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Latin Dance Classes Christchurch

- To get you started Salsa Latina offer free authentic latin dance classes on selected dates, we recommend jumping in a course to learn the most.
- Salsa Latina Dance Academy we specialises in Street Latin Dances,  learn from some of the best teachers in New Zealand

8 week Beginner Courses start with a Free 1st Class to try and beginners course deals will  available


- You can learn to dance specific styles; choose a course in Salsa, Bachata &/or Kizomba.

- Latin Dance styles are fun, modern & freestyle Street styles you can dance anywhere in the world!

- Latin Dance Classes are a great way to have fun, keep fit, make new friend & enjoy learning to dance.

- No experience Needed, classes are designed for absolute beginners in mind.

- Free 1st Classes are only available on the 1st week of a course, dates above are the 1st Week or...
- SNF: Salsa Night Fever Parties also come with a Free Intro Class, this is a one off fun class with a party afterwards.

- Dance partners are not required, we rotate students to learn faster

Traffic Light System for Classes

- Green Light - MVP Not Required 
- Orange Light - MVP Required 
- Red Light - MVP Required
- Mask Optional but recommended
..... read more on the Traffic Light system here >

Salsa Classes

Salsa Dance Classes in Christchurch
Salsa Dance Classes:

Learn to dance Salsa, with over 5 levels & 85 courses to progress through. No Partner needed to join. This is the best and most popular Latin dance world wide which originated in New York. Learn from NZ, Aust & South Island Salsa Champions. 

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Tuesdays & Thursdays Only

Bachata Classes

Bachata Dance Classes Christchurch
Bachata Dance Courses:

3 Levels to learn and progress through the 8 week courses. Learn this very popular style of Latin dance which originated in the Dominican Republic. It's easy to learn & ideal for anyone at any level to join. 

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Wednesdays Only

Kizomba Classes

Kizomba Dance Classes Christchurch
Kizomba Dance Courses:

Kizomba the dancing style is also known to be very sensual and flows with a music of a romantic flow. Kizomba is a beautiful, sensual partner dance that is a fusion of European, African and Caribbean styles.There's only one place in Christchurch to learn this dance. 

☆ Courses Only
☆ Free 1st Class
☆ Mondays Only

SNF Free Intros

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Free Latin Intros + Party

Saturdays Monthly 8:15pm + FREE Latin Dance Intro Class & Social dancing all night right after the class with DJR playing latest : Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha, Kizomba etc all night. Free entry at Salsa Latina Dance Centre

☆ Drop-in Free Class
☆ Free Class + Social Dancing
☆ Saturdays Only

Free Video Classes

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Video Online Dance Courses

Train from home alone  or with others and learn Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha Cha & Mambo with online video content you can watch on our website any time with a login.

This will help you keep fit mentally & physically while you improve your dance skills.  Plus 3 Free Classes to Try.

☆ Lessons Online on This Website

☆ For Individuals or Couples
☆ Salsa Latina Dance Academy 

Frequently Asked Questions

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