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Studio Hire Pricing & Payments

Salsa Latina Dance Centre:

- x3 Studios For Hire: Salsa Latina Dance Centre has studios available for hire. Ideal for dance practice, training, Group Classes, Workshops, Hobby Events, Dance, Fitness, Catwalk Training, Photography etc.
- Available 24/7 
- If you wish to run a dance or fitness or martial arts related programme or classes please get in contact with us.

Studio Pricing

• Studio#1 - Large Studio

- $60ph *Full Rate = Week Nights After 4pm

- $45ph *Weekend Rate = Weekend Saturday & Sunday

- $30ph *Weekday Rate = Weekdays before 4pm

- $20ph Practice Rate (3 people max)

• Studio#2 - Medium Studio

- $25ph *Full Rate

- $15 Practice (3 people max) 
- $15 Fitness Rate (3 people max)

• Studio#3 - Small Studio 

- $10ph *Full Rate & Practice Rate 

• Full Venue Rate

- Venue Rate: $100ph (whole venue includes studio#1, #2 & #3 & Reception)

• Setup Fees

- $20 - one off Fee

- Bond Addition Fee (for groups above 3 people)
... see info on the signup page >

Hire Rate Info:

Depending on the use of the hire there's 4 types of hire usages all with different rates:


#1 Full Hire Rate:

if you want to hire this venue to run your own group classes, courses, workshops etc please contact us asap

#2 Practice Rate:

Ideal for individuals training or with trainers, which include practice or private lessons etc with a maximum of 3 people. If more than 3 people i.e 'a group' then it's full rate hire as above. No Bond required. N.B. Practice rate can be canceled or moved for a full rate booking. See terms & conditions for details,

#3 Event/Venue Hire Rate:

Hiring this venue for group events & parties. This includes the whole venue with 3 studios, reception. Table & Chairs etc. Please do enquire about the event first and supply as much info as possible to check with us if you event is possible. Note: we don't hire out for general alcoholic based parties & 21st, weddings etc. .. contact us to enquire >
- Bond Required & Payment require prior to booking

Buy Now

Purchase studio times, signup fees & bonds From the Salsa Latina Studio Hire Store Online
- No PayPal account required.
- All payments must be done via our online store
- Receipts will be issued automatically from our online store
- Visa Transaction fees apply
N.B. Please make sure you are signed up as a confirmed 'studio hirer' before making payments, see the signup page here >

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Initial Equiry Form
Please fill this out this first step to see if we can help

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Studio Hire Agreement
Signup for 24/7 studio hire so you can make bookings

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Studio Bookings
Once you have signed up you can make bookings here


Hire Regulations
How to operate the studio & walkthrough & T&C's

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