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Salsa On2 Performance Course 2024

- Start Date: 01 February 2024

- FREE Intro on the Start Date Only

- Time Slot: Thursdays 8:35pm

- Initial Course Length: 1 Free + 8 Weeks 

- Teachers: Reuben & Miléna

Bachata Performance Course 2024

- Start Date: 28 February 2024

- Free Intro on the Start Date Only
- Time Slot: Wednesdays 8:35pm

- Initial Course Length: 1 Free + 8 Weeks 

- Teachers: Reuben & Miléna

Salsa Ladies Team 2024:

- Invite Only - Starting February

- Teacher: Milena

✪ Train with World Champion trainers
✪ Learn performance secrets, how to relate to the music.
✪ Improve your fitness and

✪ Get trained to a high standard Faster. 

Teachers:  Reuben & Miléna (World Salsa Solo - Salsa Cabaret Pro-Am Champions) All performance courses will be run from these teachers in 2024.  We have also engineered a new way to learn in our peformance teams, so come find out what we will be doing different this year, so don't miss the start dates! N.B This will be the only chance to join performance courses until next year!

These courses & teams offer an excellent entry point into the world of performance and an opportunity to potentially join more exclusive, 'invite only' teams down the road. To be eligible, you should have reached at least an 'Intermediate-Advanced' level in Salsa or Bachata dancing, 'depending which styles you want to focus on'. Typically, most participants achieve this after completing 8 modules of Imp-Intermediate classes. Consistent engagement with our curriculum and participating in social dancing events are crucial for your progress. If you're uncertain about your skill level, don't hesitate to consult with one of our instructors.

These courses are a fun way to try out for a team. Should you decide to continue your journey with the performance team, which is the initial phase of the course, be prepared for an audition which is usually a few weeks in. This optional audition will help determine the most suitable path for your continued growth.

Initially, you won't need a dance partner, but it's a good idea to start thinking about finding one or organising a partnership. Usually, dancers select their own partners throughout the initial part of the courses, but we're here to assist if needed.

A New Performer Training Progamme will be implemented for 2024

- join the start dates to find out more

Requirements to Join!

For Joining any team or performance course, you will need to have:

#1 Passed a beginner 101 grading

#2 Completed all Imp-Intermediate modules or Assessment/Grading at the 201 level.
#3 Or be Invited directly by a teacher

#4 Or Previously been in one of our teams

Generally as an indication, if you are in our Int-Advanced classes in Salsa or Bachata then you are at the correct level.

Please chat to a teacher if you are unsure.

- See the Flow Chart below, This applies to both Salsa & Bachata Teams


Competitions & Performances:

Performances 2024:
- Salsa Night Fever Peformances

- Queenstown Salsa Festival

- Sydney Salsa Convention

- Christmas Latin Ball 

Competitions 2024:

- South Island Latin Championships (September)
- Auckland Latin Dance Competition (November)

- Brisbane Salsa Solo Competition (December)


Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need a partner?
- Initially in performance courses you won't need a partner, we rotate partners around, but you will need to partner with one person eventually, so do keep yo
ur eyes open and be quick to secure a good one.
- In competition team yes you will need a partner, but you would normally have one by this stage from a performance course or we will help find you one, that is best suited.

• Where is the best place to begin?
We would recom
mend starting with regular classes and then if learning routines and pushing your dancing interests you then performance Courses are an amazing learning experience. 

• Invite Only Teams?

Yes we do have other teams available but these are invite only. Higher level teams are no longer advertised because performers will be selected based on their performance in classes and other performance courses at Salsa Latina. If you want to be selected please join performance & regular classes, we will notice when you are ready!

• No Course Available Now?
If there is no course available right now, we recommend joining our regular Latin dance Classes in Salsa or Bachata to build your level up. We are always on the look out for new people. If you are interested in performing please get in contact with us regardless of the course or not. No partner is required when joining. Salsa, Bachata & Solo Performance courses can lead into performing & competitions, but not a requirement.

• How to I get more information?
Turn up on the start date and we will explain everything within the first few weeks, come try it out first.

• Free on the start?

Yes we offer a free class only on the start date of our performance course so you can get more information so you can choose to proceed or not with a the performance course, its a bit like a trial class to see what it could be like. There's no commitments when you start.

• Audition Required?
Not needed initially to join a course... however...In 2023 we re-introduced Auditions as students progress. As performance courses progress we need to select interested couples for competition. We will have a limited number of positions available for competition due to formations and resources and want to increase the quality of the teams for the best chance in competitions. 

• Costs?

- Performance teams & competition teams have their own concession cards from 2024 ...see pricing here >
- Other potential costs will depend on if you are in a competition team or a performance based team, which could include travel costs, costumes & entry fees to competitions in or tickets to festivals to perform. Usually performers at festivals & congresses get reduced  ticket prices. We tend to focus on festivals & competitions in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Sydney & Brisbane.

• What if I miss the start date?
Once the course has gone past 2 weeks it will get really hard to catch up but its still possible, but we don't accept entrants past week#3 unless they have been in a team before, you would need private lessons to catch up -  do contact us.


• Do I need to perform?
Initially Performance Courses are for people to learn about performing so we might have a goal to peform at but it's not a requirement. Once you keep going auditions may be required to take it further into competition.

• What is Shadowing?

Sometimes the best path forward might be to "shadow" this essentially means you can learn the dance routine without the aim of performing it, this is a great way to push your skills if youre not quite at the level or if you have a physical limitation.

• Amateur Vs Professional?

The demarcation between amateur and professional dancers extends beyond skill level to encompass a distinction in status. While receiving payment for dancing typically designates one as a 'professional,' individuals can opt to adopt this status irrespective of their income. Conversely, 'amateur' denotes those supported by a dance school without financial remuneration, serving as an ideal starting point. Contrary to a common misconception, being an amateur does not equate to a lower dancing proficiency compared to professionals. Amateurs often have the luxury of emphasizing the joy and pleasure of dance, in contrast to professionals who frequently contend with heightened stress.

It's noteworthy that dancers reliant on support from dance schools, particularly those with a rich history and professional oversight, can avoid being coerced into transitioning to professional status. The central challenge lies in the financial aspect of dance, and to foster a more educated dance community, it is advisable for amateurs to seek support from well-established dance institutions. This symbiotic relationship not only nurtures the enjoyment of dance for amateurs but also contributes to elevating the overall standard of dancing. Consequently, a strategic approach suggests that remaining an amateur for as long as possible can be advantageous, especially for those contemplating participation in international competitions, where success rates are notably higher. .... read more on this article here >


Performer Concession


Champion Teams

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SLA Dance Teachers

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