Salsa Latina Dance Teacher Profile:


from Martinique (Caribbean)


Milena was born in the French West Indies' island of Martinique in the Caribbean. She started dancing Ballet from the young age of 3 and she learnt for 12 years under Nicole Orcel who studied at Paris Opera Ballet. Since then she has many many years dance experience across a huge variety of dance styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Capoeira, French Zouk, Zouk Love, Kompas, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Dance-hall. 
Dance is part of day-to-day life in the Caribbean and she was brought up listening and moving to the rhythm of various music genres.


She most enjoys the social dance floor where you'll know her for her feminine and graceful style. Her personal favourite is Kizomba, a dance sharing a lot of similarities with French Zouk & Kompa which are predecessors to Kizomba which she grew up with. She loves having the opportunity to help students improve and develop a new passion for dance.

• Amateur / Semi Professional Dance Teacher

• Qualified Salsa & Latin Dance Teacher


Dance Styles:

• Kizomba 
• Salsa On1 & On2
• Cha Cha 
• Dance Hall

• French Zouk - Aka Caribbean Zouk
• Kompa

• Capoeira

• Ballet
• Contemporary

• Merengue

• Bachata

Teaching Experience:

• Kizomba Events in Auckland & Christchurch
• Salsa Night Fever Parties

• Salsa Latina Classes
• Las Tigresas Performance Ladies Teams 2020 & 2021
• New Zealand Salsa Congress 2020
• Hanmer Salsa Winter Festival 2020


Dance Training:

Training & Teachers listed below are a mixture of long time training through classes, plus courses, workshops, private lessons, teacher training, syllabus training.. not including personal experience or online help & training etc.


Ballet & Contemporary Dance Training
12 years training in Martinique (French Caribbean)

- Nicole Orcel


Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art/Dance) 
6 years’ experience training at several schools in different countries including:
- Training in Brazil (Salvador da Bahia, training for 3 months)

- Abada Capoeira Sydney under Intructor Cipo

- Abada Paris under Instructor Piolho

- Capoeira Brazil Sydney under Mestre Peixe

- Au Capoeira Auckland under Mestre Junior.


Salsa & Bachata Dance Training:

- Maria & Jorge (Mexico)
- Eli Torres (Brisbane)

- Jose & Nerea ( Netherlands/Italy)

- Giancarlo (NZ/Aust)
- Greydis (NZ/Cuba)

- Sebastian (NZ/Chile)

- Izadora (NZ/Brazil)

- Jamie Jesus (Aust)

- Gabriel & Leticia (Argentina)


Kizomba & French Zouk Dance Training:

- Nelson Campos (Portugal/GB)

- Jeremy Lao & Savanah (New Caledonia)

- Chris PY & Sara (Brisbane / France)

- Reda & Laetitia (France)

- Ramnish (Germany)

- Bari & Whimmy (Wtg)


Competition Experience:

South Island Latin Competition 2021

• 1st - Salsa Latina Mambo Team - Salsa Teams
• 1st – Salsa Latina Bachata Team  - Latin Showcase Teams 

• 1st – Milena & Grace - Pro-Am Salsa Duets

• 2nd - Las Tigresas Salsa Shine Team - Salsa Shines


South Island Latin Competition 2020

• 1st - SLA Salsa Team - Salsa Couples Teams

• 2nd - Las Tigresas Team - Salsa Shines Teams

World Salsa Solo Competition 2019 Brisbane 

- 1st Place - with Izadora's Bachata team - Bachata Open teams categorry

South Island Competition 2019

• 2nd - Izadoras Ladies Bachata Team - Ladies Latin Shines


Performance Experience:

• Ballet & Contemporary performances in Martinique & France, with well over 12 years experience.

• Capoeira Demonstrations / Performances in Sydney, Paris, & Martinique, 6 years experience

• Bay Salsa Festival Tauranga 2018 - Cuban Salsa
• NZ Salsa Congress 2019 - Bachata Team from Auckland

• Kizomba Ladies Team Performance 2019

• Izadoras Bachata Performance Team 2019
• Salsa Latina  Salsa Teams in 2020 at various events
• Ladies Shines Team in 2020 at various events

• Ladies Kizomba Team 2021 ..see video below >

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