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Salsa Latina Winners at NZ Latin Championships

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Holly Guacamole!!!! Wow what a fierce competition at the New Zealand Latin Dance Championships 2022. Our teams were outstanding and everyone was shining so so much on stage with clean choreos and amazing presence. I’m insanely proud of us!

So many amazing results for Salsa Latina.

Highlights include: 1st Place for our Mambo Team, 1st Place for Ladies Salsa Shines Team and 2nd place for our Bachata team, but Best Bachata Team in New Zealand and only 0.5 mark less than the Australian team.

Team Salsa Latina at NZ Latin Championships

• 1st Salsa Teams (SLA Mambo Team)

• 1st Salsa Shines Teams (Las Tigresas Ladies Team)

• 2nd Latin Teams "Best Bachata Team in NZ" (SLA Bachata Team)

• 2nd Salsa Solo Female (Miléna)

• 2nd Salsa Am Duets (Milena & Grace)

• 1st Salsa Pro/Am Freestyle (Reuben & Milena)

• 1st Salsa Am Freestyle (Scott & Grace)

• 2nd Salsa Am Couples (Scott & Grace)

• 1st Cythia & Alex* - Bachata Am freestyle

• 2nd Cythia & Alex* - Salsa Amateur freestyle

• 2nd Bachata Am Freestyle (Pablo & Jessica)

• 3rd Salsa Am Freestyle (Pablo & Grace S)

• 3rd Kizomba Am Freestyle (Pablo & Naomi)

• 1st Salsa Am Jack n Jill (Grace C)

• 2nd kizomba Am Jack n Jill (Anna)

• 3rd Salsa Am Jack n Jill (Grace S)

• 3rd Bachata Am Jack n Jill (Grace S)

... stay tuned for more as many other students competed & placed too

Pro = Professional

Am = Amateur

Total of x130 1st Place Titles for Salsa Latina.. read more >

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1 commentaire

21 nov. 2022

Proud of all the hard work everyone put in, such great results! 🎖️

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