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A Weekend of Amazing Salsa

The Mambo weekend was truly amazing and inspirational! It was wonderful to see people from all over New Zealand come to Mamborama and showcase their dancing skills in Christchurch. Being around passionate dancers always electric to me. Thanks to AlmendrayRichie, not only were we energized, but so were many others in the community. It's not just inspiring to have world champions like them here, but also to witness their authentic passion for Salsa y Mambo and their ability to teach and dance it socially with so much fire. This is truly rare and we appreciate and thank you both. We are already looking forward to bringing them back next April!

We would like to give a huge special thanks to all the dance schools and teachers who supported this event. We would also like to thank Scott for making it happen and my partner Miléna who has been helping and on this journey with me, running on empty but on fire! Additionally, we would like to thank all our helpers inc Susan and Jorge and most importantly, all the dancers who participated. Without you, there would be no events. We hope you enjoyed the Mamborama experience and please let us know your thoughts.

See photos and more to come on our facebook & instagram pages...

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