Tahitian Dance Classes Christchurch

Tahitian Polynesian Dance Classes

Polynesian dance has long been selected as an art form on many islands across the globe. This class is focus in Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance). It is recognised for energetic and strong hip movements



- Tuesday 7:30pm ....Studio#2

- Last Class 10th Nov 2020


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What You will Learn

Students will learn basic Tahitian dance technique, including posture, hip and hands movements, also some choreographies. Practice regularly will tone and strengthen all of your muscles.


• WOMEN Only class

• FREE 1st Class

• All ages welcome, No experience needed

• Join in any week, this is a Drop in class


What to bring & wear

 - Wear: sportive clothes

 - bring pareo if you have

 - Bring a drink bottle - you will need it


About Tahitian Polynesian Dance

All Pacific Island cultures have a strong tradition of oral history. This cultural knowledge is passed from one generation to the next with songs and dance being an essential part of these oral traditions. The dance is an image of bright flowers, rich music, often with conch shells and nose flutes, and full body movements.


Dance music is strongly rhythmic and powerful, and these qualities are also characteristic of this dancing.

Contact & Instructor:

Angelica, a talented dancer who has been part of different Polynesian groups dance, such as Kaua Nani, Kalaukia Poevara and Rimahere, has over 8 years experience practicing and performing these dances as well as competing solo.

- Teacher: Angelica
- Phone: 027-205-8906

- Dance Company: Angelica Polynesian Dance


- FREE 1st class

- Casual Rate

    $10 per class - cash only

    or 5 classes per $40 - cash only



Salsa Latina - 12 Bath Street, Christchurch, New Zealand


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