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Salsa Latina Class Prices

• Free 1st Class
• No Contracts or joining fees
• No Obligation

• We only accept Cash or Online Visa Payments (No Eftpos)

☆ FREE 1st Class

• FREE 1st class, only applies the 1st week of Beginners Course Only.

Free 1st class for 'Beginners' Salsa Latina Latin Dance classes on week#1 only. You can get a Free 1st class in all our Latin dance classes which include SalsaBachata & Kizomba.  After week#1 at Salsa Latina you have 3 options on payment, Casual Rate or get a Salsa Concession Card to save.

☆ 4 Options for Class Payment

- Option#1 - Casual Rate
- Option#2 - Beginner Course Deal
- Option#3 - Concession Cards
- Option#4 - SBK Package Deals


#1: Class Casual Rate

• $15 (pay at the beginning of every class)

For the best Saving we recommend the other 2 options instead

#2: SBK Beginners Course Deal

• $70 (Deals End 24hrs After Start Date)

Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba Beginner course Deal - This is $70 for the Whole beginners 8 week course. This is an offer only available for beginners  Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba courses. This is a course offer that is less flexible than concession cards and is only able to be used in the course your purchase. Price $70 for an 8 week course, note the 1st class is free, so 7 classes for $70, thats our cheapest rate of $10 a class. Make sure you join our newsletter or news page so you don't miss out when these are on Sale. They will appear in the online store, close to the start date. They are only available for a short time, up until  the start date of a beginner course and will be removed from the store 24hrs after the start date of the course, so this gives you a chance to buy this deal at the studio or online after the 1st Free Class. This deal is not available for higher level classes. If you need more flexibility please consider the concession cards as below...See terms and conditions below for more details. See what is available in the shop here >

#3: Concession Cards

Similar to how a bus ticket works, you only pay for what you use. Instead of paying casually at $15 per class you can save with these cards. These punch-as-you-go cards gives you 5, 7 or 9 classes and can be used for any Salsa Latina classes/courses, all Salsa levels, Bachata, Kizomba and other Latin dance classes & most workshops, performance courses etc, inc most workshops, see advertising on each of these.
Much more flexible than Beginner course deals as its not fixed to a specific Course.

• Blue x5 Classes.................... $65 ($13 per class)


• Red x7 Classes..................... $85 ($12.14 per class)
• Gold x9  Classes................... $105 ($11.66 per class)
• Platinum x9  Classes.........$105 ($11.66 per class)

-- N.B. 74% pass in a grading required for this card

#4: SBK 101 Package Deal

**** Deal Finished  *****
• Salsa Beginners 101 Package deal - $95
• Bachata Beginners 101 Package deal - $95
• Kizomba Beginners 101 Package deal - $95

This New Special package aimed at beginners, but any level of dancer can buy this package includes
a Red concession card for 7 weeks of classes and covers your whole beginners course. Videoes of Beginners Footwork, styling & shines to aid in your learning and practice on your own. There are also other videos included  to help you learn. .... See the deal in the Shop >

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☆ Platinum Concession Card

For Salsa Improvers, Salsa Intermediate/ Adv, Bachata  Intermediate & Kizomba Intermediate dancers that pass with high marks in gradings from 2021, you will be able to get a special card to access lower levels for Free 'on the same day you do your level class'.  This is to boost your training & practice. Once you have done a grading you will be notified if you can gain access to these cards and this will be labeled as "Platinum Grade" on your certificate. Or, you will have feedback on what you might need to work on to attain one of these in a future grading.  We really want students to "know" the content before attaining access to these cards and its a good goal and reward for those that wish to get extra lower classes for free, this benefits new students as well as trying to perfect your basics. 
....Read more  about grading here >


- If you accidentally purchase this card and you aren't at a platinum grade, we will change this to a gold card at the studio.

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Salsa Latina eGift Card Vouchers

Give the gift of dance, great idea eGift Voucher for Christmas or a Birthday. The giftee can then use the voucher in our online store to purchase classes, Concession cards, dance training videos, Merchandise.

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☆ Terms & Conditions:

• Salsa Latina  reserves the right to change prices, schedules and terms and conditions without notice.

• Independent Dance Classes; Other Dance Classes not run by Salsa Latina Dance School have their own rates and concession cards systems which are not compatible with Salsa Latina labelled classes & courses.

• We only accept Cash at the Studio or online pay pal purchase
• For online purchases, which are convenient, but do note we include the visa card transaction in the payment, so to save money pay with cash the studio.

• No refunds on online pay pal purchases
• Visa Transactions have $1 fee added to above prices for every item.


Concession Card Terms & Conditions:

- Concession Cards can be put on hold or transferable to another person

- These can be shared between 2 people, but not more. (Blue, Red & Gold only.)

- We do not give refunds or take responsibility for lost or stolen concession cards, so please keep it safe.

- 6 month expiry date, (but we will accept longer)

Special Beginners Course Offer

- Not transferable to another person

- Cannot be transferred to a later date

- Must be used for the Beginners course you bought.

- For one person only per course.

- If you miss a class, there is no refunds.

- Explicitly no refunds on any purchase.

Note: if you need more flexibility get a concession card instead.

eGift Card Terms & Conditions:

- These can be transferable to another person

- 12 Month Expiry Date

- Not Refundable

- Giftee's are still eligible to get free 1st classes

- These Gift cards are automated and sent to giftee email with a unique code so they can buy in store online or our online store only


Platinum Card Terms & Conditions

- These type of concession cards are an optional card that can only be used for Improvers. Intermediate & Advanced levels, it's designed to encourage Intermediate dancers to improve their dancing by repeating fundamentals.

- You get a lower level class on the same night you check in for a improver or Intermediate class, or 2 for 1. These cannot be stored up and must be used as the same dance style on the same day as the concession marked off on the same night you do your current Improvers or  intermediate class. So for example if you are a Platinum Kizomba Intermediate dancer you mark off your Intermediate class and you can do beginners Free. Example#2  If you are Salsa Improvers Platinum/Gold Level you can turn up to you current improver class and do a free beginner class, but only on the same day you did your improver class. You cannot split it over another day, for example if you do improvers one day then try get a free beginner class on other day.
- These cards cannot be shared between 2 people

- Non Transferable to another person but can be put on hold.

- You need to pass a grading with a high mark to attain these cards & will be notified if you can get one.

Example; If you are Beginner Bachata Dancer and an Intermediate Salsa Dancer with a platinum grade, you can only use the Platinum Card for the Intermediate level Salsa class and a lower class on the same night, in otherwords you check in for 2 classes on 1 night. You cannot use these across dance styles. If you are not an Intermediate dancer in Bachata this would mean if you may need a regular concession card. Once you reached the Intermediate level you could then use the platinum card for both Bachata & Salsa.

- We want to help our dancers get better and this is key, practice your fundamentals to get massive improvement, if its good for our teachers is great for our students.