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Performance Courses & Teams

✪ Learn how to perform through a new Latin dance team routine which will develop your dancing tremendously! 
✪ Train with some of the best Salsa & Latin dancers in NZ, we have created many successful performers all around New Zealand.
✪ Learn to perform & how to execute complex turn patterns, performance secrets, how to relate to the music.

✪ Beginners Grading Required so do get started early from our classes before you think about doing anything else.

✪ Learn the tips and tricks, big moves 'arials' that we don't teach in our normal Latin dance classes. 
✪ Improve your fitness and confidence.

✪ Get trained to a high standard Faster. You will look great on the social dancer floor and performing.

You are not required to perform, this can also be just a learning experience.

No need to register unless you haven't done any classes at Salsa Latina.  Just turn up on the start date and give it a go

These teams offer an excellent entry point into the world of performance and an opportunity to potentially join more exclusive, unadvertised teams down the road. To be eligible, you should have reached at least an 'Intermediate' level in Salsa or Bachata dancing, 'depending which styles you want to focus on'. Typically, most participants achieve this after approximately 8 weeks of Imp-Intermediate classes.

Consistent engagement with our curriculum and participating in social dancing events are crucial for your progress. If you're uncertain about your skill level, don't hesitate to consult with one of our instructors.

Couple teams in Salsa & Bachata are the best way to start into the competition world, we also offer Solo shines courses & teams.

Initially, you won't need a dance partner, but it's a good idea to start thinking about finding one or organising a partnership. Usually, dancers select their own partners throughout the initial part of the courses, but we're here to assist if needed.

These courses are open to anyone and are a fun way to try out for a team. Should you decide to continue your journey with the performance team, which is the initial phase of the course, be prepared for an audition which is usually a couple of months in. This optional audition will help determine the most suitable path for your continued growth.

Salsa Performance Course/Team 2024

- Free on the Start Date
- Start Date:
Starting in Jan-Feb 2024 date coming

- Time Slot: Thursdays 8:35pm
- Level: Intermediate & Advanced

- Competition Couples Salsa Team

- Pro/Am Status: Amateur Status Only​
- Current NZ & SI Salsa Champion Team

- Teachers: ReubenScott & Grace S

Bachata Performance Course/Team 2024

- Free on the Start Date

- Start Date: Starting in Feb 2024 date coming
- Time Slot: Wednesdays 8:35pm (1hr)

- Competition Focus Choreography & Performance Team

- Competition Couples Bachata Team

- Pro/Am Status: Amateur & Pros
- Current NZ & SI Salsa Champion Team

- Teachers: Reuben & Miléna


Salsa Ladies Performance Team 2024:

- Start Date: Coming in 2024

- Choreography: Eli Torres

- Competition Ladies Only Salsa Team
- Invite & Enquiries Only
- Pro/Am Status: Amateur Status Only

- Teacher: Milena

more potential courses coming

2024 Opportunities:

- inhouse Peformances
- Tauranga Lat
in Festival or Queenstown Festival
- South Island Latin Championships

- Brisbane Salsa Solo Competition
- Christmas Latin Ball (Performance Team)

Requirements to Join & Grading

Joining teams, you will need to pass a beginner 101 grading. You won’t be able to join higher levels than 101 without grading from 2021. On week#8 of the 101 level there will be a grading/revision class, this is a fairly easy & fun class, focusing on revision of moves done at this level. If you miss a grading you can always book a 15min Private grading. Grading is  a chance for Salsa Latina Teachers to give you direct feedback on your dancing. Once you pass you can join any new Intermediate course in the style you grade in. Enrolment isn't required.

....Read more about Gradings & when they are here >



Frequently Asked Questions

• Audition Required?
Not needed initially to join a course... however...
In 2023 we have re-introduced Auditions as students progress. As performance courses progress we need to select interested couples for competition. We will have a limited number of positions available for competition due to formations and resources and want to increase the quality of the teams for the best chance in competitions. 

• Do I need a partner?
- Initially in performance courses you won't need a partner, we rotate partners around, but you will need to partner with one person eventually, so do keep yo
ur eyes open and be quick to secure a good one.
- In competition team yes you will need a partner, but you would normally have one by this stage from a performance course or we will help find you one, that is best suited.

• Where is the best place to begin?
We would recom
mend starting with regular classes and then if learning routines and pushing your dancing interests you then performance Courses are an amazing learning experience. You must  be already pushing your dancing in intermediate levels in classes & even private lessons. Social dancing is highly recommended too.

• Do I need to Grade?
Yes you will need to pass a beginners grading to even get started. From 2021 we have introduced gradings, so if you have never been to our dance school, you can join in a group grading or a private grading. This ensures people have covered their basics before joining. We highly recommend joining classes prior to joining a course.

• Mambo Team?

Yes we do have other teams available but these are invite only. High level teams are no longer advertised because performers will be selected based on their performance in classes and other performance courses at Salsa Latina.

• No Course Available Now?
If there is no course available right now, we recommend joining our regular Latin dance Classes in Salsa or Bachata to build your level up. We are always on the look out for new people. If you are interested in performing please get in contact with us regardless of the course or not. No partner is required when joining. Salsa, Bachata & Solo Performance courses can lead into performing & competitions, but not a requirement.

• How to I get more information?
Turn up on the start date and we will explain everything within the first few weeks, come try it out first.

• Amateur Vs Professional?
This isn't about a level of a dancer, this is a division of 'status'.
If you get paid for dancing generally you are considered a 'pro', but anyone can choose to go 'pro' regardless of income. 'Amateur' just means you are being supported from a dance school and not getting paid, this is the best status to start with, but many choose to stay Amateur. The misconception is Amateurs are lower level dancer than professional. This just isn't the case. Really Amateurs can focus on the fun and enjoyment of the dance rather than Professionals who tend to stress much more. Dancers who are not supported from dance schools that have a professional running it can fall into traps where they are forced to go professional. Money for dance really is the issue and to increase education in the dance scene, dance schools with a long running history are the best places for amateurs to get good support for their dancing, in turn this drives the level of dancing to a higher level.
We think its best to stay Amateur as long as possible and take advantage of this if you are considering competing overseas where you'll have a much better chance of success. .... read more on this article here >

• Costs?

- Performance teams & competition teams are the same pricing as normal classes, concession cards can be used.
- Other potential costs will depend on if you are in a competition team or a performance based team, which could include travel costs, costumes & entry fees to competitions in or tickets to festivals to perform. Usually performers at festivals & congresses get reduced  ticket prices. We tend to focus on festivals & competitions in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Sydney & Brisbane.

• What if I miss the start date?
Once the course has gone past 2 weeks it will get really hard to catch up but its still possible, do contact us.


• Do I need to perform?
Initially Performance Courses are for people to learn about performing so we might have a goal to peform at but it's not a requirement. Once you keep going auditions may be required to take it further into competition.


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