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Ladies Styling Mini Courses
- Learn from New Zealand Champion Salsa Shines Team Leader 2022
- Mini Courses in Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba
- Mondays 8:30pm
- Women Only Classes

These classes are designed for women who want to learn more about styling, technique & even performance. No performing required, this is mainly to develop and learn different Latin dance styles. Each mini course will be different, usually '4 weeks'. So do join at the beginning of each course on week#1. Learn how to dance with style with footwork that helps not only solo dancing but also helps massively with partner dancing. At the end of each mini styling performance course there may be an exciting opportunity to perform for those that want a challenge. However there is no obligation to perform for those that want to just come learn that is okay to. Performances course include; online Video or with a live audience, or both. Example Below. Choreographies are challenging ways to push your dancing with a fun group of women. You'll learn how to add flavour, technique, body movement and dance with fluidity.These classes are also a gate way to not only push your dancing, but potentially get noticed and invited into performance & competition teams.


Start Dates:

• Bachata Ladies  4 week Course Starts : Monday 8:30pm - 16 January 2023

• Salsa On2 Ladies 4 week Course Starts : Monday 8:30pm - 13 February 2023

• Kizomba Ladies 4 week Course Starts :  Monday 8:30pm - 13 March 202


• Time Slot: Mondays 6:15pm / 8:30pm (1hr)
- Teacher & Choreography: Milena
• When to Join? Join at the beginning of each 4 Week course

• 101 Grading Required to join in each style taught.

• Location: Studio#1 at Salsa Latina

FAQ's :

Frequently Ask Questions

• Do I need to be  higher level to join?
You only need to grade from the beginner 101 levels to join, so if you are graded for Salsa you can do the Salsa 4 week course, if you graded from Bachata you can join the Bachata course etc. For more about gradings see this page >
• Do I need to join the 1st week?
Ideally its best to join in week#1 but you can join in on week#2 or week#3. The 4th Week will be mostly focusing on the whole routine and there is an opportunity to perform for those that are interested.
• Do I have to perform?
No, this is optional for those that want to, and are able to.

• I'm Male, can I join?

Sorry guys, this is a womens only class.

• What is Salsa On1 Salsa On2?

It's not a requirement to learn Salsa conversion first before joining Salsa On2 classes, but is a recommendation.
Salsa On1 is what we normally teach in a regular Salsa classes, however you can also dance On2 known as Mambo, we have a conversion class every 8 week for Salsa On1 dancers who want to learn how to dance Salsa On2 see more information here >

Enrolment :

Not required, you can just turn up on the day if you are taking classes already, this is designed for dancers who are already learning at Salsa Latina. Get in contact with us if you are not already learning at Salsa Latina. If you are new please do Register and turn up on the day.

Salsa Latina Class Prices:

• No Contracts or joining fees & No Obligation

Kizomba Ladies Performance Project

This is a Ladies shines course that turned into a performance routine for 2021, choreographed by Milena

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