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Latin Dance Classes Christchurch

- Latin Dance Classes are a great way to have fun, keep fit, make new friend & enjoy learning to dance.
- Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba are super modern authentic freestyle Street Latin styles - you can dance anywhere in the world!

- No experience Needed, classes are designed for absolute beginners in mind.
- These Adult Dance classes are suitable for all ages except kids, teens also welcome over the age of 15yo.
- Salsa Latina Dance Academy we specialises in social freestyle & competition Street Latin Dances,  learn from some of the best teachers in New Zealand & Multiple Champions

- Try before you buy; Beginner 8 week Courses start with a Free Class on week#1 only, so be sure to join on the start date.
- The latest time you can join a course is on Week#2, you can pay casually & then show you great payment options after class. 

- You can learn to dance specific styles; choose a course in Salsa, Bachata &/or Kizomba, we don't mix other dance styles like Merengue.

- Dance partners are not required, we rotate students to learn faster & to keep it social.

N.B. You won't be able to join in the middle of a course unless you've  above beginners. For levels above beginners 101 you will need to pass a grading or an in-class assessment to join higher levels, >

Register Now

Enrol & Register Now for a Latin dance class/course. Save time and check-in with ease when you enrol here, if not we will register you at the studio instead. For higher levels such as Improvers & Intermediate you will first need to go through a beginner Grading & no need to re- enrol at higher levels

Register the class(es) you would like to join:
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Salsa Dance Classes

Salsa Dance Classes Christchurch
Salsa  Dance Classes

Learn to dance Salsa in Christchurch. It's the most popular partner dance world wide. It's a fun energetic spicy Latin Dance.
No Dance partner required, dance classes for Beginners through to Advanced

Bachata Classes

Bachata Latin Dance Classes Chirstchurch
Bachata Dance Classes

Learn to dance Bachata in Christchurch. A Latin dance style from the Dominican Republic & modernised  in Europe. Heaps of fun & easy  to learn . No Dance partner required, dance classes for all levels

Kizomba Classes

Kizomba Dance Classes Christchurch
Kizomba Dance Classes

Learn to dance Kizomba in Christchurch. Afro Caribbean dance style from the Portugal . New to the world of dance and extremely popular. No Dance partner required, dance classes for all levels

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is Salsa? What is Kizomba? What is Bachata?
... see the video at the bottom of this page or our articles page >
- Can I bring a friend? more >

- Can I try first before paying? more >

- Do I need to bring a partner? more >

- If I'm bringing a partner do I have to swap? more >

- I have done some classes, do I still join beginners? more >

- What Level am I? ..where should I start? more >

- Classes to Easy or to Hard? more >

- What should I wear? more >

- Do I need special footwear?. more >

- What are Shines? more >

- Do I need to bring anything? more >

- How long will it take me to learn to dance well? more >

- Do I need to Practice? more >

- Should I use Youtube to help learning? more >

- Do I need private lessons? more >

- Latin Dancing & International Ballroom Latin, what's the difference?. more >

- Should I Learn Salsa first? more >

- Am I too young, old, small or big? more >

- What are the Benefits of Salsa & Latin Dancing? more >

Free Online Classes to get you Started!

- Easier & Quicker Shopping

- FREE to setup
- FREE x3 Beginner Salsa Bachata & Kizomba Videos 

- FREE Salsa Bachata & Kizomba Music

- Extra Content
- Secure & Confidential

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