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Studio Hire Regulations
& Operational Walkthrough

Updated: 12/02/2024

Door Code Update

If you don't have an up to date door code you can check the date and if its out of date you can, resign the hire agreement here for the latest door code>

Terms & Conditions of Use :

You must sign a hire contract & view our induction walkthrough video (below) you will get a check code from the video, you must use this code to show you have seen the video in the contract, this is our assurance you have view it correctly.
You also must agree to all the conditions on this page  - as below to gain entry. 

Hirer Sign-ups

To be a 'key access holder' and enter Salsa Latina Dance Centre you'll need to sign uo here first >


• All Bookings  must be done through our website Only - Book here >

• Cancelations Must be done via email or via our contact form >

Note: you cannot speed up a booking by calling or texting, so do plan ahead.

On Arrival

(if you are the first to arrive)

- Open door all the way until the magnet catches the main door, make sure the 'fire door' down stairs stays

closed at all times, this reduces gusts of wind upstairs as well. ..see video below

- Inactivate Alarm, only if you hear it beep, someone could be in the building. Enter code & hit “enter” ..see video below

- You may wish to close the main door if you are practicing alone in the venue. In other words if you opened the main door you can close it behind you. Please don't "lock the door with the bolt from the inside"Closing the door locks the door from the outside. ..see video below

- See the walkthrough video if you are not sure how to do something.


On Departure

Please check who else is in the building before you leave and make sure if anyone is there, is meant to be. You can check on ical bookings if you have this setup on your iPhone etc.

Last to Leave the Building
The last  person to leave Salsa Latina Dance Centre is responsible for ‘All’ studios so please double check the building and the following:

- Make sure the studio is tidy, sweep floor with the swifter (takes 1 min) if there is no booking after yours.

Then use the use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from swifter. (both in studio#1 cupboard ). Please keep it clean for the next person. There is cleaning equip & another vac in the ‘cleaning cupboard’ too.

- Property left behind - please put on the coat rack for shoes or coats etc in storage area/locker room.
- Drink bottles & rubbish, if there are any left behind please dispose.

- Turn off PA/Stereo(s), ...see details below &/or video below.

- Turn off fans, Air Conditioning units & heaters etc. ..see video below

- Check troughout the building If anyone else is in the studio, if there is - check they have studio bookings.
- Turn off & check all lights & fans in each studio are off. Turn off Hall lights, 2 switches in reception. Some are automatic lights like downstairs & stair lights don’t touch them. (if it has tape on it, don’t touch it) ..see video below

- Blinds go up half way or 3/4 up when leaving ..see video below

- Check Windows are hooked on properly (no flapping around) - see video and info below for window details
- Set Alarm, simply push “arm”. You have 30 seconds to leave. ..see video below

- Lock Main door, double check its locked incase its hasn’t closed properly. ..see video below


Air Conditioning & Heaters

- For Air Conditioning Unit (studio#1 & studio#2)  and the remote is on the wall, make sure it goes back there.

- Studio#1 Use the New air conditioner above mirror.
- All Air Conditioning Units, press power button on the remote and flaps will unfold once it's on. To turn it off press power button on remote until flaps fold back up. ..see video below

- For cooling don’t go below 18 degrees as it freezesup the unit and makes it less consistent. Only If its hotter outside close all the windows!
- For heating don’t go above 22 degrees, it doesn’t work like a heater. Or put on Dry for Fan mode for freshness and help remove moisture.
- Air Conditioning in studio#2 is now fully functional

- Heater in Reception area press blue switch for 30mins of heat, it will turn off automatically, in winter we will usually have a heater behind the desk at reception also. Please be extra careful not to cover this and double check this is also off.

- Do not supply your own heater without permission, these can trip the power at the switchboard, plus this could be a fire hazard with to much power running through one circuit. You will be responsible for any damages or electrical call outs.

N.B. If you fail to turn Airconditioners or heaters off when you leave you will be charged $1-2ph for the extra power used for any heater or air-conditioning units.


Sound Systems

- Only turn on/off system from the “Mains Power on the wall” switch (for all studios)

in studio#1 the swtich is above the mixer, in studio#2 the switch is power is under the lights switch. 
- Volume levels in studio#2 must be lower when Studio#1 is operating a class.
- Don’t change other settings on the mixer or amp or speaker, please just use the volume on the mixer.
- Keep the volumes down when unplugging and turning off & on. You could damage equipment.


- We prefer these open as per video for better ventilation, unless strong winds are present ..see video below

- In studio#1 please put the blinds up when leaving so wind doesn't damage them ..see video below

- Close windows if its going to be windy above 30kph or a storm coming, check the weather forecast to be sure.
- In studio#2 please leave the blinds down with the windows behind them closed, the smaller windows "angled windows" please leave these open when you leave.

Fitness Equipment

To use this equipment you will need to be authorised to use this because we don't want injuries and damage to equipment. To get use of this fitness equipment you will need to have an initial induction fitness appointment with Reuben (qualified personal trainer) or other qualified personal trainer. 



- Locker Room in the Hall area is to be used for everyone to put their gear, change shoes etc, please encourage the use of this area to keep all studios clutter free & clears the room faster when you finish. 

- Reception Security. It’s a security issue if studio#2 is being used & Studio#1 is empty, make sure you have someone at reception or lock the main door after you start your booking, again don't close the door if someone is in studio#1. To Lock the front door just close the door, don't use dead bolt lock below the top lock. If you use the bottom dead bolt lock you will prevent anyone entering the building and will occur a call out fee and/or fee from anyone who misses their booking.

- If you move stackable tables or chairs etc, make sure you put them back! Or you will be charged a cleaning Fee as below.

- Don’t allow anyone to press-up against mirrors or lean against them they get dirty or might break, you will be liable for damages.

- If using Studio #2 or Studio#3 with sound system going, the doors must remain closed if there are other bookings.

- Keep to your time slot. You are only allowed to use this studio when you have a booking, this includes setup.
- Keep to the studio you have booked. If you arrive prior to the commencement of your time slot, please wait in the reception area without blocking the entrance.

- Microwave not working? see the walkthrough video below

- No Animals, No Candles & open flames or smoke machines are permitted inside anywhere including downstairs. Also cooking anywhere could set the fire alarm off if smokey. If the fire department is called out because of a false alarm because you have set it off, you will be liable for call out costs.
- Practice Rate: when booking as (practice rate) which is a maximum of 3 persons, if this number is exceeded please contact us and also be aware you would need to pay (Full rate) as set out on the pricing page
- Keep the Hall way quiet when there is a class on in studio#1, if you have students or friends chatting down the hall way everyone in studio#1 can hear everything. So please respect the signage down the hall way.

- No Bikes are permitted inside anywhere including downstairs (fire escape hazard). Remove any bikes if found to outside "no exceptions".

- Make sure the fire door downstairs between the main door & stairs must remain closed this is a Fire directive. 

- Please don't use reception for dance practice or anything other than a waiting room, dining area or check in space unless prior agreement.
The only exception is if you are hiring the whole venue.
- In general please keep it tidy for the next booking, please throw away any rubbish in the bins from your booking. 
- Be aware there are multiple security CCTV cameras & web cameras at Salsa Latina. Only Salsa Latina retain the right to access these recordings for security purposes and cannot be released to a 3rd party without the recorded persons consent.

- For Hire prices & Bookings go here >

Code of Conduct
By gaining access to our venue, you are acknowledging and accepting The Code of Conduct that governs entry at Salsa Latina. Any violation of it by any person will result in the forfeiture of any refunds. Please read the Code of Conduct here >



Extra Fees

- Cleaning $40-$70 fee if required, if you leave the place messy a cleaning fee could be added (includes rearrangement of chairs & other items)

- Rubbish Fee of ($40 dumping fee) could also be added if more than 10 litres is left behind.
- Fire Alarm, if this is set off caused by you, you will be liable for call out costs. Which can be $1000 or more.
- Power Fee, if power is left on i.e. Air conditioning Unit, this will be charged out at $2 per hour.

Studio Hire Payment Update
From 2024 onward unless by prior arrangement you will need to purchase online hire passes from our online store prior to your booking or at latest at the time of your booking. We no longer support invoicing, you will get an automatic receipt from your booking  See Pricing Page >

Facebook Group

Join our facebook group for teachers & Hirers join here >


Studio hire or studio related; Director & Manager - see details >

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