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Bachata Courses Starts.. This Wednesday

New Bachata Courses Starts This Wednesday This Spring. For newbies this is a free class on week#1 and for those that have passed their grading a new Intermediate also kicks off on the same night a bit later, but we encourage everyone to come to the free beginner class.

Bachata Courses Starting Wednesday 14th September 2022 - Free Beginners Bachata Class at 6:15pm - New Intermediate Bachata at 7:30pm

Bachata originates from Dominican and is the second most popular partner dance after Salsa. Its great for those that are new in the Latin Dance scene because its slower with easy steps.

Intermediate really kicks off with the more sensual styles from Spain and Dominican steps for much more variety.

So come find out why everyone loves 'Bachata' Keep fit, meet new people and learn to partner dance..... find out more about our Bachata Classes - join in the fun now! >

Last chance to join the beginner course is on 21st September... ......see here >

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