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Latin Dance Classes Christchurch

- To get you started Salsa Latina offer free authentic latin dance classes on selected dates as above.

- Latin Dance Classes are a great way to have fun, keep fit, make new friend & enjoy learning to dance.
- Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba are super modern freestyle Street latin styles you can dance anywhere in the world!

- No experience Needed, classes are designed for absolute beginners in mind.
- Salsa Latina Dance Academy we specialises in Street Latin Dances,  learn from some of the best teachers in New Zealand & Multiple Champions

Beginner 8 week Courses start with a Free 1st Class on week#1 only, so be sure to join on the start date (as above).

- You can learn to dance specific styles; choose a course in Salsa, Bachata &/or Kizomba.

- Dance partners are not required, we rotate students to learn faster & to keep it social.

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Enrol & Register Now for a Latin dance class/course. If you don't enrol here, you'll need to do this when you arrive at the studio. For higher levels such as Improvers & Intermediate you will first need to go through a beginner Grading and no need to re-enrol for higher level classes either.  Please contact us if you have learned to dance already. 

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