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Latin Dance Performance

✪ Learn how to perform through a new Latin dance team routine which will develop your dancing tremendously! 
✪ Train with some of the best Salsa & Latin dancers in NZ, we have created many successful performers all around New Zealand.
✪ Learn to perform & how to execute complex turn patterns, performance secrets, how to relate to the music.

✪ Beginners Grading Required so do get started early from our classes before you think about doing anything else.

✪ Learn the tips and tricks, big moves 'arials' that we don't teach in our normal Latin dance classes. 
✪ Improve your fitness and confidence.

✪ Get trained to a high standard Faster. You will look great on the social dancer floor and performing.

✪ Only 1 chance per year to join these courses which can lead to performance or competitions - so make sure you don't miss out!
✪ Performance Courses do not require an invitation or Audition. Whereas Competition teams now do


Performance Courses & Comp Teams

New 'performance courses' don't require and invite or an audition and can start any time of year but they don't start very often so don't miss out if you see one coming. You need to have either graded from beginners to get started, see here for gradings.
If there is a course available (listed below), just turn up on the start date and get a Free class to try, but do make sure you are at the right level.
Auditions & invites are required for Comp or 'Competition teams' from 2022, see more details below on this. 

Performance vs Competition Teams

- Performance Teams (No Audition Required)
These are routines that are geared for shows, performances in parties, films & Festivals. They are a great way to get started into the performance world without the pressure of competitions.
- Competition Teams (Audition or Invite Required)
These teams are aimed at competitions & have higher entry and commitment requirements.

Salsa On1 Performance Course

- Start Date: New date coming for October 2022

- Time Slot: Thursdays 8:30pm

- Free 1st Class (on the start date)
- No Invite or Audition required - Register Here

- Performance Only Focus Choreography Course & Team
- Level: Improvers / Intermediate & Above

- Teachers: Milena & Reuben

This Performance Salsa On1 course & team will be focused on performances in parties, films & Congresses & Festivals & will tend to focus on revamped routines from our past and routines that are geared for shows, these are a great way to get started into the performance world without the pressure & costs of competitions based teams. This is a much more fun environment for those wanting to learn at a better pace. These can lead into higher level competition based teams & routines in the future. This performance course is also a stepping stone to the competition Mambo Team & Bachata team for those that want to push their dancing. You are not required to perform, this can also be just a learning experience... register now


Ladies Salsa Shines Comp Team 2022

• Free Audition Date: 28 Feb 2022
• Time Slot: Mondays 6:15pm (1hr)
- Competition Choreography & Team
• Studio#1 at Salsa Latina

- Level: for Salsa Intermediate & Advanced

- Invite or Audition (see below)

• For  Women Only

- Teachers: Milena

- if you can't make the audition time for some reason, please contact us for a private audition


This Ladies Salsa Team from 2022 onward we  will be increasing the level of entry into this team to drive the current team to new heights, with invite only to this team. Milena will be leading this team again with the help of Marcela. Both will be teaming & training with Elli Torres from Brisbane Australia. 2020 was the second time Elli has worked with Salsa Latina with amazing results, placing 2nd place at the south island Latin competition in only 10 weeks! Again in October 2021 Competed with this mixed level team of amateurs & pros and gained 2nd place again, beating all other 4 mixed level Salsa teams, we can only imagine if we only used 'pro level dancers' which they competed against, there could've been a better result. Milena with Grace also won the Pro/am Ladies Salsa Duet. ... see all competition results here >

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Bachata Comp Team 2022

- Free Audition Date: 09 Feb 2022
- Time Slot: Wednesdays 8:30pm (1hr)

- Competition Focus Choreography & Performance Team
- Invite or Audition (see below)
- Level: for Bachata Intermediate & Advanced

- Teachers: Milena & Reuben

This Multiple Winning Competition Bachata Team will consist of our top performers and will focus more on competitions but may also  feature in regular performance opportunities too. From 2022 this team will be invite or Audtiton only. If you are new to performance we recommend to start with a regular performance Salsa team if available. Whereas this is a competition based team, which will be the latest choreographs pushing the best dancers to the highest levels.

Bachata Performance Class: 

- Time Slot: Wednesdays 8:30pm . See timetable >
- For those Bachata Intermediate & above dancers we are starting special introduction performance classes that is leading into a performance competition team next year. The team itself will be an Audition in February. So to get started come along on Wednesdays.

- When to Join? You can join at any point until the audition, but we do encourage participation as much as you can. This does get noted for the audition process.
- Audition will be required to continue into the Competition Bachata Team - Note: you are not obligated to continue with the team to join.

- In 2021 our Bachata Couples team became the only National Team to win in a Competition. Join our champion Bachata team for another epic  year Reuben & Milena.

- Level - To join you will need to have graded from beginners Bachata or be at the  Intermediate level Bachata at Salsa Latina already, if you are not at this level do private lessons or classes to gain this graded level.
- CVCs - For Sports & Dance teams it is NOT a requirement.. read more >
 ....see more on our performance & competition teams here > 


Salsa On2 Mambo Comp Team 2022

- Start Date: 21 April 2022
- Time Slot: Thursdays 9:30pm / 8:30pm

- Competition Focus Choreography & Team
- Invite Only
- Level: Salsa Advanced & Pro

- Teachers: Marcela & Reuben


This Multiple Winning Competition Salsa On2 Mambo Team will consist of our top performers and will focus more on competitions but may also  feature in regular performance opportunities too. From 2021 this team will be invite or Audtiton only. If you are new to Salsa performance we recommend to start with a regular performance team if available. Whereas this is a competition based team, which will be the latest choreographs pushing the best dancers to the highest levels.


Invite & Auditions

From 2022 competiton teams will be invitation only or by Audition. Previous years competitors also need to do the audition. If you are unsure please do chat to a teacher.


You will need to be at a good Salsa &/or Bachata level already and active in Regular Bachata Classes or Regular Salsa Classes &/or performance Salsa Couples Team. A great entry point to get into a performance team is to enter into our performance couples course which is geared for training new dancers into performing & competition teams, if you are interested in a team please take to us also. .... as above


Free Auditions will be running at the beginning of the year from 2022, please do join our newsletter so you don't miss any. 
This is done in a class format and you will learn a short choreography usually a shine / solo dancing routine. Shines are required for all performance teams, we will select those that we think are ready to enter teams. We will discuss the teams that are best suited with the individuals that are selected from this process.



Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need a partner?
Initially this course is like a regular class with a routine in mind, we swap partners around like a normal class. But it will help if you have a partner lined up. We leave this up to students to arrange their partner by the end of the 8 week course, but we can help with ideas, so do chat to us.

• Where is the best place to begin?
We would recommend starting with a performance Course team, rather than a competition team which now needs an invite, but this is all depending on your level so do have a chat to a teacher.

• Do I need to Grade?
Yes you will need to pass a beginners grading. From 2021 we have introduced gradings, so if you have never been to our dance school, you can join in a group grading or a private grading. This ensures people have covered their basics before joining. We highly recommend joining classes prior to joining a course.

• No Course Available Now?
If there is no course available right now, we recommend joining our regular Latin dance Classes in Salsa or Bachata to build your level up. We are always on the look out for new people. If you are interested in performing please get in contact with us regardless of the course or not. No partner is required when joining. Salsa, Bachata & Solo Performance courses can lead into performing & competitions, but not a requirement.


• How to I get more information?
Turn up on the start date and we will explain everything within the first few weeks, come try it out first.

• Costs?

- Performance teams & competition teams are the same pricing as normal classes, concession cards can be used.
- Other potential costs will depend on if you are in a competition team or a performance based team, which could include travel costs, costumes & entry fees to competitions in or tickets to festivals to perform. Usually performers at festivals & congresses get reduced  ticket prices. We tend to focus on festivals & competitions in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Sydney & Brisbane.

• What if I miss the start date?
Once the course has gone past 3 weeks it will get really hard to catch up but its still possible, do contact us.


• Do I need to perform?
Performance Courses are for people to learn about performing so we might have a goal to peform at but its not a requirement. 
Competition teams however is a different story.

• CVC/MVP's & Masks
CVC's or MVPs / V passes & Masks are not require for teams.. please read our Traffic Light Policy  here >

Performance Team Dance Teachers

Find out more about our teachers, see their profiles
Note: Eli Torres from Brisbane will be working with Salsa Latina in some projects & exciting ladies choreography .

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Salsa Latina Performance Teams & Achievements
x28 Team Champions NZ/Aust Total
x119 Champion '1st Place' Titles NZ/Aust Total
x275 Placings NZ/Aust Total

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