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New Year Dance Resolutions

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

#1 Get Fit

Dancing really does help with fitness, even 1 hour a week can be a huge help to your fitness. We recommend to truely get fit its better to combine 'strength training' and dancing is the ultimate mix. But to start your road to improving fitness health, try take up a dance class, especially "Salsa" and your fitness will improve.

#2 Make New Friends Making dance friends is easy because Salsa & Bachata are true social dances. The best part about dancing is you can make instant social connections. If you go traveling, dance is a communication and social connection that is universal.

Some dancers also meet their life long partners, many have been married because they met during dancing.

#3 Healthier lifestyle

Dancers tend to live a more healthier lifestyles because of the environment within the dance scene. Dancers tend to look after themselves so they can dance and this rubs.

#4 Enjoy Life be Happier

Dancing itself makes people happy in many ways, not only are we expressing or learning something new, it releases Endorphins along with a social connection that we all need.

#5 Learn to Dance

Yes, not only learning something new can be fun, but also this is a great social benefit and can create huge social confidence. We've seen many shy students completely change into very confident people.

#6 Help others more

Because dance is social, as you progress you can help other people with learning and having fun with dance and create a positive affect on peoples lives.

Conclusion... yes come try Salsa, or Bachata, or Kizomba why not try something that will help in most areas in your life.

What if you are already a student...

......what other Goals could you have?

- Try Social Dancing, this is a huge way to improve enjoyment and practice. It really is the key to improving leading & following and is an outlet for expression. - Try Higher level classes, really helps push your level up - Try Lower level classes, many times people fail to realise that they can improve their higher level dancing by improving the basic level or the foundation of they dance. This is why dance teachers get awesome, its because they not only relearn but practice basics. - Try other types of dance styles, maybe try Bachata or Kizomba. Other dance styles do help improve other aspects of dancing. So for example, learning Bachata can help body movement or control in Salsa, even though the technique might be slightly different. - Join a dance team, if you really want a challenge try a team. Usually you don't perform until you are able or desire to. Many of our teams start as a course.

Article Written by

Reuben (Salsa Latina)

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