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Important Bachata Kizomba Class News

Exciting announcements for Bachata enthusiasts! Updated 02-07-23

NEW Bachata Monday Beginners In response to the overwhelming demand for more Bachata classes, we are thrilled to inform you that we will be launching an extra Bachata beginner course on Mondays at 6:15pm starting from August ..see dates >

As a result, the previously advertised Kizomba Beginner course during this time will be replaced. Rest assured, we have major plans coming for Kizomba, so stay tuned for updates. For a clear understanding of our current schedule, please refer to our timetable ... see timetable >

NEW Bachata Improver/Intermediate Level

We are introducing modifications to the Intermediate level to better accommodate the needs of improver & Intermediate Bachata dancers. These changes will be consistent with the level structure and system we implement for our Salsa Courses.

Starting from July, we will offer eight 4-week block courses specifically tailored to address specific subjects. If you are currently taking Bachata Intermediate Wednesday classes, we strongly encourage you to continue attending, as it will be a prerequisite for advancing to the next level. The fundamentals and shines covered in these new courses are essential knowledge for progressing to the highest level of Bachata, as outlined below. ..see dates >

NEW Bachata Intermediate/Advanced Level We're excited to announce that we have this new and elevated level for Bachata on the horizon, stay tuned for the launch of this in September 2023

These changes will offer our students a wider range of levels, enabling them to progress further and choose from a greater selection of classes throughout the week. By aligning with our Salsa Class system, we aim to enhance the overall experience and will be able to fully cater for a wider range of Bachata dancer levels. Stay tuned for more updates as we unveil further details.

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