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Cha Cha Dance Video Courses

Learn to Dance Cha Cha with Online Pre-recorded Videos

Train from home alone or with others and learn Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha with online video content you can watch on our website any time with a login. This will help you keep fit mentally & physically while you improve your dance skills. This is a key difference to other online content, because every school has their own teaching methods & syllabuses. It's not a replacement for regular classes but much of the online classes/courses available will line up with our regular syllabus at the studio, plus allot more. Learning online will make it easier to join in with our group classes and you'll already know allot of the steps.

- These Pre-recorded Online Latin Dance classes are for all levels, from  complete beginners right through to Intermediate & above.

- New or Updated content will be added to these courses, so videos could be added in time. So do check back in the future once you have completed the videos. 

- Once you purchase you will receive an automated instant access sent to your email with the codes to log-in any time 24/7/365 days of the year

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Cha Cha On2 Intermediate Course

★ 7 Videos in Total - Available Now
It's Highly Recommended you know & learn Salsa Beginners before buying this course because the basics are the same. Cha Cha is also known as Triple Mambo. Mambo is Salsa On2 and Cha Cha is also danced On2. So if you have learnt Salsa Beginners On1 then this will help massively, you will want to be pushing into Salsa Improvers & Intermediate.  Or if you want to, just go for it try it out.

★ Instructors: Reuben, Milena & Robyn
★ Music theory and On2 Conversion
★ x6 Beginner & Improver Basic Cha Cha Steps

★ x22 Improver  Intermediate Shines
★ Partnerwork Basics

★ Upper Body & Arm Technique

★ Body Movement Exercises & Basics

★ Basic Technique

★ Practice to Music

★ Extra Resourses


$39 Intermediate Cha Cha Courses

BUY NOW & get instant access

Online Course Benefits:

Much of the content in these videos is solo dancing aka shines or Footwork, so you can train alone. Dancing Solo is essential for training to dance with partners. Learn timing, technique, how to step , Musicality, Control, Expression, Gain Foot speed, Weight shifting & Transfer, Foot placement, Styling, Style, Fluidity, Posture, Mastering basic steps, Body position & angles, Acceleration & deceleration, Directions Changes, Move more easily, Body Movement, Muscle memory, Grounding & Floor Pressure, dance technique , Turns, Pivots & Spins more easily, increase Balance, Confidence, Learning Routines Faster, The more you learn the faster you learn, Help Dance Memory, Finally having fun!.... .read more about the importance of shines here >

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Salsa Online Classes
Learn with our online classes to improve your Salsa dancing.

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Bachata Online Classes
Learn with our online classes to improve your Bachata dancing.

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Kizomba Online Classes
Learn with our online classes to improve your Kizomba dancing.

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