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About Salsa Latina

About Salsa Latina Christchurch

Salsa Latina is primarily a Salsa Dance school, "Salsa Latina Dance Academy" and its also dance Centre "Salsa Latina Dance Centre" with independent classes of non Latin dance styles, for example, Hip Hop & Zumba too. You can see these listed on the classes page.
Today in 2019 our Salsa dance classes have been running since 2005, almost 15 years. 
Bachata Introduced in 2007 and Kizomba introduced since 2015. 
We do also teach other Latin styles since we have opened such as Mambo (Salsa On2) Cha Cha On2, Merengue, Forro, Zouk Lambada, Samba and many more. Photos above: Salsa latina Dance Centre 2019

History of Salsa Latina

• October 2004

The Start: We originally started under the name Danza Latina, from 17th October 2004. Kicking off Cuban Miami Salsa dance classes. Located in 'The Civic', shortly after we moved to the Music Centre on Barbadoes St. We ran classes for several years in this location, but we were quickly out growing this space. Then an opportunity to gain our own proper dance studio presented itself and jumped at it.

• August 2008

Manchester Courts Studio:  After renovating this inner city office area into a dance studio, we moved our classes to the Manchester courts building 'level 1'. it was our first official dance studio. We then also introduced independent classes, these are classes run by other businesses.

• August 2009

Name Change: In 2009 we changed the business name to "Salsa Latina" due to Internal structural changes within the business and advertising purposes, because 'Salsa' was becoming a more well known term.

• September 2010

The Darfield Quake: A massive quake damaged the Manchester courts building beyond repair, it had to be knocked down not long afterward. We suffered huge losses to our business at that time. Thanks to some individuals who helped us recover. We are forever grateful for all the help we had during these hard times.

• September 2010

Fitzgerald Studio: After losing our 1st studio,  we renovating a 6 room office building, knocking walls out to create 2 dance studios. A couple of weeks later we then moved to our 2nd studio located on Fitzgerald Ave. With a great location we got up and running very fast.

• February 2011

The BIG quake: Then once again Christchurch suffered the most severe earth quakes imaginable. The "Christchurch-Lyttelton earthquake".This also damaged the new studio, but luckily just out of the City, we were able to run dance classes just after the quakes. It was a great outlet for people wanting to dance & a great distraction for people going through hard times. 1 year later we had insurance news to have that building demolished as well!

• May 2012

Bath St Studio: Finally we moved again to our current studio at 12 Bath St, on the 14th May 2012. We once again renovated this space which was severely run down, with the help of friends, family & students who came to help, we managed to get up and running within a couple of weeks. This is the largest studio to date with over 400sqm total.

• Present Time

During the last few years we have done many renovations at 'Salsa Latina Dance Centre' and recently We have created a 3rd Studio within our walls. See photo of our current studio at the very top of this page.

Looking back we have had a shaky start, "pun intended" but with each year we have grown in size, classes & dance styles are expanding and the studios themselves have conveniently grown as well.


Manchester Courts Studio 
Our 1st studio; located on the 1st level just after the quake in 2010.


Manchester Courts Studio 
Photo during the demolition  in 2010-2011


Fitzgerald Studio 
Our 2nd studio; located on the 1st level. Demolished in 2012

Salsa Latina Philosophy

If you can walk you can dance!

- Our philosophy is that Salsa & Latin dancing should firstly be fun and enjoyable and part of that enjoyment is related to listening and responding to the music. Salsa Latina has a structured programme for its Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba dance classes. Good teaching & and a huge focus is put into developing better & better systems in teaching. Learning this way is crucial for progressing to the next level and once dancers have mastered the foundations of the beginners dance classes, they are also encouraged to develop their own styles.

- The other principle aim is to encourage and develop followers and leaders confidence on the dance floor by teaching a range of techniques  and movements that will enable them to develop these dance skills.

- Salsa & Latin dancing is sociable, healthy, cultural and above all fun! There is absolutely no need to have had any experience for the beginner level classes as the focus is on the basic steps, rhythm and style necessary to progress to the next levels.

- The teachers observe everyone and take care to offer advice and help to allow them to learn to dance to the best of their ability. working hard to promote a relaxed & fun environment where everyone can ask questions both during the classes and afterwards.

- Our Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba dance classes are social dance styles, or street dance styles and is completely a freestyle dance, meaning its not choreographed, so you can dance with anyone all over the world. We don't teach non-social dance moves in classes, if you can't lead it, we don't teach it.
- We are Non 

- Everyone will progress at different rates, some will find it very easy to learn the basic steps whereas others may take a few weeks, but everyone can dance eventually even if they believe they have two left feet or no rhythm.

- The main way to progress is by practicing regularly with other good dancers during Salsa & Latin dance Parties and events.

After a few weeks of regular attendance you will feel confident with the steps and will probably be ready for progressing to the next level!

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