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Zumba Caribe Kids Classes

Dance your way to a FITTER you with exciting and unique LATIN MOVES and rhythms.... ZUMBA, the fitness dance class that is taking the world by storm! Join in anytime! From the dance-phobic to the dance expert, Zumba is for you.


- Free 1st class & Everybody Welcome!

- Class Duration: all classes are 55min-1 hour 
- Open Level: all levels

- Drop-in Classes, join in any time, any class

- For boys, girls & Parents welcome  (no partner required)

Zumba Caribe Kids Class Times:

- Saturdays 12:15pm.........Studio#1



Dance Classes that are running are all listed on the timetable, its updated daily. So to be sure its on this week or next please confirm times by keeping an eye on the timetable, this is also emailed weekly so we recommend joining the Newsletter incase of any changes, cancelations
.... see the class timetable here >

Zumba is Dance for Kids

Ideal for all levels including newbies, aimed for kids, but parents are welcome too.

Latin dancing combined with full body work out on hight intensity, to level blood pressure and strength your fitness levels. Recommendations, check with health practician before taking this class
• Great dynamic core workout

• High caloric expenditure

• Build Confidence

• Easy, non-intimidating learning environment

• Weight loss

• Positive self-image

• A sculpted body

• Exercise in disguise

• Lots of fun in a party like atmosphere

• Learn about Latin Dances

Zumba FAQ's

• What should I wear and bring?

Wear comfortable gym clothes, eg. tank top and shorts or pants and wear sneakers/tennis or jazz shoes with cushioning. Be aware that the newer the shoes are the harder they might be on your feet. Bring a bottle of water and a sweat towel.

• Can I come take a look?

Of course, just come to any class we teach, you're welcome to sit down during class (not all venues have chairs) to take a look (but we know you won't  be able to stop yourself moving!).

• Is Zumba for everybody?

Yes, it is! Zumba is easy to follow and fun! For your first couple of classes we recommend you take it nice and easy, the more regularly you attend classes the sooner you will gain fitness and move faster and more freely.

• What are the Benefits of Zumba?

Great dynamic core workout, high caloric expenditure, easy non-intimidating learning environment, weight loss, positive self-image, sculpted body and many  more! Zumba is great for the mind, body and soul!

Contact & Instructor:

Sandra ph: 022 185 9171

Sandra from Colombia, has been teaching since 2012 since then she has been sharing the fun with this beautiful community in Christchurch and has a child of her own.

She is also a Personal Training Student wich allows her to practice current learnings and help others at the same time to train and exercise in a safe and fun way.


• FREE 1st Class

• Casual rate $15. (pay as you go)

• Zumba Hit Concession cards:

- x5 classes for $40

- x10 classes for $70

N.B. Concession cards bought are only valid for classes on this page



Salsa Latina - 12 Bath Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Join Now

This class is an Drop-in class from an independent teacher at Salsa Latina, so full enrolment isn't required, but do 'Join Now' so you can stay informed. Click the Join Now Button below. in case there are any changes, cancellations etc. This is he main way we communicate updates. Also learn about any new classes & deals coming too. You are welcome to simply turn up and join in this class or watch, if you want to be sure its running check the timetable.

History of Zumba in NZ

Salsa Latina Dance Studios was the first in New Zealand to host Zumba classes in the heart of Christchurch and has had Zumba running all this time with Marcela and previously also with the legendary "Maria" who now trains trainers in Australasia.

The very first Zumba class in New Zealand! Hosted by Salsa Latina. Salsa Night at the Loaded Hog, 13/11/2008 with Zumba latin dancing Demo with Maria & Marcela.

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