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Ladies Performance Shines

- New Zealand Salsa Shine Team Champions 2022
- All Choreographies Designed by Elli Torres (Brisbane)
- Ladies Only Performance Courses & Teams
- Starting once per year in February
- 101 Grading Required to Join

All performance courses &  teams are designed for Salsa dancers above beginners, so make sure you have graded from Beginners in the dance
style you wish to attend.
Read more about gradings here. The Ladies Performance classes are all based on content learnt in our regular dance classes so if you haven't started at Salsa Latina or completed levels get training in Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba now before this course starts. No partner is needed, as this is solo dancing / footwork only. If no course is available consider other classes in the mean time.  Join at the beginning of a course on week#1 which will also be labeled on the timetable >

✪ Learn how to perform through a new Latin dance team routine which will develop your dancing tremendously! 
✪ Train with some of the best Salsa & Latin dancers in NZ, we have created many successful performers all around New Zealand.
✪ Learn to perform & how to execute complex solo steps, performance secrets, how to relate to the music.

✪ Beginners Grading Required so do get started early from our classes before you think about doing anything else.

✪ Learn the tips and tricks, big moves 'arials' that we don't teach in our normal Latin dance classes. 
✪ Improve your fitness and confidence.

✪ Get trained to a high standard Faster. You will look great on the social dancer floor and performing.

✪ You are not required to perform, this can also be just a learning experience.

✪ No need to register unless you haven't done any classes at Salsa Latina.  Just turn up on the start date and give it a go

#1 Ladies Salsa Competition Course & Team 2023:

- Team: Las Tigresas
- Teacher: Robyn

- Choreography: Eli Torres

- Invite Open to Graded Dancers

- Level: Intermediate to Advanced

- Pro/Am Status: Pro's & Amateurs
- Friday 6:15pm Starting 17 Feb 2023
- FREE taster class on the start date

This ladies competition team for 2023 is opening up for all Salsa levels from improvers & above, this is aimed at all previous years members and new intakes. Anyone may join the initial courses but there will be an a selected team as the course progresses into a team when auditions happen in April/May. This class is a great way for new female soloist wanting to challenge their dancing and potentially taking it further if they choose. 

For those that have been in Milenas team in the past we recommend this new team which will also be choreographed from Eli Torres and Robyn will be teaching this mixed team, just like previous 2 years with Milena, its still the same team "Las Tigresas"
This team will also have background guidance & direction from Elli Torres &  Reuben​.

2023 Opportunities:

- inhouse Peformances (Performance Team)
- Salsa Night Fever Parties (Performance Team)
- Tauranga Latin Festival (Performance Team)
- South Island Latin Championships (Competition Team - Audition will be required)

- Auckland National Competition (Competition Team - Audition will be required)
- Christmas Latin Ball (Performance Team)

Read the 2023 Blog Update here >

Enrolment :

Not required, you can just turn up on the day if you are taking classes already, this is designed for dancers who are already learning at Salsa Latina. Get in contact with us if you are not already learning at Salsa Latina. If you are new please do Register and turn up on the day.

Requirements to Join & Grading

Joining teams, you will need to pass a beginner 101 grading. You won’t be able to join higher levels than 101 without grading from 2021. On week#8 of the 101 level there will be a grading/revision class, this is a fairly easy & fun class, focusing on revision of moves done at this level. If you miss a grading you can always book a 15min Private grading. Grading is  a chance for Salsa Latina Teachers to give you direct feedback on your dancing. Once you pass you can join any new Intermediate course in the style you grade in. Enrolment isn't required.

....Read more about Gradings & when they are here >

#2 Ladies Salsa Amateur Competition Team 2023:

- Team Name: Aspire
- Teacher: Milena

- Choreography: Eli Torres
- Invite Only
- Pro/Am Status: Amateur Status Only

This NEW ladies competition team for 2023 is stepping up even further with invitation only and will not have an advertised start date or time because it is a very small selected ladies will get invite. So for those that are interested in wanting to enter Milena's Competition Ladies Teams. ​If you have been in Milena's team in previous years routine you will still need an invite. Please chat to her if you are not sure about anything and continue to push your dancing if you are not accepted, there is plenty of opportunity to advance your dancing in any performance course with the same team as last year "Las Tigresas".

Invitations to many competition teams are not just based on talent alone, but also; passion, attitude, energy, fitness, regular dancing in all classes and willingness to develop & learn, if you are aiming to join in the future keep pushing your dancing with classes, other performance opportunities including partner teams & also Milena's Shines Classes.
This team will also have background guidance & direction from Elli Torres &  Reuben​.

2023 Opportunities:

- inhouse Peformances (Performance Team)
- Salsa Night Fever Parties (Performance Team)
- Tauranga Latin Festival (Performance Team)
- South Island Latin Championships (Competition Team)

- Brisbane Salsa Solo Competition (Competition Team)
- Christmas Latin Ball (Performance Team)

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