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Bachata Updates - 202 Starts Tonight

• NEW Bachata 202 (Bachata Moderna) Module starts tonight 7:30pm. It's a great time to join back in if you're missing Bachata. Remember only a 101 Grading required to join, even if it was 2 years ago you can still join in any module from 201 to 208. ... read more >

• New Beginners Monday Bachata just started also, we need around 10 ladies to join on Monday to even up the numbers, so if you are already doing Wednesday Bachata at the 202 level you can join Mondays FREE for the whole course! This is great practice.

• New Teacher for Monday Bachata Beginners, join on Monday to find out.

• New Bachata 207 Mondays 7:30pm Starting in September with Milena & Reuben. You can then learn up to 2 classes per week at this level.

Bachata Dance Classes in Christchurch New Zealand

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