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6 Reasons Why People Stop Taking Dance Classes

1. The Awkward Stage. Many students talk themselves out of a great hobby because things feel too awkward, for too long. Luckily the awkward stage is not permanent and is overcome by time on the dance floor.

Bottom Line: Think about it like this - If you avoided high school when it got awkward... we'd all be dropouts. Awkwardness in dancing occurs when you are uploading new information to your subconscious & eventually becomes muscle memory. It is a stage of the process, and it means you are learning & developing.

What You Can Do:

Let your teacher know how you are feeling, because they have been through it too. In fact all dancers have.

2. Teacher or Service Issues

Your dance teacher is also a human. Sometimes, we have the right situation, but the wrong delivery. Other times, teachers can get caught up in the moment, get excited, and get ahead of themselves or the content for the class isn't ideal. Or maybe the are going through a life crisis or just a bad day. Whether it is a moment of questionable decision making, or an absolute customer service blunder... This is normal, and, with communication, temporary. We are always aiming to improve our Latin dance industry.

Bottom Line: Teachers all want their students to be successful. This can come across in a variety of ways that, in some cases, can rub people the wrong way unintentionally.

What You Can Do: To avoid this becoming a bigger problem than it has to be, the best thing you can do is to communicate with another teacher. Share how you are feeling, and they'll make the strategic adjustments so you can focus on what's important to you. Or maybe give you a new perspective.

3. Didn't Meet Expectations

Sometimes Dancing does not go the way you wanted it to, or how you thought a dance class or dance event would, or should happen. Or maybe you feel that you didn't get anything useful from the class.

Bottom Line: This happens. It is disappointing to miss a dance opportunity, or feel any dance-related regret or disappointments in any way. The most imporatant thing to remember, is that these are "Dance Problems". Your Dance Problems are such an upgrade over:

- Relationship problems

- Family problems

- Work problems

- Health problems

In fact, many people seek out dancing as a means of overcoming bigger, life problems which might include, confidence & shyness, coordination, mental health & depression, fitness & health to name a few. Dance Problems are good problems. It means that you are stretching your comfort zone as a dancer and a human.

Solution: Dance problems left unattended can derail the best people. The goal is to communicate the problem to someone who can help: Your teacher or a higher level student you can trust. They can put the problem into perspective and give it a priority. Often times, they can help you see the silver lining of that "problem" and turn it into a much more productive strategy for the future. Or perhaps give you a perspective on an issues you hadn't through of so you have better understanding.

4. Cost

Of all the reasons why people stop taking dance lessons, this is the easiest one to pick.

Dance lessons, like many hobbies, can be expensive. But even a couple of dollars can be to much if you don't see the value in a product.

Bottom Line: Usually Dance lessons become too expensive when;

- You don't see a Return on your investment

- You feel your dance goals have not been met.

- You have found something else that meets your needs.

Solution: If you aren't feeling progress, or a return on your investment, talk to your teacher to clarify goals and expectations so a better plan can be put in place and maybe give you better perspective.

5. Opinions of Others

Sometimes people show you that they love and care about you by cheering for you, and the decisions you make. Other times, people show you that they love and care about you by worrying, playing devil's advocate, and questioning your decisions. This includes your choice to take dance lessons.

Bottom Line: Even people you love may persuade you to stop dancing.

Solution: If you share anything about your dancing with friends or loved ones - share the whole story. Non-dancers may never see all the breakthroughs, notice the progress, or see any value in you taking dance lessons because they don't know you as a "Dancer". In some cases, their only comparison is someone dancing on TV.

6. Other Dancers

Many dancers find great friends and even life partners & marriages in the dance scene. Unfortunately sometimes relationships in the dance scene go badly from time to time. Or Maybe it's just someone you can't stand because they smell badly, act inappropriately, social teach, or maybe there is a creep that is stalking you. Sometimes its hard to avoid certain people and this can put some people off dancing. Bottom Line: This happens in life in many areas and learning to deal with this is a smaller controlled dance scene can help you deal with these issues faster and more efficiently. Solution: We do offer information in classes on how to deal with certain bad situation, and dance etiquette, but if its a problem, talk to a dance teacher. Most of our teachers have dealt with any kind of senario that you could imagine. We are here to help and give some ideas and tips to deal with them. It probably won't go as far as this and It rarely happens, but problematic people have been banned from dance classes & events due to bad or inappropriate behaviour.

Final Thought

If you have quit, remember the reason you started in the first place, was it to have more fun? learn something new? get fitter? make new friends? become more confident or maybe just become a good dancer because you enjoy it. We believe anyone can have fund dancing and achieve all of the above and we are here to help.

Every great dancer decides, at some point, to quit the status quo. They choose to end the part of their timeline that does not include dancing.

Doing that took courage.

For some, unfortunately, their dance program has become status quo. The vehicle that forged new and exciting territory has lost some momentum. This can happen to anyone, in any hobby, occupation, or relationship.

Saving it will also take courage.

Our suggestion = communication. If it works, your dancing gets unstuck, you get a more efficient dynamic in the studio, and, at the very least, you can air it out. It may be difficult, but it's a momentary setback that will prevent decades of regret.

After all, the story you're in has too many great dramatic elements to be cut short by a simple explosion.

The first step back may take courage, but your story is worth it.

Your first step back, is our first step to creating a better experience for you.

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