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Latin Dance Classes Christchurch

- Latin Dance Classes are a great way to have fun, keep fit, make new friend & enjoy learning to dance.

- Salsa, & Bachata are modern, authentic freestyle street Latin dances

- We're up-to-date, when travelling, you can dance these styles anywhere in the world.
- Length: All beginner courses last 8 weeks, at the same time each week for 1 hour starting with a Free class on week#1.

- Dance partners not required; we rotate students to learn faster & to keep it social.
- Learn directly from some of the best Latin Dance Multi Champion teachers.

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Enrol / Register Now for 1 or 2 Latin dance course & save time!

Traditionally Males are leaders, Females are followers more >

Important Notes:

- You may get a Free 1st Class in Salsa & Bachata, up to 2 free classes, this way you can try both styles before you commit to a dance style.
- If you miss the start date it's often better to wait for the next course. Be aware it's only Free on the 1st week and the latest you can join a course is on week#2.
- If you are bringing a partner or friends you can either get them to enrol on this page individually or when they come on the start date.
- If you want a non-traditional role  as stated above please contact us first

- Get a head start with our online Free basics classes. it's helpful but not a requirement.

- Learning Difficulties? Please read our FAQ's page first >

- For levels above beginners, you will need to pass a grading or an in-class assessment
- By registering you also agree to our code of conduct.

- While its always better to start from beginner week#1 regardless, If you have previous Salsa or Bachata experience you might be able to join further into a beginner course or other higher level courses, see the level flow chart below and send us a message.


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