Platinum Concession Card (74% Grade Required)

Platinum Concession Card
- x9 Classes

- $85 ($11.66 per class)
+ $2.50 Transaction Fee
+ Free Beginner & Improver classes

Platinum Grade Required to get this card!
This is for students that have passed their grading with 74% or above, if you purchase one accidentally and not at the level attained we will exhange this for a Gold Concession card. You will know from gradings if you have access to these.

Free Lower Level Classes

For Salsa Improvers, Salsa Intermediate/ Adv, Bachata  Intermediate & Kizomba Intermediate dancers that pass with high marks in gradings from 2021, you will be able to get this special card to access lower levels for Free 'on the same day you do your level class'. This is to boost your training & practice. Once you have done a grading you will be notified if you can gain access to these cards and this will be labeled as "Platinum pass" on your certificate. Or, you will have feedback on what you might need to work on to attain one of these in a future grading.  We really want students to "know" the content before attaining these cards. ....Read more  about grading here >


Version#2 Platinum Card Update
Vesion#2 of this card is released from March 2021 and is available now. We have included Salsa Improvers and updated the platinum card, if you have a version#1 of this card we will exchange for free to version#2

Salsa Latina Concession Cards

Similar to how a bus ticket works, you only pay for what you use. Instead of paying casually at $15 per class you can save with these cards. These give more freedom to choose classes than paying for a course. These punch-as-you-go cards can be used for any Salsa Latina classes/courses, all Salsa levels, Bachata, Kizomba and other Latin dance classes & most workshops, performance courses etc, inc most workshops, see advertising on each of these. 
.....more pricing options and the full information here >

Platinum Concession Card (74% Grade Required)

  • Terms & Conditions:

    • Salsa Latina  reserves the right to change prices, schedules and terms and conditions without notice.

    • Independent Dance Classes; Other Dance Classes not run by Salsa Latina Dance School have their own rates and concession cards systems which are not compatible with Salsa Latina labelled classes & courses.

    • No refunds on online pay pal purchases


    Concession Card Terms & Conditions:

    - Concession Cards can be put on hold or transferable to another person

    - We do not give refunds or take responsibility for lost or stolen concession cards, so please keep it safe.

    - 6 month expiry date, (but we will accept longer)


    Platinum Card Terms & Conditions

    - These type of concession cards are an optional card that can only be used for Intermediate & Advanced levels, it's designed to encourage Intermediate dancers to improve their dancing by repeating fundamentals.

    - You get Free Fundamentals class in Beginners or  Improvers classes on the same day you mark off your current level.  These cannot be stored up and must be used as the same dance style as the concession marked off on the same night you do your intermediate class.
    Please read full terms and condition here >

    - These cards cannot be shared between 2 people

    - Non Transferable to another person but can be put on hold.

    - You need to pass a grading with a high mark to attain these cards & will be notified if you can get one.