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Conversations with Kwenda Lima about Kizomba

Kwenda Lima is one of the 7 orginal Pioneering Kizomba teachers from Cabo Verde.

Listen to his views on Kizomba Labels, Tradition, Modern & History

POD Cast Interview with Kwenda Lima 2016 - Download and listen to the MP3

Download MP3 • 64.64MB

Kizomba Key Points from Kwenda:

  • The global culture of being human supersedes the national cultures of where we were born.

  • No one has all the answers in the history of dance and kizomba, and for this reason we should be humble and seek knowledge from different instructors and teachers who each have a story that represents a piece of the puzzle.

Original post with Audio player can also be found here>

Second Interview from 2010


Kizomba Dance: From Market Success to Controversial National Brand

This paper aims to analyze how the global contra-flow of a dance style — kizomba — generated an impact on the symbolic representation of a nation — Angola — nd the controversies this national branding involves. The kizomba couple dance style became popular in some Portuguese-speaking African cities and nightclubs in Lisbon in the 1980s. In the mid-1990s, the style underwent commodification in Portugal. In less than ten years, it went onto bec

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