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Salsa Latina Class Prices 2024

*Terms & Conditions Apply >

FREE 1st Class*

FREE 1st class, applies to the Start Dates of  Beginners Courses Only (week-1).
You can get up to 2 'Free 1st classes' in all our Latin dance classes which include Salsa & Bachata

No Contracts & No joining fees

- No Memberships required & No Obligation
... read more in terms & condition >

After your Free class you have the options below.......

Foundation - for the beginner
Elevate - ideal for higher levels

Performer - for performers only

Casual - for trying out


These options are tailored to suit new beginners and offer the best value for money. By committing to a course, you are more likely to see it through to the end. Therefore, if you want to focus on mastering one dance style and lay a strong foundation as a beginner, the best option is to purchase the Beginner Card. This card can only be used for the 8-week beginner courses, where you attend 7 classes after the free class on the start date (week #1).
The Beginner Card operates similarly to a bus card, where any missed classes can be used in similar courses. This feature is useful for keeping track of which classes you have attended and which ones you have missed. For example, if you purchase the "Salsa Beginner Card," any unused sessions can be used in a later Salsa Beginner Course. If you miss half of the course, you can reuse the missed sessions in a later course. Additionally you will get a Free Certificate when you pass a beginners grading on the week#8... read more in terms & condition >

Beginner Course Pass*

- 7 Classes - whole 8 week course (1 Free + 7 more)

- $90 ...($12.9 Per Class) - Full Price 



- Early Bird Discount
- $79 ...($11.3 Per Class)

- Get this Early Bird Deal which Ends at midnight of the Start Date
- Full Price option Available for current courses


This option is designed for the more serious dancer that wants to elevate their dancing! If you are learning in various levels and dance styles this is the best option for you. These concession/pass cards offer the best flexibility with price combined. The bigger the card the better the saving... read more in terms & conditions >


☆ Blue Pass - 5 Classes*

- $75 ...($14.00 Per Class) 


 Red Pass - 7 Classes*

- $98 ...($13.00 Per Class) 


 Gold Pass -  9 Classes*

- $115 ...($12.22 Per Class) 


 Platinum Combo Pass*

- 9 Class + Lower levels free (9-27 classes)

- $115
- N.B. Only available to dancers who have a Platinum Grade Terms & Conditions apply 


Blue Red Gold Pass cards

These universal concession cards can be used for any classes and operate similar to how a bus ticket works, you only pay for what you use. These punch-as-you-go cards gives you multiple classes and can be used for any Salsa Latina classes/courses, all levels in Salsa & Bachata and other Latin dance classes run by Salsa Latina Dance Academy. These are more flexible than Beginner concession cards as it's not fixed to a specific level, class or person.. read more on Terms and conditions >


Platinum Combo Pass cards; 

- Once you gain a platinum level grade (74%+ Mark) you then gain access to buy Platinum Concession cards.
- These are a supercharged gold cards but gives you multiple classes for 1 price, its a FREE lower level class with your current class, this covers 9 sessions which cover 1 to 2 classes per session, up to 18 classes total.

- However you must do 3/2 for 1 on the same day, they cannot be stored up see examples in terms & Conditions.
- Your name is recorded on a list at the studio when you achieve this 74% or above grade

.... read more in terms & Conditions >

 Performer Cards:

  • One night pass for Imp-Int level class & performance class

  • 16 classes over 1 night of training (2.5 hours per nignt)

  • Perfect vour basics & technique

  • Maximise your performance & dance potential

The Performer Program: Specifically tailored for Salsa, Bachata & Ladies Shines performance teams. This exclusive offering is designed to cater to the needs of performance-oriented individuals. This is the sole option available for performance classes.
It has been optimised to provide Salsa & Bachata dance performers with the utmost training experience while also offering cost savings.

Each session of this option will span a generous duration of 2.5 hours, divided across two classes. It allows performers to fully immerse themselves in their fundamentals training, maximizing their potential. It's important to note that performance classes, within this option, are expected to last up to 1.5 hours. See terms & conditions for more information >


 Performer Concession Card*

- 8 Sessions (16 Classes)

- $137 ... ($8.56 Per Class) 

- BUY NOW  >


This option is designed for those that are trying out classes as they go,  can't commit to a whole course, or prefer to pay as they go. Pay at the beginning of each class or online prior to class. If you buy more than one, any unused sessions we will give you a black class pass.


 1 Class pass* 

- 1 Class

- $20 ... ($20 Per class) 


☆ 2 Class pass*

- 2 Classes

- $35 ... ($17.5 Per class) 


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