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Salsa Int-Advanced Level: UPDATE 2023

Salsa Int/Adv Course Syllabus UPDATE

We have recently removed the 'Mambo Conversion Class' and now just combined it into the course. Week#1 is now structured like the rest of the course, there will On2 Shines & partnerwork and regular classes will continue to be on1 and on2.

Teacher Update: Miléna will be teaching with Reuben in the next few courses.

Changes are effective immediately

Requirements to join UPDATED for 2023

- In 2023 we have a change in requirements to join - Once you have completed all 8 of the previous '8 courses' from 201 through to 208 & you are confident in the imp/int level and comfortable with a double spin, you are welcome to give Int/Adv levels a go. No grading is required to join from 2023, but they are available if you want them for direct feedback. Week#1 of Salsa Int/adv level is the best place to start with learning some mambo shines & introductory to this level & also Intermediate level partnerwork is now included. We recommend asking a teacher if you are not sure about your level... read more about gradings and how to book a private grading here >

Tuesdays 8:35pm

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