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Salsa Grading Results 20-Sept-22

Special Grading Awards & Results for 20th September 2022 Congratulations to all our students that have challenged themselves with this Beginners Grading so they can gain entrance to higher levels. This particular huge Salsa group did extremely well over all with amazing class retention. We gave out a very large amount high level Platinum level grades too. Salsa Improver Intermediate will grow in numbers allot more next week on Tuesday & Thursday, we look forward to seeing you all in these classes soon.

☆ Special Awards

Special awards are given out out to usually 1 person in each grading who show excellence in one or many areas. These are not necessarily based on level but many factors, so to celebrate those that achieved these in our group gradings we have listed them below: Special Awards Congratulations to these 5 Salsa Students; Zoe Pickering - Highest Grade Award Holly Gillett - Follow Award Pavol Nekl - Sabor Award Andrew Hawken - Best Lead Award

Bopha - Most Improved Award We don't list all the results to a grading however we do list and celebrate special awards as above. If you didn't get an email with your results please contact us asap No matter your level, there are always many things to improve your dance level, the exciting part is there is always growth. This is your dance journey and we want you to be at the level that suits you best for maximum growth. It's always good to get feedback on areas that need work to improve. A mix of Practice, Online Classes, Private Lessons, Group Classes, & Social dancing is the key for the best development. Results have just been sent via email and a certificate will be sent as well if requested when registering for the grading.

☆ Special Award Types - Highest / High Grade Award - Given out to those that show a very high grade & highest grade in class- Lead Awards - Given to the best dancer lead(s) of the night. - Follow Awards - Given to the follow dancer lead(s) of the night. - Most Improved Award - Given to those that show outstanding improvement and we notice! - Sabor Award - Translated from Spanish meaning "flavour" Given to those that show awesome flavour of that dance style. - X-factor Award - Rarely Given out to those that have a special x-factor - Enthusiasm Award - Rarely Given to those that are positive & show enjoyment & extra love for dancing, learning process. - Body Movement Award - Rarely Given out to those that show amazing body movement that reflects that dance style. ☆ Gradings for Progression A graded pass is required for progressing up levels in Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba. Salsa Latina is a leader in the industry in Street style Latin dances styles in NZ. We are the first in New Zealand to apply 'Group gradings' to progress students to higher levels. Gradings ensures better quality of dancers and its better for everyone in so many ways, including; Ensuring dancers are at the right level, Find weaknesses & strengths for improvement & ensuring the higher levels keep a higher standard. Since 2020 this has had a major positive impact on the classes and there has been a real shift in quality while challenging dancers & increase enjoyment for everyone. We hope that other dance schools follow the lead and take on the same approach to increase the standard throughout New Zealand. ....see more information on gradings here >

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Sep 21, 2022

Great class, i'm impressed with the overall level. See you in the next level next week :-)

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