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  • How so I maximise my learning?
    10 ways to maximise your learning in Salsa & Bachata Dance Classes ...... read more >
  • Are beginner classes always on the same days & times?
    Yes Salsa & Bachata beginner classes are always on at the same time. - Salsa beginners are on Tuesdays or Thursdays 6:15pm - Bachata beginners are on Mondays or Wednesdays 6:15pm If you cannot make 6:15pm, we suggest bypassing beginners through private lessons, the next level above beginners is at 7:30pm on the same days. Book a private lesson here >
  • I have done some classes, do I still join beginners?
    Absolutely, you will need to start with Beginners 101, ideally in week #1 or #2. Even if you have taken these classes before or have prior dance experience, we highly recommend joining the beginners level, even if you consider yourself more advanced. Our fundamental system and shines (footwork) are information-rich and progressive, building from one class to the next. Unlike some other dance schools, we don't teach random elements. Since 2021, you can't jump into a higher level above beginners without a grading or an assessment. For more details, see "All about gradings" below. If you have been learning at another dance school for some time, check out the 'flow chart' on the grading page or contact us so we can place you in the appropriate class.. Contact us here >
  • Class Prices?
    Free 1st class on the start date of new beginner courses then you can pay casually or pay for a whole beginner course with our beginner concession cards, or we have concession cards that can be used for any class ... see pricing here >
  • Can I try first before paying?
    You are welcome to attend the first week of any of our beginner courses for free as a way to try before you commit to the course. We recommend registering for the class in advance so that you can receive updates and information about the class. However, if you miss registering online, you can still register on the day of the free class during the first week of the course. Once you register for a course, you only need to do so once, and you can join any course at any time, as long as it is within the first two weeks of a new beginner course. For a list of our course start dates and to register......see start dates & register on this page >
  • Should I Learn Salsa or Bachata first?
    Bachata is probably the easiest to learn first while Salsa is a bit harder initially, but it changes as you progress to higher levels. But it probably doesn't matter which style you learn first, they both aid each other in learning. At Salsa Latina you will be able to get a Free class in Salsa and a free class in Bachata, yes you can get 2 Free classes! We recommend try both and see which you like best, infact is a good idea to learn both anyway since the co-exist in many Latin dance events. You can always learn more than one style at once or you could learn one then the other. We recommend coming to a class to watch to see what styles you like, or come to social dancing events because these are all danced in the same parties & social dance nights.
  • How many Free classes can I get?
    You can get a Free class in Beginners Salsa & Bachata, with a total of 2 free classes. Just make sure you turn up on the first week of a new 8 week course, see the start dates on the timetable or the Start dates page . It's only the start date the 1st week (week#1) of a course that is free. If you miss this you can still turn up on week#2 but it won't be free. Or you could join another course to get a free class. If you're a paying student with a valid concession card at a higher level you can can get week#1 free any time and join in for fun.
  • What will I learn?
    Everything you need to feel comfortable on the dance floor - so you can have a great time and able to freestyle partner dance with anyone, anywhere in the world to Salsa & Latin music! The same fundamentals are used if you want to take it further into performance & competitions. We cover basic structure and techniques of dancing with and without a partner. The more you understand the fundamentals the faster you can develop your own style. ​
  • Do I need a Grading?
    To progress to the next level above beginners in Salsa & Bachata, you'll need to undergo a grading. Without grading from 2021, you won't be able to join higher levels than 101. Week#8 of the 101 level will include a grading/revision class, which is a fun and straightforward class that focuses on revising the moves you've learned at this level. It's an opportunity for Salsa Latina Teachers to provide you with direct feedback on your dancing and ensure that you're at the right level. This also helps you focus on finding your weaknesses and strengths for better and more focused training, we also offer private gradings as another all about gradings on the grading page here >
  • Should I use Youtube to help learning?
    We generally discourage the use of YouTube and Instagram videos as a learning tool for Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba dance techniques. These videos can be misleading, confusing, and often do not adhere to proper technique. Anyone, including new or beginner dancers, can post videos with incorrect information, leading to a lot of disinformation circulating online. It's difficult for new or even experienced dancers to discern good quality content from poor quality content, as good quality education is not typically offered for free online. Even paid online content or DVDs can vary widely in terms of quality. Therefore, it's essential to research the teacher or dancer and their background before investing time and money in their content. Additionally, there is the issue of the different styles of Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba, which can vary greatly. Street dance forms often have multiple flavors and styles, leading to incompatible moves and incorrect understandings of how to teach these dance forms. It's always best to learn hands-on and supplement your learning with relevant information. ​ We have a programme called "Salsa Latina TV", it's a series of comprehensive online courses for learning Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba techniques from the ground up focusing on the individual. These video classes are aligned with our in-person courses, allowing you to get a head start or enhance your learning experience. We even offer some free videos to get you started. Check out our online classes to learn more.
  • What is the Ultimate learning program?
    Our new program is designed to accelerate your learning process and take your Salsa and Bachata skills to new heights. We've incorporated special techniques & training methods that go beyond the traditional once-a-week class. ... read more >
  • Is it necessary to swap partners?
    If you attend our class with your own partner, we recommend that you swap partners with the rest of the group, although it's not mandatory. Salsa and Latin dancing are social partner dance styles where anyone can dance with anyone, and swapping partners can greatly enhances the learning process. It prevents you from getting stuck with one person's bad habits or repetitive mistakes and allows you to meet and make dance friends. Dancing with different partners is also more social and fun. If you feel too shy or uncomfortable swapping partners, it's okay too. Just let us know in advance during your first class, and we'll provide some tips during the class so you can stay with your partner. Practicing with your partner after class can also be an advantage for learning.
  • Can I get a head start?
    It's a great idea to get a head start before you take classes, its not needed, but hey why not! Private lessons used to be the only way but now there are online courses that we offer. While our group classes are designed for the complete beginner, learning a little before you join dance courses as a beginner will increase your confidence and help you have more fun, which only increases your learning. Try our Free videos so you can try the basic steps, no partner needed either. You can try out 2 different dance styles; Salsa & Bachata basic steps. This will help when you decide what classes to take and make the most of the experience. Or if you have already started classes, use these videos to practice. As they say, 'practice makes perfect', but really 'perfect practice makes perfect'. Make sure you are learning the correct thing, our videos line up with our regular courses. .... see the video collection here and get your free vids to kick off.
  • Why do people stop taking classes?
    Many students talk themselves out of a great hobby because things feel too awkward, for too long. Luckily the awkward stage is not permanent and is overcome by time on the dance floor - 6 Reasons why people stop taking dance classes. more >.
  • I'm stuck, how do I progress?
    This is a typical phase in dance education. Taking private lessons is often the best way to overcome a dance rut, as it can address feelings of the material being either too easy or too challenging.. Private Lessons > Another idea, is to get some serious dancing practice is also in order, so a great way to get better is not only group classes and social dancing beneficial but online classes, check out our online courses here.
  • Do I need to Practice?
    We recommend practicing 1-3 hours for every hour of class to reinforce what you’ve learned. Even practicing basics or dedicating just 5 minutes a day can make a significant difference. Even a few minutes of practice at home each day can make a big difference. If you don’t have a partner, focus on practicing your shines or footwork. Social nights like Salsa & Bachata Parties are also beneficial, as they typically start with slower songs. Skipping Social dancing is like learning to drive but never getting on the road; it’s where Salsa and Latin dancing truly become part of you. Social events and Salsa Dance Parties offer a fun way to practice, get fit, and enjoy yourself. Make the most of your lessons by taking advantage of practice time slots before or after class, which are free for Salsa Latina students. Guides and taxi dancers may also be available to provide assistance. Additionally, our website offers a wide range of practice videos, including some free ones to get you started. Check them out here >
  • Do I need to bring a partner?
    You don’t need to bring a partner, as there are always plenty of people to dance with. During class, partners are rotated regularly, giving you the opportunity to dance with different individuals, learn faster, and experience various styles of leading and following. However, you are welcome and encouraged to bring someone along. If there is an imbalance in the male-to-female ratio, we can adjust the numbers in the following weeks with more experienced dancers.
  • Do I need private lessons?
    If you want a head start or to jump levels, private lessons are the fastest way to learn. But we don't usually recommend private lessons until you have started classes unless you want a confidence boost. Ideally group classes are the best place to start and if you need a convince boost or want a head start do consider our online classes, there's even some free video classes to help with you basic steps. Generally, we recommend that you do both private and group classes to feel the greatest benefit. After a few weeks of dancing private lessons are great for working on good technique, ironing out bad habits and catering information directly for you. Also if you get behind in classes, or miss a class you could always try taking a private lesson to catch up. Privates lessons you can either come with your partner or as a one on one. .... more here>
  • What Level am I & Where should I start?
    Joining a Beginners level group lesson from the start is crucial, as each instructor has their own unique style and teaching methods. The term 'beginners' isn't only for novices; it's Level '1' or 101. It's also tailored for those who have previously learned the dance style elsewhere to learn or re-learn the style, as Salsa & Bachata Dance styles can vary greatly. Additionally, there are specific shines/foot-work & partner-work fundamentals you need to know by name to progress. At Salsa Latina Salsa & Latin Dance Classes, we have a structured system that builds on itself. Missing a level or a few classes can hinder your progress, much like missing part of a building's foundation. To ensure you get a complete picture, we focus on covering all the fundamentals. If you have lots of Salsa & Bachata experience you mights be able to get an assessment or you will need a grading and certificate or assessment to jump into a higher level. For more information, see "All about gradings" > Please see this page for a flow chart and grading information >
  • How can I join Intermediate when beginner class times don't suit?
    Yes there is a way! If the weekly beginner times don’t fit your schedule, you can still join a higher-level class which might be a more convenient time. The best option is to take private lessons to advance to the Intermediate level. You can also mix it up with our online classes which are recorded videos you can practice the footwork to, this part is designed for individuals rather than partneerwork. This way you can get used to the moves in class. We recommend that you book a private class here >
  • Do I need dance experience? rhythm? shoes? or a Partner?
    Congratulations on taking the plunge into Salsa/Bachata Latin dance lessons! This guide is here to make your first steps smoother and more enjoyable. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit unprepared when stepping out of your comfort zone. Overpacking, whether for a trip or a new activity, often stems from anxiety and a desire for control. However, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to ensure you arrive at your first dance lesson ready and at ease. read more about the 6 things you won't need to start dancing >
  • Do I need to enrol?
    Ideally yes, this saves time on the first day as we tend to get many people for the 1st class. If you don't enrol, yes you can turn up and do a hand written enrolment or one of our iPads at the main desk, no problem.. But best to do it here ...... Enrol here > ​
  • How long will it take me to learn to dance well?
    Everyone learns at a different rate which makes this a hard question to answer! Every student will learn the basic steps and have two or three variations in their first class. In every lesson you will learn more and have more fun. The best way to learn is to take these group and private classes, be familiar with the music (listen to Salsa at home) and practice! This makes all the difference between a fast and slow learner. We recommend that you take classes, private lessons now and again but most importantly attend socials/parties and dance with everybody to get the best results!.. read this article for more info >
  • Can I bring my kids to the studio?
    Yes, children are welcome at the venue as long as they do not disrupt the class. Kids of any age can use our reception area to hang out, and they may watch the adult class if they remain quiet. While children cannot join adult classes, teenagers might be able to participate. Please contact us in advance to discuss this possibility. ​
  • What level am i?
    We have created a comprehensive flowchart to help Bachata and Salsa students assess their skill levels and guide them on their journey to improvement in these dance styles & to help understand our levels & grading requirements .... read more >
  • 6 Things you won't need to start dancing
    ....Read full article here >
  • Can I boost my dance training?
    Yes! infact we have a special program called the "ultimate training program" so if you wish to learn more and get faster growth in your dance journey chat to a teacher and see this page for the details >
  • Is counting important?
    Salsa and Bachata, two vibrant and rhythmic Latin & Caribbean dance forms, have captivated enthusiasts around the world with their infectious energy and sensuality. Amidst the whirl of spins, intricate footwork, and passionate movements, lies a fundamental element often overlooked by beginners: counting more >
  • Can I come take a look?
    Yes, Feel free to come and watch any running classes, anytime they are running, we recommend to come & watch one of our higher Latin dance levels, see our timetable so you know the times these are on
  • Learning difficulties?
    While there are many potential benefits to joining group Salsa & Bachata dance classes for individuals with learning difficulties, it's important to recognise that not every person's experience will be the same, and there may be some considerations to take into account because of the social nature of these types of classes. Here are a few reasons why some caution might be exercised: Sensory Sensitivities: Individuals with learning difficulties may have sensory sensitivities that can be triggered in a group dance setting. Loud music, bright lights, or the physical proximity of others could be overwhelming for some individuals. Processing Speed: Learning dance steps quickly in a group setting might be challenging for individuals who require more time for processing information. They may feel pressured to keep up with the pace, leading to frustration or a sense of exclusion. Communication Challenges: Individuals with certain learning difficulties might face challenges in communication. Clear and effective communication is crucial in dance classes, and difficulties in this area could potentially impact the learning experience. Some individuals with learning difficulties may also experience social anxiety, making it difficult for them to feel comfortable in a group setting. Fine Motor Skills: Salsa & Bachata dancing involves intricate footwork and coordination, which may be challenging for individuals with fine motor skill difficulties. ​ It's important to note that these concerns are not universal, and many individuals with learning difficulties can and do thrive in group dance classes. Inclusion and accessibility are key. Our group class instructors haven’t received specific training around learning disabilities. So we would advise to join 'private group lessons' or 'private lesson' arrangements first. We also offer some online classes for free to try out. We highly recommend to discuss with us prior to joining any class. Please contact us via the online form here > ​ However when it comes to our events, social nights or parties, this is inclusive to anyone, everyone is welcome.
  • Why is my dance teacher not taking my passion for dance seriously?
    'Are you super, duper passionate about social dance? Are you ready to take advantage of every opportunity possible? Are you prepared to dig deep and put in all the work to become great at this new passion you’ve discovered in the past few months? .... read more >
  • Why is footwork aka solo dancing so important?
    Solo dancing holds a multitude of benefits within partner dance styles. The term 'shines' or 'shines position' typically encompasses solo patterns, intricate steps, body movement and footwork that extend beyond the basic dance steps. On the other hand, 'footwork' encompasses various foot movements, encompassing both the foundational steps and shines. ... read more >
  • Public Holidays Classes?
    Generally most classes still run on pubic Holidays except for Christmas period, there are some classes that might not run, but that the exception. If you are not sure please see our daily updated timetable
  • Do I need dance shoes?
    For Salsa & Latin Dancing, it is advisable to wear specialized dance shoes. However, when starting out, you can opt for shoes that offer moderate grip without being overly slippery or sticky. If you find it difficult to rotate on a wooden floor, consider trying a pair with less traction. Bulky shoes such as work boots or those with thick soles are not recommended as they hinder your ability to feel the floor. As you advance in your dancing journey, it's best to avoid sneakers or shoes with rubber or spongy soles, as they can stick to the floor during turns and spins, potentially causing ankle and knee injuries. Some street shoes can be suitable, but it's ideal to choose non-bulky, flexible, and lightweight options that have minimal tread, allowing for easier sliding. However, during the initial beginner-level classes, comfort is the priority, and any comfortable shoes will suffice. Nevertheless, as you progress, we strongly recommend investing in dance shoes, dance heels, or jazz shoes. You can either purchase them before starting or inquire with your teacher as we also have a selection of dance shoes available at the studio. Another option is Ali-Express, we have a selection of shoes we recommend here >
  • Who owns Salsa?
    So a simple question like "where’s salsa from" leads us to questions like "what is nationality", "what is ethnicity" and "what is identity" and the idea of a music moving around the world and forming a joint pop culture. It's not a simple subject, you could do a PhD on it and still not find a definitive answer. So now, when people ask "where’s salsa from", I say "If you’ve got a couple of weeks, I can start to explain, but wouldn’t you rather dance instead?".... read more >
  • What Should I Do If I Am Being Harassed?
    The latin dance community is a massive social environment, and we have measures to help with issues if they arise within the bounds of our school. Our Latin dance school, Salsa Latina, is dedicated to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students. We prioritize providing a space where every student can enjoy the many benefits of dance without fear of discrimination, harassment, or any other form of inappropriate behavior.... see our code of conduct here >
  • Is dancing good for your health?
    Yes massively! - From aerobic health benefits to improved bone health, flexibility, and mental health, busting a move can deliver a lot of advantages. Dancing can be many things: An expression of art, a fun hobby, a representation of culture, and a great form of exercise. .... read more >
  • What is the earliest history of partner dancing?
    It all started in Europe - The Waltz is the precursor to all contemporary partner dances. Whether it's Tango, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Semba, Kizomba, Son, Forro, Merengue .... read more >
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    Because dancing is also cardio exercise, we recommend that you bring a hand-towl. We also have drinks available for purchase or bring a drink to keep your fluid intake up. Also with all partner dancing think 'more' about personal hygiene by making sure your breath is sweet and use deodorant.
  • What are Shines?
    Shines are essential solo dancing, with no partner also called "footwork". You can focus your learning on body movement, style, flavour & dance technique. It's a great way to learn to dance without a partner, mastering solo dancing is a main key for learning to dance better. If you can't dance without a partner you can't dance with one during a dance. .. .. read more about the benefits & importance of shines here>
  • What is Salsa On1 & Salsa On2?
    Salsa On1 and Salsa On2 aka Mambo, refer to two different styles of timings of dancing Salsa, primarily distinguished by the timing and the way dancers interpret the music. Here's a breakdown of the main differences that people often refer to more >
  • What is 'Lead & Follow'?
    Historically, partner dancing has revolved around a male lead and a female follow, with the lead assuming the role of guiding the dance while the follow responds to the lead's movements. Similarly, a band operates with a lead and a response. Nevertheless, if you are a female interested in learning to lead, this is entirely feasible. However, we recommend first gaining a foundation in the traditional roles. You would assume one role per course. It's crucial to acknowledge that these conventional gender roles have long been dominant in partner dancing across various styles, owing to the historical context of this art form. more >
  • Is Latin dancing good for couples?
    Relationships thrive on connection, and what better way to reconnect with your partner than through the intimate and passionate world of Salsa & Bachata dancing? These Latin & Caribbean dance styles have the power to reignite the spark in your relationship, offering not only a shared hobby but also a profound and sensual connection. It's also a great date idea. Let's explore more here >
  • Am I too old or young to dance?
    Salsa & Bachata are a dances that knows no age limits. From the young to the young at heart, salsa offers a vibrant and inclusive community where people of all ages can come together to celebrate life through dance. In this article, we'll explore how salsa can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Salsa is for all ages.. .read more >
  • Do I need a mask?
    Not needed and we discourage them during exercise of any kind.
  • What are the benefits of Latin Dancing?
    Music and dancing has been a part of many different cultures for centuries. It is part of celebration and entertainment. And whether they knew it or not, way back when the dancing began, there are numerous amazing health benefits. Now that the American population & many others are facing a major obesity epidemic, health benefits from dancing is something that should be taken a closer look at .... .read more >
  • What should I wear?
    Choose clothing that prioritise ease and comfort, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in your learning journey. It is often advisable to opt for gym wear or casual attire, so you can move more easily. Nonetheless, when partaking in Salsa club nights and events, it is worth considering attire that exudes an impressive aura. Remember that dance classes are also a social affair, so it is essential to ensure that your clothing emanates a fresh and respectable appearance.
  • Which is the best Wedding dance style?
    Planning a wedding is an exciting but challenging endeavor, with many decisions to make, including the choice of a wedding dance style. While the classic Ballroom choices have been popular in the past, there's another more modern dance style that's gaining traction for its unique blend of passion, intimacy, and accessibility - So let's see why Bachata would make an excellent wedding dance style to learn, adding an extra touch of romance and excitement to your special day more >
  • What are the Benefits of Latin Dancing?
    - Salsa & Bachata Dance classes are an easy way to meet someone & gain more friends & is one of the few hobbies that couples or friends can do together. - Partner Dancing is a great social asset & promotes confidence - Salsa & Bachata dancing develops co-ordination of mind, muscle & balance & Salsa is a Fun way to exercise your body that fits into a lifestyle, You will lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes. - You'll have Fun & you will have a lower chance of being depressed or other emotional problems. - Go anywhere in the world and Salsa & Latin dance with anyone & meet people fast more here >
  • Why Masculinity & Femininity in Latin Dance?
    Latin and Afro-Caribbean dance styles, such as Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba, have taken the world by storm with their infectious rhythms, passionate movements, and captivating energy. These dynamic dances not only showcase technical skill but also celebrate the harmony and interplay of masculinity and femininity. more >
  • Why is drilling your basics important?
    Dance, a universal language of expression, allows us to communicate emotions, stories, and creativity through movement to music. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned dancer, one thing remains constant: thDance, a universal language of expression, allows us to communicate emotions, stories, and creativity through movement to music. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned dancer, one thing remains constant: the importance of mastering the basics. Just like a building's foundation supports its structure, solid dance fundamentals are essential for becoming a skilled and expressive dancer ..... read more >
  • Latin Dancing vs Ballroom - what's the difference?
    Authentic Street Latin vs Ballroom style/Dance sport... what is the difference? These two types of Latin dancing are easily mixed up, one is a modern freestyle dance that we teach, the other isn't, its a ballroom style- see article page for more info
  • Why is social teaching bad ?
    Trying to teach or correct someone on the social dance floor is ‘always’ a bad idea, most people find this very annoying, off-putting & unwarranted, it's a quick way to get turned down for another dance .... read more >
  • What is Cha Cha Cha?
    Cha Cha Started in the Streets from Cuba to New York and now throughout the world. Today Cha-Cha is very similar to Salsa, often mixed with Boogaloo its spirited rhythms and lively footwork, boasts a rich and fascinating history that transcends borders, captivating dancers worldwide... read more >
  • Am I too young, old, small or big?
    Salsa & Bachata dancing welcomes everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. If you can walk, you can dance, and we ensure a diverse community of participants in terms of shapes, sizes, and ages. ​ - Children interested in Adult group dance classes, it's important to note that they typically participate in classes designed specifically for their age group. While exceptions can be made in certain cases, we kindly request contacting us before enrolling to discuss any special arrangements. ​ - Mature participants, age is no barrier! Whether you're in your 90s or beyond, and provided you have no learning difficulties or significant physical limitations (as outlined on this page), joining our dance community is highly encouraged. If your doctor supports the idea, then absolutely, you're welcome to be a part of the experience! ​ - However when it comes to our events, social nights or parties, everyone is welcome of any age.
  • What is the difference between Salsa & Bachata?
    Bachata and Salsa are two of the most beloved Latin dances, each with its unique charm and style. In this article, we will delve into the differences and similarities between these captivating dance forms, helping you understand what sets them apart and what makes them shine. ..... read more>
  • Is there Memberships?
    We don't have memberships for doing classes at Salsa Latina, but you will need to register or enrol before taking classes so you are on our system. It will only need to be done once.
  • What is partner dance etiquette?
    Make sure everyone has fun - this is the key to learning, after all most people enter latin dance from enjoyment. .... read more >
  • How do I become a better social dancer?
    If you’re a Latin danceaholic, your first few experiences watching two people tear it up on the dance floor probably got you hooked. You might have been enticed by the sensuality, the rawness, the fun, the partner connection, the music, or simply how cool they looked … more >
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