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Testimonials from Salsa Latina Dance Salsa classes in Christchurch. We received emails from students, dancers & guests  over time, however these days, for our more recent ones  are on facebook, we've brought a few recent ones over from there but please feel free to check out our facebook page reviews here too >

October 2022

"Heya, just wanted to send you a message and thank you for the classes you ran at Bay Salsa Festival,  you've got some great content and an excellent teaching style. I was a leader during the class, but I started dancing as a follower first, a few years ago. It was so refreshing that Miléna was teaching pretty much 50/50 and giving some really useful instruction to the followers, as opposed to just being a pair of hands and a pretty face for teaching only the leaders. The followers so often just get "Oh, and just quickly, for the followers in this part..." as an afterthought. Really appreciated you both look forward to learning from you again sometime"

Alessia Weir

May 2022

"I love the classes , I think are well planned and organised"
Barbara H

June 2021
"Outstanding dance Academy. Reuben and Milena and their other trainers are excellent. Friendly and approachable with reasonable pricing and the first classes are free. Free dance parties and a friendly atmosphere with a family feel.

Thoroughly enjoy my classes there and continue to go. It's more than just dancing, it's a whole culture that I feel privileged to be a part of. 10/10 easy."
Andrew Massie

November 2020
In reference to winning the South Island Competitions

"I have always admired your school, dancers and dancing. Was a priveledge to be involved in this, even in the slightest. But truly, the big acheivement is yours and your crews. You are a great people leader and thus your team join you for the journey 

Huge congrats!!! Keep it coming "

Elli Torres (Brisbane)

June 2019

"When I first came to Salsa Latina I had no Latin dance experience at all, so it was a bit daunting. But they made me feel so relaxed, the environment is really friendly and the classes are fun but also really clear and very skilled. You learn so much each time, and its addictive! I do salsa and bachata classes and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something new and fun with some really great knowledgeable people."

April 2019

As a male, dancing can be quite daunting to get amongst, Salsa Latina is a really friendly team and always willing to help, i found this really calming, I recommend this school because the teachers bring class, style, they have awesome skills and always have a smile. these are things i was looking for when i started. great class get involved :D !!
Evander Brown

April 2019
"One of the best studios in Christchurch. Plenty of space for classes, workshops or practice. Good floor and sound. And they are always working on making it better."

April 2019

"I consider my self very lucky to be part of Salsa Latina school. I started with them around 3 months ago and have absolutely loved learning Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba here. The teachers are very highly skilled and passionate for spreading their love for dancing among their students. I would highly recommend Salsa Latina."

April 2019

"I highly recommend Salsa Latina to anyone wanting to learn to dance. Great tutors, great classes and awesome social environment! World class."
Rina Laurie

April 2019

Great place to learn different Latin dances. Friendly atmosphere. I really enjoy the classes!
Jessica  P

April 2019
Clear precise teaching in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Always a good night out.
James Gossan

April 2019

Reuben and Salsa Latina is where I have learned all of my dancing. I started with no experience and am now going on 6 years. Reuben enthusiasm and fun way of teaching have ensured I am always challenged and also having fun. Highly recommended
Jeremy Bateup

April 2019
Reuben and the other teachers are patient and knowledgeable. They really make you feel at ease when you're a beginner and are supportive of you as you progress. The classes are relaxed and good fun. I've learned several styles from Reuben over the years and recommend him and Salsa Latina to anyone considering learning a Latin dance.
Elizabeth Hill

April 2019

SUMMARY: An excellent dance studio.
CLASSES: A wide range of different dance styles are taught here. Classes are professionally taught with a demo at the end that you are encouraged to film (making it much easier to then practice).
PRICE: Courses start with a free first night so you can try something new for free (do it!). You can drop-in, and just pay on the night. Discount for buying several classes in advance. Parties are free entry before 9pm. Practicing between classes (practica) is free of charge. Free beach parties in the summer.
SOCIAL SCENE: Free social nights at Casa Publica every Thursday. Lots of social dancing and performances at Salsa Latina. A huge Christmas Ball. Beach parties in the summer.

Salsa Latina is a huge benefit to Christchurch.
Graham Harrop

April 2019

Is the best studio and teacher dance in Christchurch
Javier Toledo

April 2019

Reuben is a great and dedicated teacher.
Whether you are interested in social dancing or interested in competitive/performing, this is great school with great teachers
Alistair Hudson

April 2019

Have trained with Reuben and the teams for many years and if you’re looking to learn from beginner through to advanced this is the studio to go to. I unfortunately no longer live in Chch otherwise I’d go back to Salsa Latina in a flash. 

Awesome techniques, fun classes and huge opportunity to perform and compete. 
Salsa Latina was a fantastic experience. 

Great social nights too for any level. 
5s tars!!!
Pau Averill

April 2019

At Salsa Latina, classes are fun and social, the teachers are passionate and dedicated. You can ask if you haven't understood and the teachers will take their time to show you. Parties every months plus lots of social events. You meet nice people and make new friends. Different membership options available, and the possibilities to learn different latin dances every night of the week. Can't wait to go!

April 2019

I started dancing at Salsa Latina a little over a year ago now. Before starting classes, I always wanted to learn partner dancing, after finding and trying to join in with a few socials overseas. At Salsa Latina, you’re encouraged to go to social nights, which there are plenty of to practice and progress quicker and dancers are supported to compete if ready. After one year I’ve found... an amazing group of friends, fun nights out, quick progression, better coordination and a love for learning competition routines.
Everyone should give dancing a go and this is a great place to start!
Lauren Proud

For allot more see our Facebook Page link as above...........

Testimonials via Email pre 2013

October 2012
Dear Reuben, Bachata tonight was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed myself-be back next week and the following weeks. :) I now have another dance I can do at the social parties. :) Can't wait for next week!Forgot to say thank you very much for dancing Bachata with me tonight, you're an awesome teacher. Very much appreciated. :)
Kindest regards, Bronte

October 2012
Thanks for the great Salsa improvers class last night - my first at Salsa Latina. I really enjoyed the balance of shines and partner work, and the attention to detail on technique (especially for spinning!).
Jasmine Dungey

May 2012
The Salsa Night Fever Party last night was amazing! The lighting and the music were really cool. :) You know how to throw a party. Can you teach me? :) Looking forward to the next one. - Bronte


October 2011
Loved your last class at the Bay Salsa Festival (Tauranga), so much fun and loved your teaching style. - Terry Lobb

Sept 2011
Hi Reuben, I really enjoyed class last night... a pity we are moving. I would love contact details for Dunedin Salsa when you have a moment. Congratulations on the South Island Champs; (placing 1st) you and Marcela were the highlight of the whole show.  A definite inspiration to shape up and dance as often as possible! 
Cheers - Sandra 

June 2011
"Enjoyed my first beginners class tonight. Very well taught and smiles on all the participants faces! See you next week, I'll definitely be back."
- Andrea Falco 

May 2011 
"Hi Reuben. I just want to let you know how grateful I am to you for all the things you taught me, and for all that you do to make salsa what it is in Christchurch. You are an incredible dancer and teacher! You throw the most amazing parties and you inspire people to have fun and to get involved. I dont know what salsa in chch or even NZ would be with out you!
I'm sorry that I didnt say good bye or tell you in person how much I respect you. I'm in Korea now and I'm dancing here too. I'm missing salsa back in NZ and all the friendliness and exciting times. Thank you so much for making all of that possible!!
Keep up the amazing job!"
- Monica (USA) 

October 2010

Dear Salsa Latina's owner 

I would like to thank you for changing my life. If I haven't joined your club, I would have never experienced the joy of dancing. Below is my essay about dancing This is half fiction but the essence remains the same. Dancing touched my life. And I would like to share what I experienced to other people. You are welcome to share this essay in your newsletter. If you think the content does not suit your newsletter and decide not to publish it, that's okay. At least, you know how dance changes my lifeRegards.. read her story here >


October 2010
"Thank you Reuben. I really enjoyed my time at Salsa Latina. 
It really change my life. Please say my regards to the others."
- Mariska P (Singapore)
Assistant Regional Accountant 
National Institute of Water Atmospheric Research (NIWA) 


June 2010 
Hey Reuben & Marcela,
I just wanted to say thanks for a great class - I havent done salsa for 14 years but had tried to find classes that had the right 'vibe', and now I have finally found it with you both!  You're both the best teachers I have met in a long time - easy to follow, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere where everyone was enjoying themselves! Thank you so much - I loved it and look forward to next tuesday!
Rebecca Parsons

November 2009 
I still remember how much I was impressed with the performances at the latin dance festival. I can learn salsa from those performers who stunned me then, which is amazing! Classes are well-organised and programmed. Teachers are great. Everybody is smiling over there - I'd say I can never find such a great dance school in my hometown, although the population is almost twice as large as Christchurch. If I pick up one thing as a reason that I'd love to live in Christchurch, that is Salsa Latina, a mecca for latin dancers. 

October 2009 
Dear Salsa Latina's owner 
I would like to thank you for changing my life. If I haven't joined your club, I would have never experienced the joy of dancing. Below is my essay about dancing This is half fiction but the essence remains the same. Dancing touched my life. And I would like to share what I experienced to other people. You are welcome to share this essay in your newsletter. If you think the content does not suit your newsletter and decide not to publish it, that's okay. At least, you know how dance changes my life
Regards, Gashling,K. 
......Read this essay here >

June 2009 
Hi, I managed to swap my break to be able to attend your salsa class, but unfortunately not the entire class. It’s really not easy when you work shifts (24/7), to participate on a regular base at any kind of regular activity.
But so far I was lucky and managed to attend most of your classes.
Your classes are a lot of fun and you are both really good teachers (if I may say so). I wish I could come more often. Have an excellent week.
...Kind regards

February 2009 
Hi, I was for holiday in new zealand and i met you in christchurch, we danced salsa in the Loaded Hog. I just want to say that i enjoyed the dance with 
you and your students. I think you are a great teacher...
I want to travel next year again around, so maybe when you need 
somebody for a workshop... my speciality is lady styling... :-)
have fun in teaching
... Greetings from Germany 
Maria Salsa

January 2009 
I came along to the beginner class last night (tuesday 13th jan) at 6.15pm, i really enjoyed it and realised how stiff i felt. It was my first time i had ever danced, but really enjoyed it and wanted to say thank you very much.
I spoke with someone about enquiring about getting some one on one lessons to help improve. once again, thank you to the teachers, i felt really comfortable, once te class started
...Kind regards
Jeff Walker

October 2008
Awesome is the word! You did a brilliant job Reuben, and your gorgeous girls Vikki, Nikal and Marcela. Both Naomi and I felt very welcomed to your lovely pad; the atmoshpere was electric and people were so happy and relaxed.
Even Naomi got asked to dance by a couple of blokes! Although she has never done salsa before she gave it a go and managed to follow the lead of the boys; her Latin lessons with Michael Phillips probably helped and she is musically gifted anyway. 
The show was stunning; I don't know about other people but I certainly held my breadth for most of it. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your support which is much appreciated.
Kindest regards 
Grace "Dance Essentials"

August 2008
Dear Marcela & Reuben, your dance school is full of zest and it is such a vibrant club - full credit to Reuben and his most efficient team! I'd say you guys are an impressive lot and up front about promoting what you do best, Keep up the good work.
Kindest regards
Grace "Dance Essentials"

July 2008 
"Reuben is one of New Zealand`s most talented dancers. A visionary leader, Reuben has single handedly developed a Salsa paradise which has the beginnings of influence on popular New Zealand culture." 
by Glyn MacLean

January 2008 and Vikki dance beautifully!! I have seen your You tube videos literally hundreds of times. I have been dancing salsa for about 4 months, and am barely "getting" it. My timing is perfect but my partnering needs some help. Have you thought of making an instructional video? Your style is very clean and elegant and I would be the first to buy it. Or perhaps you can do a "step by step" on You Tube. I\'ve actually contemplated jumping on a plane and spending a couple weeks in New Zealand to get some private classes, but its not possible for now. I sounds crazy, but I really like your style.
Warm Regards from Orange County California!!!   
From Dan (USA) 

November 2007 
The teachers at (Danza Latina) Salsa Latina are fantastic, highly talented and so enthusiastic!  I had never danced before, but within a month I was moving and grooving like a real salsa dancer.  They take you through the basics then gradually help you into the trickier stuff.  The classes are fun, energetic, friendly and non-embarrasing for the individual!  Highly recommended.  Thanks for a year of great tunes and moves. 
From Petrina Duncan.

November 2007 
Hi Reuben,I'm from Australia & learn from Oren. I did one of your classes on the last night I was in NZ. It was a great class and heaps of fun! Best wishes,

November 2007 
Hi There,
Vincent and I had a ball last week and would like to come back Monday night.

October 2007
Hi Reuben and Vikki,Just wanted to say congrats on your dance and win on Saturday - it was great as always to see you guys dance. Vikki - your smile lights up the place!
See you somewhere, sometime,
Kim in Nelson.

September 2007
Hey Reuben, Vikki & Laila...everyone at Danza Latina!
Just wanting to say......Patience and I had such an awesome time with you\'all during the last 3 weeks! 
You Guys are so much fun!
Patience and I are heading away for a couple weeks, then will return for the birth of our new niece or nephew....due 20th sep?
Anyway, thanks for everything!
Look forward to catching up with you'all when we return to CHCH next!
Much love
Melissa and Patience


September 2007
I really enjoyed the classes and like the way you teach.
Mark Weaver 

September 2007
Hi Reuben,
Thank you for your encouragement, I was at last night class and really enjoyed it. I found the way you taught excellent, it was so much fun and we learnt heaps within the hour, now I just want to learn and dance more, any other classes I can take?
Thanks again

September 2007
Hi Reuben
Just wanted to say thanks I had the best weekend I have had in a long time.
It was so much fun and I really enjoyed helping you on Sunday with your couple and a private lesson. I love your studio its great. A few people here know I went for a lesson with you so don’t be surprised if you don’t get a few more Salsa Groovers getting in touch with you.  I made then all jealous you see. Hope your having a good week.

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