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Ladies Salsa & Bachata Shines Classes

We're excited to announce 2 courses of Salsa & Bachatastarting this December with Milena (NZ Salsa Shines Team Champion Trainer). These new classes will be aimed at Intermediate to Advanced levels and will run for 2 Weeks Only (4 classes total) before the end of the year. For Women only, you can choose Salsa, Bachata or both!

Start Dates:

  Bachata Ladies Styling: Wednesdays 8:35pm - Starting: 13 Dec (2 Weeks Only)

  Salsa Ladies Styling: Thursdays 8:35pm - Starting: 14 Dec (2 Weeks Only)

Ladies Styling

Join our specialised shines (aka footwork) classes designed for women who want to elevate their expertise in styling, technique, and the vibrant world of Latin and Caribbean dances. Within these classes, you will acquire the finesse to dance with flair while refining your footwork. Enhancing not only your solo performance but also elevating your partner dancing skills. Our objective is to empower you with knowledge and instill confidence in your abilities. Towards the culmination of each class.

Teacher: Miléna

Born on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Milena began her dance journey at the tender age of 3 with ballet. She studied under the tutelage of Nicole Orcel, who was trained at the Paris Opera Ballet, for a period of 12 years. Over the years, Milena has accumulated extensive experience in various dance styles. Her leadership skills were put to the test when she led her Ladies Salsa Shines Team to victory, becoming the current National Champions in 2022.. read more >

Int-Adv Level:

This Class is designed for dancers who are excellent in their fundamentals and pushing well into intermediate up to Advanced level. This is designed to develop and push your current dance level. If you are not too far into intermediate level you may still join. There are no dance partners to contend with so this will not affect anyone accept yourself so why not come have some fun and give it a try.

Grading & Enrolment Not Required

Typically, progression from the Beginners level to this stage occurs after successfully completing a grading. As a result, enrollment is automatic and not necessary. Nonetheless, if you are new to our classes and are visiting Christchurch, and would like to experience a casual class, or if you already have experience in this dance style, you have the option to register - enrol here >

Gradings are not required, but recommended for these classes. Since these classes are not partner dancing but footowork only,  it won't affect anyone else in this class. However we highly recommend you have completed a beginner course and well into the imp-int level. 
Check out our flow chart diagram & grading information regarding Salsa Latina levels here >


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