenient time.

- Joining a group, you will need to allow a few hours so do join early, once you have Paid for the 'pack' you will given access to our Special SLTV hiden Group on Facebook, you wont be able to view content or join without a purchase.

- All Live classes will be aired from Salsa Latina Dance Centre while in Level-3.
- Live classes are a one-way facebook video system, you can see the teachers Live and you can Chat with everyone in that session. Its not like zoom which has 2 way cameras, so you are safe to dance in your PJ's if you want to.
- If you are from outside Christchurch yes you are more than welcome to join us, this isn't just for dancers from Salsa Latina.


• See the classes on the timetable for a good reference >


• Bachata FW Imp/Int - Now Avail 30 days
- Group Link =


☆ LIVE x4 Class - Pack#1 

1st Edition 2021 - Complete (30days left)
• Salsa Cubana FW - Imp/Int - Thurs 26th Aug

• Kizomba FW - Intermediate - Monday 7:30pm 30th Aug

• Salsa On2 Mambo Conversion & FW -  Imp/Int  - Tuesday 7:30pm 31st Aug

• Bachata FW - Intermediate - Wednesday 7:30pm 1st Sept 
- Group Link =

☆ LIVE x4 Class - Pack#2 

2nd Edition - Just Started
• Salsa  FW - Imp/Int (Spinning) - Thursday 7:30pm 2nd Sept

• Kizomba FW & PW - Intermediate - Monday 7:30pm 6th Sept

• Salsa FW -  Imp/Int (Pachanga)  - Tuesday 7:30pm 7th Sept

• Bachata FW - Intermediate - Wednesday 7:30pm 8th Sept
- Group Link =



- FW = Footwork, shines aka Solo dancing - no partner required
- PW = Partnerwork but no partner is required - we teach the skills & footwork

- Level = Generally aimed at Improver to Intermediate dancers up to Advanced - but anyone can join


Much of the content we teach in these classes is solo dancing aka shines or Footwork, so you can train alone. Dancing Solo is essential for training to dance with partners. Learn timing, technique, how to step , Musicality, Control, Expression, Gain Foot speed, Weight shifting & Transfer, Foot placement, Styling, Style, Fluidity, Posture, Mastering basic steps, Body position & angles, Acceleration & deceleration, Directions Changes, Move more easily, Body Movement, Muscle memory, Grounding & Floor Pressure, dance technique , Turns, Pivots & Spins more easily, increase Balance, Confidence, Learning Routines Faster, The more you learn the faster you learn, Help Dance Memory, Finally having fun!.. .read more about the importance of shines here >


- $18 Pack#1 - x4 Classes
- $18 Pack#2 - x4 Classes

Payment Instructions

- Add additional video or packs sets by increasing the quantity in the Pay Pal form.
- Online Transaction will have Visa Fees added, see the store for details.
- You can use your Pay Pal account or Any major bank card if you don't have an account.
- You can also order through our bank account, please use the contact form to enquire.

- Once you have paid, we will email intuitions to enter the facebook hidden groups you have paid for.

- Do allow a few hours to join because you need to be added manually

Terms & Conditions:

- These videos are copyright to "Salsa Latina" Do not share content with other people.

- This content will only be available for 30days from the Live class date

- Strictly No Refunds after purchasing online

Online Beginner - Intermediate Courses

★ x3 Free Beginner Basic Steps Videos in Salsa Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha
★ For all Levels from Beginners right through to Intermediate & Advanced
★ These Classes are not live classes but a video training tool intead with no time limit.
★ These online courses were created during 2020 lockdown and edited to Dance Videos
★ Each Video has a full list of shines & footwork and all subtitled as you do the video
★ Once Purchased you can login to our website to view them 24/7/365

★ Focus on 1 style & 1 level only of your choice.
★ Available For Purchase Now! - As Pictured Below

★ Instructors: Reuben, Milena & Marcela

★ Technique  Footwork & Arms

★ Practice to Music

★ Extra Resourses including Music

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