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Why your dance teacher isn’t taking your passion for dance seriously

'Are you super, duper passionate about social dance? Are you ready to take advantage of every opportunity possible? Are you prepared to dig deep and put in all the work to become great at this new passion you’ve discovered in the past few months?

Have you told your dance teacher all about this deep passion only to be met with “That’s great! Keep working at it!”, when you were expecting them to give you more, better, or cheaper opportunities to blossom in this wonderful world? After all, dance needs more passionate people – and you’re one of them. Shouldn’t people be trying harder to engage you? The thing is, there’s a reason why they may not have been as hyped as you hoped.

Passionate Beginners Everywhere

If your teacher or community leader has been around for more than a year or two, they’ve met many passionate beginners. In many ways, passionate beginners are the “New Years Resolution” yogis of social dance. Usually, those beginners are super excited and happy to share how much they love dancing. They come in, bright-eyed and excited, going to all the classes and socials for a couple months. They are sending messages to their teacher about how much they love dancing, and asking all their questions about dance.' ...... read full article here >

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