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Last update 5-6-20 

☆ Regular Partner Classes Returned
(Partner Swapping  Allowed)

From 7th June  Partner Swapping will be allowed in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Mambo Dance Classes. Which means you wont need to organise a dance partner.

On the 28th of May New Level 2 updates increased limits to gatherings & events up to 100 people. Factoring in other similar clubs and dance schools who have made similar changes recently, we have decided to re-instate our regular classes with partner swapping from Sunday 7th June. We will still running many of our Shine classes, but slowly phasing these out, so make the most of these while they last.

Remember Check-ins we had through our website are not required and you do not need to register with a partner for partner/couples classes, you can turn up to a partner class alone. If you are taking partner classes and do not wish to swap partners for what ever reason, please arrange a partner and let us know before class starts that you want to stay together.

Social dancing has so many benefits, socially, mentally & physically and we are doing our best to kick classes off back to normal again and we believe now is the right time. Dancing is an art that relates to fitness, sports & recreation and we are also a business based on dance education which is hugely different compared to a ‘night club dance floor’ which involves a less monitored environment. With that in mind, we won’t be starting our Salsa nights in bars just yet. However for events and classes in our studio we can monitor these. We also realise our dancers & students are responsible in our dance school & environment. 

- Salsa Nights at Casa Publica wont be starting yet, because dancing is in a bar and less monitored. This is likely to start back up when we head back to Level-1.
- Salsa Night Fever Party will be starting back very soon, because this is monitored in our studio with contact tracing etc, we have some set rules for this and placed a cover charge for the night.... see info on this here >

We’re being very careful to release classes that follow the MOH and making sure everyone is safe. Please keep an eye on our newsletters for any updates. Remember don’t come to classes if you are sick, please also sanitise & wash hands often. 

There will also be a max of 100 people at Salsa Latina Dance Centre - not including dance teachers.

We are still requiring contact tracing sign-ins at reception, this is seperate to check-ins/enrolments.

Re-instated regular classes in Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba please see the timetable. If its labeled 101, 201, 307 etc then these are our normal classes pre covid-19 lockdown with a mix Shines & Partner-work. We’re introducing these classes in a way you can join back in easily.  Remember no partner is required & if you have enrolled or done classes before - you don’t need to check-in or enrol again, simply turn up. We hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

☆ NEW Partner Dance Courses - Just added
(No Partner Required)

- NEW - Kizomba Beginners Partner Monday Course - see details >

- NEW - Kizomba Intermediate Partner Monday Course - see details >

- NEW - Salsa Beginners Partner Tuesday Courses  see details >

- NEW - Salsa Improvers Partner Tuesday Courses  see details >

- NEW - Salsa Intermediate Partner Tuesday Courses  see details >

- NEW - Bachata Beginners Partner Wednesday Course - see details 

- NEW - Bachata Intermediate Partner Wednesday Course - see details >

- NEW - Mambo Imp/Int Partner Friday Course - see details >

☆ Finished or Canceled Classes

- Cha Cha Couples Class Thursdays 8:30pm has just been canceled

- Salsa Temp Shines Classes also just finished, Partner classes coming in its place >

- Mambo Shines has now finished, new Mambo Couples class coming in place >

.....See the timetable for clarification of what is on, and what is not here >

☆ Performance Teams

Our performance classes have been on hold during Covid, but will be starting about the performance classes here >
- Salsa Performance Course........Starts Back Thursday 8:30pm - 18th June 2020

- Bachata Performance Course........will start back from scratch, date coming soon

- Ladies Performance Shines Course ........ with Eli & Marcela will start Back Info coming

☆ Salsa Latina TV has finished

- Last Chance to join these packages was the Thursday 28th May 2020 which was our last Live Streaming class. No new people will be able to join these special groups now.  

- Good News; If you missed out we will be releasing video packages in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha see this page for details >
- SLTV members will have access to all old LIVE classes and videos.




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