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Latin Dance Classes Christchurch

- Latin Dance Classes are a great way to have fun, keep fit, make new friend & enjoy learning to dance.
- Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba are super modern authentic freestyle Stre
et Latin style dances - you can dance anywhere in the world. 

- No experience Needed, classes are designed for absolute beginners in mind.
Each course is scheduled for a duration of 8 weeks, taking place at the same time each week and lasting for 1 hour.

- Dance partners are not required, we rotate students to learn faster & to keep it social.
- Learn from some of the best Latin Dance teachers in New Zealand 
& Multiple Champions & Team Champions in NZ & Australia

- Try before you buy; Beginner 8 week Courses start with a Free Class on week#1 only, so be sure to join on the start date.
- You maye join up to week#2 of a course at the latest
, but we recommend getting a head start with our online Free basics classes. You cannot join week#3 and beyond if it is your first time learning that dance style.

- For levels above beginners 101 you will need to pass a grading or an in-class assessment.

Register Now

Enrol & Register Now for a Latin dance class/course. Save time and check-in with ease when you enrol here.

If you are bringing a partner or friends you can either get them to enrol on this page individually or when they come on the start date.
By registering you also agree to our code of conduct.

Register the class(es) you would like to join:
Male or Female?

Traditionally Males are leaders, Females are followers more >

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is Salsa? What is Kizomba? What is Bachata?
• What is lead and follow? .....
read more >
- Can I bring a friend? more >

- Can I try first before paying? more >

- Do I need to bring a partner? more >

- Do I have to swap partners? more >

- I've learnt before, do I still join beginners? more >

- What Level am I? more >

- What should I wear? more >

- Do I need special footwear?. more >

- Do I need to bring anything? more >

- Do I need private lessons? more >

- Should I Learn Salsa first? more >

- Am I too young, old, small or big? more >

Free Online Classes to get you Started!

- Easier & Quicker Shopping

- FREE to setup
- FREE x3 Beginner Videos 

- FREE Salsa Bachata & Kizomba Music

- Extra Content
- Secure & Confidential

- Create an Online Profile

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