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Salsa & Latin Timing Music Mp3 Set

Salsa Timing  Mp3 Set contains essential timing, rhythms & music for salsa dancers. it's for beginners to advanced levels. It contains counts so you can get used to stepping in time with salsa and give you not only music to practice to, but knowledge of how salsa music is constructed, so you can become a better dancer. Salsa Latina uses tracks in its classes, it will train your brain to stay in time. The tempos ranging from slow to med paced songs and now includes a bonus cha cha percussion track on both versions.

Package Contents

21 tracks in total

• Salsa Timing Track 123-567 Counts

• Salsa Rhythms & Instrumentals

• Cha cha percussion
• Bachata percussion remix

• Kizomba Timing Track


$5 Timing Music Mp3s (Normally $15)