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Kizomba Dance Classes Christchurch

Learn to Dance Kizomba in Christchurch City from New Zealand Champions

Kizomba the dancing style is also known to be very sensual and flows with a music of a romantic flow. Kizomba is a beautiful, sensual partner dance that is a fusion of European, African and Caribbean styles. Kizomba to the newbie looks a little like Tango, there are even fusions of Tango in some styles of Kizomba and there are more similarities because even Tango has roots in African dance  "see history for more info". Kizomba was popularised in Portugal from Passada, more about the History below. It's popularity is growing extremely rapidly, if not the fastest partner dance style gaining popularity around the world at the moment, particularly Europe.

Kizomba 101+ Start Dates:
 Kizomba Beginners 101: Mondays 6:15pm - Starting: 12 June 2023 - ENROL NOW >

Kizomba 301+ Start Dates:

 Kizomba  Intermediate 305: Mondays 7:30pm - 12 June 2023

N.B. You won't be able to join in the middle off a 'Kizomba course'  unless you've  above beginners, this is why we have a Free 1st Kizomba class only on the start date, last chance to join a new beginner course is on week#2. For levels above beginners 101 you will need to pass and assessment or grade and gain a certificate to join higher levels, read more about levels below.


Kizomba 101 Beginners Courses

- Free 1st Class on Week#1 Only

- Teachers Reuben & Robyn

- Modules: 101 + 201
- Duration: 1 hour, once a week every week for 8 weeks​

- No Partner Required
- Everyone welcome

- Start Dates above


When to Join?

It's best to join when the course starts (week#1) but can join any time up to week#2 at the latest. Even if you have done Kizomba somewhere else you will need to do our Kizomba syllabus to progress to the next level.

tip: Check the timetable for week numbers.


Class Level:

Beginners 101 = Courses are 8 Weeks, which includes 5 weeks of 101 & 2 weeks of 201 levels

Kizomba Beginner Beginner 101 courses are ideal for absolute beginners & anyone who has had some partner dancing experience or if you have done Kizomba before, this is a chance to recap and learn more. Learn all the basics of most of the styles of Kizomba traditional style. Once you have completed the beginners 101 you can progress to the New Intermediate level.

Regardless of your dance level in other styles its always best to start at the beginning, we've redesigned this course for the absolute beginner in mind. Latin dancing is a great way to Have Fun, keep fit and meet lots of new people! If you have done some Kizomba before, we highly recommend you do this level regardless, teaching styles & information vary between dance schools. This is the most important of all the levels to master, worth repeating

Done Kizomba Before?

If you have done some Kizomba before, we highly recommend you do this level regardless, teaching styles & information vary between dance schools. This is the most important of all the levels to master, worth repeating at least a few times. If you are a confident dancer and know all the basics you'll need to get a grading to join higher levels regardless of your actual level. Please contact us if you wish to arrange a private grading here >

Early Bird Deal

A Special Course Deal will be available close to the start date and up until midnight of the start date. So snap these up because they are at a great price and are only available in beginner courses!   See Pricing here >

Kizomba Intermediate 301-314 Courses

- Teachers Reuben & Miléna

- Modules: 301 - 314 (14 Modules)

- Duration: 1 hour, once a week with endless content

- No Partner Required

- Grading Required to Join

- Start Dates above


Requirements to Join & Grading

Progressing to this next level in Kizomba you will need to pass a beginner 101 grading. You won’t be able to join higher levels than 101 without grading from 2021. On week#8 of the 101 level there will be a grading/revision class, this is a fairly easy & fun class, focusing on revision of moves done at this level. If you miss a grading you can always book a 15min Private grading. Grading is  a chance for Salsa Latina Teachers to give you direct feedback on your dancing. Once you pass you can join any new Intermediate Kizomba course and enrolment isn't required.

....Read more about Gradings & when they are here >


Class Level:

• Duration: 1 hour, once a week for 8 weeks

• No Repeated courses, So you can continually learn once at this level.

This Intermediate Kizomba dance level we place more emphasis on timing, leading skills, connection, styling, variations of the fundamentals, positioning, body isolation with complex moves & combinations. This is where you get to learn how to play with the structure & fundamentals taught in beginners and start exploring Kizomba Fusion. For the more Advanced levels, tips will be given to take it to a higher level i.e. Advanced levels. More about the syllabus below...


Kizomba Footwork 301-314

The Kizomba footwork syllabus has over 1 year content a new footwork/shine every week.  note partner-work is different every week, no repeats.


Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I bring a friend? more >

- Do I need to bring a partner? more >

- If I'm bringing a partner do I have to swap? more >

- I have done some classes, do I still join beginners? more >

- What Level am I? ..where should I start? more >

- Classes to Easy or to Hard? more >

- What should I wear? more >

- Do I need special footwear?. more >

- What are Shines? more >

- Do I need to bring anything? more >

- How long will it take me to learn to dance well? more >

- Do I need to Practice? more >

- Should I use Youtube to help learning? more >

- Do I need private lessons? more >

- Latin Dancing & International Latin, what's the difference?. more >

- Should I Learn Salsa first? more >

- Am I too young, old, small or big? more >

- What are the Benefits of Salsa & Latin Dancing? more >

Kizomba History

Kizomba is Afro Caribbean Zouk - Kizomba is a close and sensual partner dance style which is growing massively through the world and its extremely popular in Europe which is driving this style everywhere. It's mainly considered to have come from Portugal because this was the place that fused all the different cultural styles, it was the melting pot and the place in Europe it all came together. The base of Kizomba music is actually "Afro Caribbean Zouk'  Many West African Countries have their own version of Zouk. Kizomba is an encompassing name for many styles which was orginally called 'Passada', its actually Afro - Caribbean Zouk, a fusion between Caribbean Zouk, Caribbean Kompa and Angolan traditional music, the same thing happens with the dance styles see '4 Pillars of Kizomba'. Caboverdians define their afro-zouk as cola-zouk, cabo-zouk or cabo-love. Afro-zouk from Guinea-Bissau is called meia-batida. In fact, afro-zouk exists in countries like the Congo, Mali, Ivory Coast, Gabon, São Tomé and Prince, Mozambique, Nigeria, Cameroon, Madagascar etc. Zouk started in the French Caribbean which also has Afro influences. The dance styles also follow the music. For Example Zouk music from the Caribbean also has Zouk Dancing style very much the same as Kizomba, it's from the Caribbean which also influences Kizomba the dance & vice versa. The history of Kizomba is difficult but necessary, it's relatively hard to find through the conflicting information and disinformation because many try to claim it. It's good to focus on the music origins, since it is the base of every dance. It’s interesting to note that the associated dances experienced similar if not the same paths as the music because they usually go together.... Read more >

Kizomba Dance Class Syllabus & Style:

Salsa Latina has been pioneers in bringing many dance styles to Christchurch and had its first Kizomba Classes in 2009 with Nikal (USA), it's quite possibly the first class in NZ of this style. Our System is based on Kizomba Fundamentals, known as the 'Salsa Latina Foundation System', which is unique in New Zealand. It's based on and very carefully constructed & refined from some of the best Kizomba dancers in the world & constantly updating. We specialise in Modern Improvised Freestyle Street Styled Kizomba with a good mix in all traditional & Urban flavours. good leading & following is the key. Many Latin dance schools do not know the difference on what is leadable & what isn't, if it can't be lead or followed, we don't teach it.


The 'Salsa Latina' Kizomba Foundation

At the start of our Kizomba classes we start with a Kizomba Footwork which also acts as a warmup to learn the essentials in mastering the feet, then we partner ladies & guys up aka 'Partnerwork'.

#1 Kizomba Partnerwork:

Learn from the ground up, a foundation that will build on itself, Think of it like a House foundation. Master these core moves known as Fundamentals and you will progress very quickly. You'll discover that all Kizomba dance 'combinations & patterns' are simply 'variations' of 'fundamentals'. We don't teach a random move of the week, rather it is taught to you in a way that is specifically designed to be progressive which build on previously taught elements giving the best results.

#2 Kizomba Footwork

You will also Learn Kizomba Footwork, even through Kizomba isn't traditionally a solo dance, learning about footwork is essential for any balanced Kizomba dancer to find their own balance 'literally' as well as flavour, skills & technique. We believe it's just as important to manage ones own footwork or 'shines' as a solo dancer  before dancing with another.


Kizomba Styles

We cover traditional fundamentals of Kizomba mainly in the beginner & improver levels to make a great foundation to learn Kizomba. Once we reach Intermediate level we teach a mixture of styles & flavours which include Caribbean flavours including French Zouk & Kompa &  Afro styles which include Semba influences. While reinforcing Kizomba fundamentals, we also start exploring Tarrax, Kizomba Fusion & Urban Kizomba (Urban Kiz). We love to teach "all" the flavours that Kizomba has to offer, just like other forms of dance these how the style develops.
read more about the history and flavours Kizomba has become here >


You will Learn;

- 60 Footwork patterns "shines"

- Basic Timing & Counts for Kizomba

- Kizomba Dance Partnering Technique & connection

- Essential Kizomba Basics & Beginner fundamentals**

- Traditional Kizomba Style (Pasada)

- Tarraxhinha

- Urban Kizomba

- Kompa
- Caribbean French Zouk
- Kizomba Fusion

- Extra tricks

- Styling & Body Movement

- Advanced: Catering for Advanced level dancers as well.

- More advanced partnering techniques & dance technique

- How to dance the dance!

- Advanced Timing & understanding music & musicality better

FREE Kizomba Practice Times

This is a chance to practice all those moves you've been learning in class. You can turn up to either of the practice times, and its FREE for current Salsa Latina Kizomba students.

Mondays 5:55pm (20mins)

Mondays 7:15pm (15mins)

Salsa Latina Class Prices:

• FREE 1st class; only applies the 1st week of Beginners Course Only.

• Beginner Concession Card Deal available until midnight of the start date

• No Contracts or joining fees & No Obligation
• Early Bird Beginner Course Discount


Free Kizomba Content

- Easier & Quicker Shopping

- FREE to setup
- FREE x3 Beginner Salsa Bachata & Kizomba Videos 

- FREE Salsa Bachata & Kizomba Music

- Extra Content
- Secure & Confidential

- Create an Online Profile

- See  Members Profiles

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