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6 Thing you won't need to start Latin dancing

Updated: 15 hours ago

Congratulations on taking the plunge into Salsa/Bachata Latin dance lessons! This guide is here to make your first steps smoother and more enjoyable.

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit unprepared when stepping out of your comfort zone. Overpacking, whether for a trip or a new activity, often stems from anxiety and a desire for control. However, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to ensure you arrive at your first dance lesson ready and at ease.

Feeling unsure about what to bring, who to bring, or how to dress for your first lesson? That’s just your mind’s way of “overpacking” for an exciting new adventure. Let’s simplify things for you.

Here are the 6 Things You Don’t Need for Your First Beginner Salsa/Bachata Lesson:

1. Dance Experience

Just as you don’t need martial art skills to start kung fu lessons, you don’t need any dance experience to begin salsa and bachata.

  • Why we think we need this: No one likes being the absolute beginner.

  • The reality: Our lessons are tailored for beginners. Everyone starts somewhere, and our teaching methods are designed to accommodate all experience levels.

2. A Dance Partner

Have you put off trying something new because you didn’t have someone to join you? While a partner can be fun, it’s not essential.

  • Why we think we need this: : It feels more practical and less intimidating to learn with someone you know.

  • The reality: Waiting for a partner can delay your progress. Our classes cater for individuals because we rotate all students so they can learn faster. Also we have solo elements withing the class, you learn to dance by yourself and with many dance partners.

3. Dance Shoes

You don’t need special shoes for your first lesson. Just wear something comfortable, whether from work, the gym, or home.

  • Why we think we need this We worry about standing out for not having the right gear.

  • The reality: Most beginners start without dance shoes. If you enjoy your lessons, you can invest in a pair later to celebrate your progress.

4. An Immediate Place to Dance

You don’t need an upcoming event to start dancing.

  • Why we think we need this:  It’s tempting to tie new skills to immediate, practical use.

  • The reality: The journey of learning is rewarding in itself, just like with any hobby. Enjoy the process without needing an immediate goal.

5. A Desire to Perform or Compete

While TV & Shows might make it seem like dancing is all about competition, most people learn Salsa and Bachata for social enjoyment.

  • Why we think we need this:  Media portrayals can make it seem like all dance lessons lead to competition.

  • The reality: Social dancing is about enjoying the moment, whether at a party, club, or even on the beach or in your lounge.

6. Timing, Rhythm, or Musicality

Many believe rhythm and musicality are innate, but that’s a myth.

  • Why we think we need this:  We worry about looking inexperienced while learning.

  • The reality: We teach all these skills. The best students start as blank slates, ready to learn quickly and effectively.

In a Nutshell

So, don’t stay home overthinking it. Step out and begin your dance journey.

What do you need to bring to your first dance lesson? Just yourself. When you step into our studio, you’re starting a fun, life-changing adventure.

Down the road, there will be plenty of new things to learn and items to acquire. For now, let your dance teacher guide you and remember to pack light.

Happy Dancing!

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