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New Bachata Imp-Intermediate Revealed

Updated: Aug 1, 2023


We are delighted to share the exciting news about the introduction of an invigorating new level designed to enhance the learning experience for Bachata students. Commencing on Wednesday, July 12th, we will unveil a comprehensive syllabus consisting of 8 modules, which has been meticulously crafted to offer significant advancements. Parts of this system will be effective immediately in classes.

Drawing inspiration from the success of our recent "Salsa Modules," we are thrilled to extend this transformative experience to our Bachata students. With this new level, beginners can also anticipate a seamless transition into higher levels of Bachata, paving the way for a more rewarding and immersive journey.

Bachata Modules 201-208

The Bachata Shine series (footwork) has over 32 shines to learn over 32 weeks to date, a new shine every week for 8 months if you don't repeat any modules. Partner-work will also follow along similar themes.

Course Content & Types:

• Bachata module 201 = 4 Weeks (Dominican Partner-work + Shines)

• Bachata module 202 = 4 Weeks (Moderna Partner-work + Shines)

• Bachata module 203 = 4 Weeks (Fusion Partner-work + Spining & Turns)

• Bachata module 204 = 4 Weeks (Sensual Partner-work + Shines)

• Bachata module 205 = 4 Weeks (Traditional Partner-work + Shines #1)

• Bachata module 206 = 4 Weeks (Dominican Partnerwork + Shines #2)

• Bachata module 207 = 4 Weeks (Sensual Partnerwork + Shines#2)

• Bachata module 208 = 4 Weeks (Traditional Partnerwork + Shines #2)

Beginners Bachata Syllabus Update

Because we have introduced new levels and modules above beginners we have now modified beginners Bachata syllabus to match in better. You will see new things in the course if you are repeating, which we would always recommend to improve base fundamentals.

New Int-Advanced Bachata Level

We yet another exciting update for you! Another brand-new Bachata level, designed for those at the Intermediate-Advanced skill range, is currently in the works. In the meantime, we highly recommend immersing yourself in the current courses & content. By mastering these materials, you'll be fully prepared for the upcoming level, ensuring you won't miss a beat. Joining the new level won't require any grading, but we strongly advise completing all 8 modules mentioned earlier. Alternatively, if you've been dancing at our Intermediate level for at least 2 years, you're more than welcome to join as well.

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