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SLA Newsletter & Blog: 08-July-2024

Updated: Jul 9

Hey Dance Amigos!

• 4 Salsa Classes Starts This Week: This week signals the beginning of an engaging series of Salsa classes, featuring four new levels designed to accommodate dancers of varying skill levels. One of these new levels is a brand new beginner class starting this Tuesday, offering an ideal entry point for those new to Salsa. Make sure not to overlook the opportunity to invite a friend and participate in the enjoyment! Furthermore, the first week is complimentary for both new beginners and existing students in higher levels, ensuring that everyone can partake in the pleasure of dancing with their mates. ..see all Salsa Class info here >

• Saturday Int Workshops

The recent Salsa Saturday workshop had an excellent attendance just before the bustling Salsa Night Fever event. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Saturday Workshop, which will include a non-syllabus class on Intermediate Bachata Sensual.... see dates >

• Grading Results from Tuesday Last Week

Congratulations to all Beginner Salsa students who took on the challenge of the Beginners 101 Grading in order to advance to the next level. This class had a 100% pass rate & look forward to seeing them in the next level... see results & read more >

• Should you go into Advanced levels?

If you have finished all modules in the Imp-Int levels, feel free to participate in the Advanced sessions whenever you like. If you are uncertain about your level, please consult a teacher. These levels are meant to push your limits! While there is no mandatory grading to access the advanced levels, private gradings are an option for those seeking additional advantages. Speak to a teacher for further details.

++ NEW (Module 340) Cuban Shine Series #3 included in this 8 Week course

• Hanmer Salsa Winter Fest

An incredible event is scheduled for 16th August, designed for participants at Intermediate levels and higher, featuring numerous dance workshops in Salsa and Bachata. Benefit from the expertise of renowned Australian instructors and be part of a memorable event filled with parties, hot pools, and plenty of fun! Full passes grant access to all workshops and parties, so make sure to secure yours before they run out, as there are fewer than 44 tickets left. Alternatively, if you only want to attend the parties, there are unlimited tickets available for purchase. ... Hanmer Salsa Festival Website >

• Newsletter

See whats coming soon on our latest Newsletter

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