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☆ SLA - Salsa Latina Academy Dance courses & classes in Christchurch to join, incuding SalsaBachata, Mambo, Cha Cha, Kizomba & Merengue in our Latin Dance Intro Classes during Salsa Night Fever. 
☆ IND - Independent Dance classes inc, Hip Hop, ZumbaCapoieraBurlesqueBelly Dance, Jazz, join our newsletter for new dance classes coming soon at Salsa Latina Studio in Christchurch.

Salsa Classes
Salsa Dance Classes in Christchurch
Salsa Dance Classes:

Learn to dance Salsa, with over 5 levels & 85 courses to progress through. No Partner needed to join. This is the best and most popular Latin dance world wide which originated in New York. Learn from NZ, Aust & South Island Salsa Champions. 

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy

Bachata Classes
Bachata Dance Classes Christchurch
Bachata Dance Courses:

3 Levels to learn and progress through the 8 week courses. Learn this very popular style of Latin dance which originated in the Dominican Republic. It's easy to learn & ideal for anyone at any level to join. 

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy

Kizomba Classes
Kizomba Dance Classes Christchurch
Kizomba Dance Courses:

Kizomba the dancing style is also known to be very sensual and flows with a music of a romantic flow. Kizomba is a beautiful, sensual partner dance that is a fusion of European, African and Caribbean styles.There's only one place in Christchurch to learn this dance. 

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy

Ladies Kizomba
kiz ladies milena 2.jpg
Ladies Kizomba Performance 

Learn a Kizomba routine & take your Kizomba dancing to new heights! If you want to learn to a great new ladies Routine, learn how to perform with a team of ladies and potentially take this to competitions as well. Then come along on the start date to try this out.

☆ Courses Only
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy

Online Courses
instructional videos.jpg
Online Latin Dance Classes

Train from home alone  or with others and learn Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha Cha & Mambo with online video content you can watch on our website any time with a login.

This will help you keep fit mentally & physically while you improve your dance skills. 

☆ Lessons Online on This Website

☆ For Individuals or Couples
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy 

Latin Intros
Salsa night fever 2.jpg
Free Latin Intros + Party

Saturdays Monthly 8:15pm + FREE Latin Dance Intro Class & Social dancing all night right after the class with DJR playing latest : Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha, Kizomba etc all night. Free entry at Salsa Latina Dance Centre

☆ Drop-in Class
☆ Free Class + Social Dancing
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy

Performance Class
Latin Dance Performance

Learn about how to perform through a new Latin dance team routine which will develop your dancing tremendously! 
✪ Train with some of the best Salsa & Latin dancers in NZ. Get trained to a high standard Faster. You will look great on the social dancer floor and performing.

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st  Class
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy

Ladies Performance
Ladies performance Salsa & Latin courses
Ladies Performance Course

Learn a Salsa routine & take your Salsa dancing to new heights! If you want to learn to a great new ladies Salsa Routine, learn how to perform with a team of ladies and potentially take this to competitions as well. Then come along on the start date to try this out.

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st  Class
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy

Modern Dance Class

One off workshops in all styles in dancing, these workshop classes happen from time to time when visiting teachers come to our Studio to share dance. Often in Salsa, Bachata, Mambo & Kizomba. But may also include speciality styles or skills such as musicality & technique.

☆ Group Lessons 
☆ Private Lessons Avail

☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy 

Private Tuition
Private dance lessons Christchurch
Private Tuition / Lessons

1 on 1 Lessons for couples or individuals who want to learn with 1 teacher in a private environment at our Studio. For Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Cha & Kizomba. If you miss a class or level or two you can use these to catch up. Great for learning at your own pace. 

☆ Lessons By Arrangement

☆ For Individuals or Couples
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy 

Private Group Lessons
Hip Hop Class
Private Group Lessons

Small or large group classes by arrangement. Ideal for  hens or stag events, Corporate functions, groups of dancers wanting to progress on a topic or a time that is more suited. These can be done at Salsa Latina or another venue. Solo or partner dance styles available.

☆ Lessons By Arrangement

☆ For Individuals or Couples
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy 

Wedding Dance
Wedding dance lessons Christchurch
Wedding Dance Lessons

Learn a Wedding dance with our professional instructor and Christchurch dance studio designed to get the best results. We specialise in first dance wedding choreographies that are easy to remember. We are trained at teaching all levels of dance .

☆ Lessons By Arrangement

☆ For Individuals or Groups
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy 

Tango Classes
Argentine Tango Dance Classes:

Learn to dance Argentine Tango with Gloria & Graham with Tradition style Tango from Argentina. Learn to dance from beginners and above.

☆ Drop-in Classes
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Independent Teacher

Zumba Latina
Zumba Latina Classes:

Real Latin Flavours in these classes with Courtney.. these Zumba classes are the first established & longest running Zumba classes in NZ. No Experience needed.

With Instructor Courtney

☆ Drop-in Class
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Independent Teacher

Capoeira Classes
Brazilian Capoeira Classes:

Brazilian Martial Arts Dance for Men & Women. With Instructor Nick

☆ Drop-in Class
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Independent Teacher

Kids Dance Classes
Kids Jazz & Tap Dance Classes

Our dance classes are designed with all children in mind, from the incredibly shy to the free spirited children. We allow children to go at their own pace in a nurturing and encouraging environment, whilst still producing a highly professional class and giving them a great introduction to dance and dance technique.

☆ Enrolment Required

☆ Independent Teacher

Breakdance Classes
Hip Hop Dancer on Stage
Breakdance Classes

Our Breakdance classes focus on Break dancing fitness conditioning confidence musicality. Hip hop culture is a way to express the art form you do... It stands for peace unity love and having fun .Learn with David a local & International Breakdance champion! 

☆ Drop-in Class
☆ Half price 1st Class
☆ Independent Teacher

Danza Kidz
Kids Hip Hop Latin Dance Classes

Learn Hip Hop with Latin dance styles in this dance class from Courtney. Recommended for kids from 3-12Yo . Join any time (drop-in class). With Instructor Courtney

☆ Drop-in Class
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Independent Teacher

Burlesque Classes
Burlesquercise & Burlesque Dance Classes

Ladies only! Thigh Burning!, Booty Shaking!, Tooshy Twerking! Pelvis Thrusting!, Bump & Grind!, Tone up and get fit with this unique fitness class! - The sexy way to get fit! with Instructor Bonita

☆ Drop-in Class
☆ Independent Teacher

Class not listed?

We've had many styles of dance classes and fitness related classes in the past, and many more will come.
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To date we've had these dance classes:

Salsa, Burlesque, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Contemporary, Indian traditional, Belly Dance, Middle Eastern, Ballroom, Dance, Ballet, Zumba, Ceroc, Tango, Pole Dance, Bollywood, Spanish, Fitness, Strength training, Yoga, Pillates, Nia, Swing dancing, Lindy hop. Latin Dances Workshops: Mambo -Salsa On2, Merengue, Brazilian Samba, Brazilian Axé, Lambada, Zouk, Kizomba, Cha cha On2, Capoeira, Bachata, Bachata Tango, Bachata Moderna & Dominican, Samba de Gafiera, Latin Funk, Argentine Tango, Shines, Ladies stylising, Men styling, Lead & follow, Musicality, Cuban Salsa & Rueda, Advanced Linear Salsa, New York On2 Mambo Salsa, Rumba, LA, Columbian Style, Palladium Salsa, Dips & Arials & more..

History of all Partner Dancing

The Predecessor to all modern partner dances is the Waltz. 
If you look at Tango, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Semba, Kizomba, Son, Forro, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk, Salsa, Swing, Jive, and all Ballroom styles. They all have..

Salsa Dance History

Salsa is a popular form of social dance had origins in Cuba. But it wasn't called Salsa until it hit New York. The movements of Salsa are a combination of the Afro-Cuban dances Son, cha-cha-cha, Mambo, Rumba, and the Danzón. The dance, along...

About Bachata & it's History

Bachata is a popular music style and Latin dance from the Dominican Republic. Although developed mostly in last forty years, it has just gained international popularity lately. Nowadays, Bachata is well known not simply in the Caribbean..

About Kizomba & It's History

Kizomba is characterised by a slower, romantic, more sensuous rhythm than the traditional Angolan Semba dance. Kizomba music emerged as a more modern music genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythm and Haitian Kompa...

Street Latin vs Ballroom Latin

Latin dances defined: The term 'Latin dances' in the context of social and ballroom dances may be used in two meanings. The public tend to get these mixed up very easily, mainly due to lack of dance education. Its good to ..

What is Salsa?

Salsa has an addictive quality inherent in this rhythm which fuels the desire to become part of it and express it physically, this varied music enveloped by the umbrella term "salsa," and its fundamental, most visible instrument... DANCE...

Benefits of Dancing

Music and dancing has been a part of many different cultures for centuries. It is part of celebration and entertainment. And whether they knew it or not, way back when the dancing began, there are numerous amazing health benefits..

Tips on Learning Dance

The most common problem is that students rush through the basics in their desire to advance to the next level, and it seems teachers encounter exactly the same problem everywhere in the world! Try to overcome this temptation It is vital ..

Salsa Dance Styles

Today, Salsa dancing can be divided into several styles defined by the geographic region from which they come. Generally, these styles are identified as L.A. style, New York style, Cuban and Miami style. Although these are not "official" styles......

Get More out of your Salsa Class

Many times we walk into a class feeling we already have most of what is being taught, but that we just need one thing ( a new step, syncopation, body move, timing etc etc). When this happens we tend to only hear what we want to hear, not...

Salsa Classes to the Night Clubs

Going to the Salsa Night club or Salsa Parties is the MOST important thing for any level! Ready or not, first of all going to the club should be main reason you are trying to learn salsa - to dance AT the actual Salsa night club or party....

All About Merengue

What is Merengue? Merengue is Latin dance on two beats, counted as: “one, two, one, two, one, two…” because of its simple footwork or sometimes counted in 4 beats as in the music. It is an incredibly easy dance to learn and explore, with heavy...

Samba History

Samba remains a popular Brazilian dance form and musical genre. Over the years, it has been exported worldwide, and fused with contemporary music to its success. Though its origins are widely disputed, the genre can be placed as having its roots.

Salsa Basic Steps

The word 'salsa' literally means 'sauce', usually hot and spicy, and that's definitely how you would describe salsa dance – zesty, energetic, passionate and sexy. Salsa is a sensual Latin dance, similar to Mambo. Both have a pattern of six steps over..

Leading & Following

Social dancing in couples is mainly a phenomenon of Western European culture. Social dance has structure but is not executed in the form of routines i.e. basic rules which once understood allows two individuals to dance together and..

Salsa Timing & Percussion

Salsa is played in common time, that is four beats in every bar. The music is played in two bar phrases, thereby forming an eight-count. Clave - As yet the most robust criterion for defining a piece of music as salsa music is that it should obey the..

Dance is Popular in New Zealand

Dance one of the most popular recreation activities for New Zealanders. Dance is the 8th most popular physical activity for New Zealanders, the new SPARC 2007/08 Active New Zealand Survey has revealed. 16.8% of those aged 16 years and above listed..

Salsa Story

There was a five year old little girl who was mesmerised by Moira Shearer’s performance in “The Red Shoes”. Afterward, she pleaded for a ballet lesson to her mother. The money was tight and the mother was proud. Her reply ..

Learning Plateus in Dance

Everyone has learning phases, it's like climbing a mountain. The biggest is in the first year of learning Salsa & many other partner dances. At some point you will plateau 'level off', it's where you reach a certain level where you feel as though..

Shines & Footwork
The Importance of Shines

Solo dancing is helpful for many reasons in Partner dance styles. Shines are usually referred to patterns, steps & footwork beyond just the basic steps. Footwork is generally means any kind of Footwork including basic steps & Shines....

Testimonials from dancers
Salsa Latina Testimonials

Salsa Latina Testimonials from Dancers, Student & Guests at Salsa Latina Dance Academy, Classes & Events in Christchurch NZ.
Does not include testimonials from independent teachers

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