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Bachata: The Perfect Wedding Dance Style

Planning a wedding is an exciting but challenging endeavor, with many decisions to make, including the choice of a wedding dance style. While the classic Ballroom choices have been popular in the past, there's another more modern dance style that's gaining traction for its unique blend of passion, intimacy, and accessibility - So let's see why Bachata would make an excellent wedding dance style to learn, adding an extra touch of romance and excitement to your special day.

Bachata Wedding Dance
Bachata Wedding Dancers

  • Emotional Connection Bachata, a dance originating from the Caribbean and developed an amazing array of styles. Bachata is known for its strong emotional connection between partners. It encourages couples to embrace each other closely, providing an ideal opportunity for the bride and groom to share an intimate moment on the dance floor. The dance's slow, sensual movements allow for a deep emotional connection, making it a perfect choice for couples who want to express their love and affection through their wedding dance.

  • Easy to Learn One of the most significant advantages of choosing Bachata for your wedding dance is its accessibility. Unlike some other dance styles that require extensive training and Choreography, Bachata is relatively easy to learn, even for beginners. Many dance studios including 'Salsa Latina' offer introductory classes, making it accessible to couples with little to no dance experience. With a few lessons and some practice, couples can feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor.

  • Freestyle What is freestyle dancing? Often referred to as 'Street Latin dance style' that doesn't rely on choreography. Usually, the lead, the male dancer, takes charge and guides the dance, taking on a role somewhat like a choreographer on-the-fly as the dance progresses. The great thing about this lead and follow dynamic is that it doesn't involve memorizing a set sequence of steps, making it a more accessible and enjoyable choice for those looking to dazzle on the dance floor. However, for those seeking a more impressive option, they can either invest some time in learning Bachata through classes to Intermediate & advanced level or opt to learn a choreographed Bachata routine.

  • Versatility Bachata's versatility is another compelling reason to choose it for your wedding dance. The dance has various styles, from traditional to modern, allowing couples to pick the style that best suits their personalities and preferences. Whether you want a traditional Bachata or a more contemporary spin such as Sensual Bachata, there's a style that can match the overall theme and mood of your wedding. Another benefit is Bachatas basic steps are sideways, so there's less chance of getting tangled up with your wedding dress, tripping or stepping on toes.

  • Music Selection Bachata music is known for its romantic lyrics and melodies, which create a beautiful ambiance for a wedding dance. The lyrics often express themes of love, desire, and passion, making it a perfect choice for a wedding dance. You can select a Bachata song that holds special meaning for you as a couple, adding a personal touch to your dance performance. There are even a few remixed love songs in English if you do a youtube search of your favourite wedding song it might already be a Bachata remix!

  • Memorable Moments Opting for Bachata as your wedding dance style can add a touch of magic to your special day, leaving indelible memories for both you and your beloved, as well as your cherished guests. The fiery and emotional essence of Bachata consistently leaves a profound mark, transforming your first dance into an unforgettable highlight of your wedding celebration. These cherished moments of your elegant dance will be etched in your hearts for years to come. Moreover, you can even invite members of your wedding party to acquaint themselves with this accessible style, ensuring that when the time to dance arrives, many can join in, even if they have limited prior experience.

  • Connection to Latin Culture Bachata's connection to Latin & Caribbean culture can add an exotic and exciting element to your wedding. It's an opportunity to introduce your guests to a unique cultural experience and show your appreciation for the beauty of Latin dance. Whether your wedding has a Latin theme or not, Bachata can be a delightful surprise for your guests.

When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding dance style, Bachata offers a unique combination of emotional connection, accessibility, versatility, and memorable moments that make it an ideal choice. The dance's ability to convey love and passion through its sensual movements and its rich music makes it a meaningful and beautiful addition to your wedding day. Consider taking a few Bachata lessons and create a memorable, magical moment with your partner that you'll cherish forever. It's time to spice up your wedding dance with a touch of Latin & Caribbean romance, and Bachata is the perfect style to help you achieve that.

Get Started

For those interested in learning Bachata, we suggest enrolling in beginner group classes way in advance, at minimum 3 months prior to the big day to get throuh a 8 week beginner course. Private lessons are also an effective option but tend to be far more expensive. Group classes provide a social and enjoyable learning experience, allowing you to stay active and strengthen your connection with your future spouse.

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