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Salsa Improver & Intermediate Courses Renamed

- Salsa Improvers Updated to > Salsa Imp/Int (Improvers & Intermediate).

- Salsa Intermediate Updated to > Salsa Int/Av (Intermediate & Advanced)

Not so long ago we imcreased the number of improver courses which included 207 & 208 level, with 32 classes at this level. This inturn caused a ripple effect of changes to all the courses. So, we decided to rename improvers to a more appropriate level name (Improvers & Intermediate) or Imp/int for short. At the Imp/Int level is really mix of levels. As a rough guide, we consider the first 8 weeks is an improver level dancer and anyone over 8 weeks an intermediate level dancer........Read more about the levels here... read more >

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1 Comment

Jul 19, 2022

Now Catering for a wider range of levels, a number of shines updated for imp/int level 😎

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