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Social Dancing Tips

Salsa is a social dance, you can go anywhere in the world and dance with anyone. This is the same with other dance styles such as Bachata & Kizomba. When should I start dancing socially? Right away! Another important part of learning salsa is social dancing, this will help consolidate what you learn and you will progress at a faster rate! Yes we highly recommend dance classes, this is essential, but dont get stuck on just classes. You need to get out there as soon as you start learning, so why wait to join in the fun? The Best place to start is regular Salsa Nights & parties that your dance school host. You will have familiar faces go along to these. They’re a great way to practice what you’ve learnt, have fun and socialise. These include; Regular Salsa nights some come with Free Intros & sometimes performances. Annual Events which can include Workshops such as; Festivals & Congresses, these usually are 3-4 day events with non-stop dancing, Workshops, parties & performances. Then there are Competitions is there is some local, come along to these as they are hugely inspirational.


What is the best way to ask or get a dance?

• Guys, simply the best way to ask for a dance is to present your hand. Ask ladies ‘standing’ nearer the dance floor for the best results.

• Ladies, traditionally Males ask for the dance. However, if you want a dance with someone, try these 2 tips. Firstly stand near the dance floor so you look like you are ready to dance. Or you could try going up to someone and presenting your hand.

Tips for the dance floor

• The floor is for dancing. Walk around the edge of the dance floor rather than trying to thread your way through the dancers. You could casue an accident.

• Take off sharp rings, bracelets, hair pieces and keep your nails short guys too.

• Also make sure your breath is sweet and use deodorant. Manage your well being. Take 2 shirts if you need to. 

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