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Afro Cuban Salsa Workshops

19th December 2020

These classes are great for Salsa dancers who want to learn more about the Afro Cuban roots side of Salsa.

 Workshop #1

- Afrocuban: Rumba Columbia shines
Time: 3:00pm (1.25hrs)
Graceful style with Spanish flamenco influences that was born in the streets of Cuba. The steps and movements are strong and vigorous, yet harmonious. It is a challenging dance that will put your focus and coordination to the test. This is one of Salsa's grandparents!
- For Men & Women
- Level: For all Salsa Levels


- Casino: Cuban Salsa Partnerwork
Time: 4:30pm (1.25hrs)
Step up your partnerwork style and dance repertoire. Learn a simple, but gracious, sequence of this beautiful Cuban style from the 50's, that's still more alive than ever. Bring on your best dance skills and cuban flavour!
- For Men & Women
• Level: Salsa Improver & Intermediate & above

 What to bring:

Wear Comfortable shoes or flat dance shoes and clothes is a must. 
A water bottle and towel is recommended.