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Christmas Timetable - Updated 16-12-22

- Kizomba class update with later start date... see below

- Bonus Classes on the Last Week Only for Salsa & Bachata ... see below - The Last Classes for 2022 will be on Wednesday 21st December. - Classes Start Back on Tuesday 10th January 2023.

Two key Salsa Latina Teachers (Reuben & Milena) are now away overseas having a break & also dancing until 12th January 2023. Because of this, and due to the holiday period, all classes around the Christmas & New Year period will be affected in some way, at various times. Also some Intermediate classes won't be running until they return from overseas! But we have designed the classes in a way that there will be something for everyone at every level, and we have our other teachers taking their place during this time period..... Please see the timetable during this time here >

Christmas Bonus Class Special For Salsa & Bachata classes for 2022 Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st December, there will be a range of extra classes we call "Christmas Bonus Classes" these are non-syllabus classes designs as extra fun learning classes anyone at those levels can attend, if you miss this week you won't be missing important syllabus based content, but will be worth joining in. You only need to at the general level required to join. Also extra social practice time is included after & before classes. Universal concession cards and casual rates apply as these are not included in the beginner concession card because these are extra classes. See details below for each style will include these ..... Please see the timetable during this time here >


Kizomba Mondays : There won't be bonus classes for Kizomba, this will now run until the final week

with normal classes for beginners and a later start dates for 2023 - Kizomba Intermediate has now Finished for 2022 but there is practice in place.

- (NEW) Monday 19th December will be week#3 Kizomba Beginners - (NEW) Kizomba Beginners & Intermediate Restart later on 16 Jan 2023 ... more about Kizomba here >

Ladies Styling Mini Course on Mondays : - This has finished for 2022 - restarts new courses from 16 January .... more about ladies Salsa mini courses >

Salsa Tuesdays & Thursdays: - Last Syllabus based Beginner & Imp/Int Classes have finished.. but there's more... - Bonus Non-syllabus Beginner & Imp/Int one-off Salsa classes are running on Tuesday 20 December. These will be new fun moves as extra classes. These will be the last Salsa classes for 2022. - Brand New Salsa Courses for Beginners & Imp/Int will also be starting back from 10 Jan when classes start back for 2023 - Salsa Thursday Class times will switch from 2023 when classes start back with new courses. Beginners will be at 6:15pm and Improver/Intermediate will be at 7:30pm

- Salsa Int/Adv has finished for 2022 & restarts 17 January .... more about Salsa courses >

Bachata Wednesdays

- Last Bachata Syllabus Based classes have finished.

- Bonus Non-syllabus Beginner & Int one-off Bachata classes are running on Wednesday 21 December. These will be new fun moves as extra classes.

- Bachata Classes restart from 11 Jan 2022

Friday Latin Nights - Final Friday Nights have now finished for Christmas Break - Fridays continue back in 2023 on 13 January

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas. Keep up the dancing during the Christmas period - we have a ton of amazing new ideas & exciting new classes coming in the pipeline for 2023... oh yeah, and Santa's coming, be good!

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