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New Zealand Latin Dance Competitions

Why do you want to compete?  If you’re not sure, let me suggest some reasons.  First of all, it’s fun.  There’s nothing like the exhilaration of having all eyes on you as you strut your salsa stuff.  But even more than that, it’s rewarding.  You will improve your dancing by having a goal that motivates you to work on your choreography, partnering and performance ability. Then there is the  recognition and credibility that may result.  If you are thinking of beginning or furthering a Salsa or Latin dance “career,” it is crucial that you become known in the Salsa scene.  Competing can do just that for you.  Think of all the well-known dancers in the Salsa scene:  Joby and Luis Vazquez, Oliver Pineda, Gabriel Romero, Josie Neglia, Alex da Silva, etc.  They all competed at one time or another, establishing themselves as performers and instructors.

The South Island Salsa Competition

In September every year Christchurch hosts the South Island Salsa & Latin Dance Competition.
Join us and our fellow dance studios for another awesome year celebrating and recognising the growth of South Island Salsa & Latin Dance. Spectators welcome. Please note this competition is open to any South Island dancer.



New Zealand Latin Dance Championships

In November or December in Auckland. The NZ Latin Dance Championships is the re-branding of the NZ Salsa Open. Open to All New Zealand Latin dancers for Salsa, Mambo, Cha, Bachata, Kizomba & Zouk Additionally, this competition is now open to dancers from all over the world! 


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